Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I'm sorry- I know everyone is being way nice saying, "Not going to say anything because I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise!" You know. Stuff like that- but I've had this in my head too long not to spout it off! I need to talk about it!



Okay. All I can say is, WOW! I did NOT see that one coming. I don't think I could have EVER predicted how things turned out! All I know is, I LOVED IT! Oh, I just did.

1. Bella and Edward are perfect. I love their love for each other, I LOVE that their love for each other just burned into greater passion once they were both vampires, I just love them.
2. Jacob. Talk about tear your heart to pieces, sew them back together and bring peace to my soul. I know I'm dramatic, but I really did end up loving how Jacob's fate turned out. I can't wait to read the books over again and think about how it turned out. I must say though, I did predict that he had imprinted on Renesmee right when I found out he was downstairs still.
3. Renesmee. Oh dear. So the whole pregnancy is REALLY what took me by surprise. At first it was sickening, and I was thinking, "Is this really what this book is about? GOSH! This is NOT FUN!" I was really wondering what the heck was going to happen and it was all so confusing and gross and then she was born. It took a bit, but it was as though I was in their lives. She won me over too! By the end, I just loved her so much, it was like she reached out of the book to touch my cheek herself!
4. Bella being a vampire. I LOVED her special powers, her complete self-control, and her awesome abilities as a vampire. I just loved her jumping so far and being stronger than everyone! She was SO COOL. It made me want to be a vampire. But right as I typed that it felt wrong. I bet I would not have self control. AH! What am I SAYING?! All I mean is...I guess my life was meant to be spent as a mortal human:) hhhaa. Anyway- I loved it. I am completely fine with her being a vampire. She has a child, therefore motherhood, she has her lovely edward, and she has Jacob in the way that was always meant to be. A perfect protecting best friend who will protect and love her daughter in everyway!
5. Happily Ever After. Really. It is! Ah, I am happy! I am so curious of what others though of it.

I must admit, going through it really wasn't what I expected. I half didn't like it at some parts thinking, "ugh...where is this leading to?!?!?!" Or I was like- hmmm am I happy she's with Edward? But by the end, I was completely satisfied in every way.

YAY! Stephenie Meyer is great. I can't wait to see what comes of her in years to come. I soooooo hope she continues the Host and more and more and more.

Alright. Love to you all!


Paul & Patty said...

I am glad that you finally finished the book. I loved how Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. What a perfect way for him to be a part of Bella's life yet not the one for her. It was great how Bella became a mother and how much control she had. I loved the book and I see that there could be more stories that could be about Renesmee and Jacob. I hope so anyway. Have a great week and I will see you later. love you. bye now.

Sharon/mom said...

It is late 2:04 am so I will be brief! Amen to everything you said. I was totally surprised! The imprinting I saw coming. The rest totally shocked. I was sure they were going to die and Jacob would run off with Nessie and they would live happily every after. Which of course they will. Anyway I loved how she made it all work without it being cheesy! I love you! Can't wait to talk to you about it!

Lizzie said...

Couldn't agree more. I fell in love with Renesmee too. It actually made me fall in love with Kate all over again. Reading all the little details about Rnensmee reminded me of all of Kate's details. It was good for me to read. I really liked the book.

Jenni said...

LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and AMEN AMEN AMEN to everything you said!!! i was nervous about Bella being a vampire, but I LOVE IT! i think everything worked out perfect!!! her and edward were MADE FOR EACH OTHER i'm 100 % certain and I just loved how she was such an incredible vampire and OHHH renesmee. loved her. and i just have such special feelings gor Jacob so I'm happy with his fate as well. OHHHH man I'm so pleased!!

Jenni said...

oh and i had the exact same thought... "i could have NEVER guessed in a million years that this is what this book would be about!!" SO GOOD!