Saturday, August 30, 2008

Video of Rosemary and Dora

So our friends that live next door, Brittany and Tyler, have a turtle--the same kind, but it is older and bigger. Anyway, we've let them play a couple times together. The other night I took video- these were the best I could get. It's hard videoing turtles because they go all over the place! The second video in particular was a funny instance. Dora, our neighbors turtle, peed on our floor. It was pretty funny- I didn't mind since all we had to do was wipe it up with clorox wipes- the OTHER bathroom however, may have left me a little grossed out. Anyway- here they are. Pretty funny.

Well, we just got back from camping. It was only 20 minutes away- perfect- and it was a nice little place by some water- it was great! Just one night, my idea of good camping, we brought TONS of blankets so we slept GREAT! I didn't get any pictures because I left the camera in the car, WHICH would have been fine- you know, go get it out of the car right? Well, our campspot was across this huge railroad track bridge, on which we had to cross to get back and forth from our car. It only took a few minutes to walk back and forth, BUT- it scared me to death! There were probably about 5 inches between each wooden rail thing...I don't know the name- anyway, every other thing to step on was a space, where you could see rocks and water below you. I have come to the realization that I am DEATHLY afraid of heights...that is, unless I'm moving super fast, like a roller coaster or something. But if I'm walking, jumping, whatever- and it is over 4-5 feet tall, I'm scared!!! So short story made long, I didn't have the camera to take pics. It was way fun though, we were with 2 other couples. I made pancakes for breakfast (premade the dry and wet ingred separately before we left- homemade), which supposedly were absolutely delicious! They are just mom's recipe- which I guess I've taken for granted all my life. I've never really known any different, but apparantly, they're the best on the block!

I'm way excited that it's labor day weekend. That means- NO WORK MONDAY! woohooooo. I still don't know if Clay is working or not, but odds are--not! Sleep in, do whatever we want, and my boss is hosting a BBQ and invited us all. Free food- I think we'll be there:) Plus it will be good for Clay to get to know the people I work with.

Well that's all I have to say! Life is good. Oh yeah- I counted 14 mosquito bites on me today! THERE WERE TONS! Holy smokes. The wierd thing is, I was wearing pants the whole time until we put on our swim suits, and when I put my swimsuit on, I saw that I had like...3 bug bites on my legs! How can mosquitos bite you when you are wearing TIGHT SKINNY JEANS! Yikes. How could they have crawled up my pant leg when they were very tight pants? How could they bite through my jeans when there is no hole and it is thick denim??!?!?! Ohhhh well. Love you all!


Sharon/mom said...

that was great! first I am so happy you got your oven fixed! I can't believe how big your turtle is. I thought they were little turtles! It is funny to watch them. It sounds like the camping was fun, I'm glad the pancakes were a hit. Fun fun about the picnic and a day off. so sad about the misquitoes! love you!!!

Jake said...

Well good, I was hoping my attempts at contacting you wouldn't be in vain. I found Cara through facebook a while ago, so I've been in contact with her for a bit. Anyway, Glad to see you're doing well, and I hope that things stay that way for you. If you're ever in the Eugene area, look me up yeah? Have a good one!

Flints said...

Man our silly turtle now everyone knows about her embarrassing moment!! oh well it made me laugh. Yeah camping was awesome i am so glad we got to tag along!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

The turtles look like fun and I am sooooo sorry about the bites. and yes they can crawl up your jeans. but they mostly get you at night. They crawl under the cover. I hate them. Miss you and it was such a fun time to see you and happy camping. Enjoy the BBQ. Love grandma


Danielle- so funny about the turtles, I'm glad you had fun with your friends camping! Fun! Love you. Oh- and the bites- weird! How'd they get up there with our skinny jeans! Crazy!