Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oven, deathly night pains, Saturday

OVEN FIXED! YES! Actually, it got fixed just a few hours after I wrote the last post! AND, I made my beloved french bread and slathered butter across it and loved every moment of eating it. Yummmm. AND, I made white chip chocolate cookies today, delish!

So, I've decided something very important: I am never eating Pizza again in my LIFE. This is a very sorry decision...but I have to do this. Don't misunderstand- I am a HUGE supporter of Pizza. In fact, I love it dearly. I think it's absolutely wonderful in every possible way. Cheap, easy, quick, yummy, fills you up. Well, there's one factor that we're forgetting just about kills me every time I eat it. You know that horrific acid reflux relative I have? Well for those of you who don't know- I have this thing where every once in a least once a month, probably every other week really... I wake up in the middle of the night, with absolutely HORRIBLE pain shooting from my chest up my throat. My mouth salivates NONSTOP- crazy like. I have so much spit coming into my mouth that I could open my mouth over the sink and spit would flood out of my mouth, as a stream, into the sink. I have done this before. My throat feels like it is closing up, I feel like a knife is running up and down my chest to my throat...there are times I have wondered if I could feel worse, ever. The only other person who truly understands, that I've ever talked to- is Rebecca, my sister. I've talked to numerous people and they say it isn't quite acid reflux, and really- no one has ever experienced this that I've talked to, except my sister. Rebecca told me to take spoonfulls of honey when it happens. I've done that the past few doesn't ever really help. I usually take 4-6 tums, honey, water (oh yeah- when I swallow, it feels like a humongo bubble, the size of an apple, it forcing it's way down my throat...) and then probably 30-60 minutes subsides to bearableness. I am still in pain, but keep in mind it always happens like 2-4 hours after I go to bed...middle of the night, even though I'm in complete pain, my eyes are still fighting to stay open. So - once it is bearable...I try going back to bed...which takes a while to do. Anyway, I dont' knwo why it's taken me so long to realize this, but this does happen every time I eat pizza. Clay was the one that mentioned it the last time it happened...the next day, after we ate Little Caesars- I think I've known for a while...but have just been in denial. Well yesterday we were at Clay's parents, and they got Papa Murphy's pizza. I knew I was risking it, but I thought- hey, this is supposed to be more quality than Little Caesars...maybe it wont happen. Well, it did. VERY badly, last night. So...I now vow to NEVER EAT PIZZA AGAIN!

It stinks because I still feel it right now. I mean, it isn't painful, I can just feel the aftermath of it the entire next day. It just feels like there's a big bubble in my throat and it is just a little painful. Nothing bad though.

Well anyway- yesterday was a way fun day. Clay's mom treated us to "RIOT ZONE!". Clay's cousin, Amanda, and her family were going, and so we joined them. It is a pretty awesome place- it has go-carts, water bumper boats, rock climbing, miniature golf, and other stuff. It was WAY fun! There was barely anyone there but us, so we didn't ever have to wait in line or anything. We mostly did the bumper boats and the go-carts. I think the last time I did go-carts was when I was like 12-14. I don't know. Anyway, I'd never driven a car and I remember thinking it was so hard. Now, it is just way fun! I never lifted my foot from the gas, and it felt like I was just such a cool racer! The bumper boats were sooo fun too- it was nice because it was sooo hot outside and so it felt great to get splashed. I told Clay if we are ever rich in this life we should build a HUGE pool with bumper boats inside. Yeah...I know, that's a little much. I would never do that..........Then we all went back to Idaho Falls to Clay's parents house, we were all SO exauhsted and SO thirsty (the entire place is outside). Then we rented 2 movies, both of which were a complete waste of money! The first one, Miss Pettigrew, we only got about 15 minutes into and shut it off because it was nasty. The second, In the Name of the King, Clay wanted to see and it was retarded as well. We stopped watching it- Clay is finishing it right now, but none of us were really into that either. Bad acting, unknown story line.

School starts in 2 weeks. Pretty exciting. I guess. I'm just really excited to graduate. I am taking a couple really fun classes this semester though, so that will be nice. Sewing, and homemaking. :)

Alright, time to go. Love you all!


Paul & Patty said...

So sorry to hear about the acid reflux. I have the acid reflux really bad and I get the same when I eat fried foods and grapefruit. It is very painful and does not go away to quickly. I have learned that you just have to stay away from foods that cause this or take the meds before you eat it. It was lots of fun at the Riot Zone. I especially liked the water bumper boats, even though I got so wet. Have a great week and I will talk to you later. love you. bye now.


cool post! That sounds so fun! That bumper boat thing! That is so awesome! We saw the petigrew movie in teh theatre- STUPID- it was so dissapointing because I love her in Enchanted- so it made me think she wasn't that awesome! That's so cool you're going to be done with school in April! You've done such a great job! And that is so funny about your oven- I'm glad you got your french bread and cookies! I love you!

Paul & Patty said...

I noticed on your blog that you are currently reading Little Women. That book is my all time favorite. I read it the first time when I was 6 years old. I have read it at least 100 times and watched a couple of movies that have been made based on the book. I love the story of the relationship between the sisters. If you want I have the movie that you can borrow. Have a great week and I will see you on Sunday at Sophie's blessing. Love you. bye now.

Sarah Peterson said...

Hey Danielle- it's Sarah Peterson (Knerr) I have to catch up on your blog every now and then- it's a good read! So- do you have a french bread recipe? I LOVE french bread, and I would love a good recipe.. if that is what you were talking about! by the way have you ever tried taking medicine for you acid reflux before you eat? Maybe you should talk to the doctor about it or get something over the counter... To get rid of pizza... AAH! It's too good to never eat again!!

Jake said...

So this could be a total shot in the dark, but it is at least worth a shot. I don't know if you remember me, but we went to high school together for a few years in Waldport. If you do remember, then that's great! I'm happy to see that you're doing so well. Congratulations on all of the amazing things that have happened to you!

Sharon/mom said...

Your acid reflux sounds like my gallbladder attacks. They thought I had acid reflux and treated me for it, but surprise it didn't work. It's weird how similar the symptoms are, the only difference is I felt like I was having a heart attack. If it doesn't work to eliminate certain foods, Eddie had to go in and take a daily med to make it go away. How fun that place sounds like, I would love that! I love you!!! It was great to talk to you on the phone, it will be even better to talk when I don't have an audience!