Monday, June 30, 2008


Monday Monday. WHAT to do about Mondays? For some reason, I swear- Monday morning, without fail, my bed feels so much more comfortable than any other day. It is extra hard to get up. Now that I'm up though, I am satisfied with the fact that FRIDAY, is the 4th of July! No school, No work, No stress, just love of America and happiness!

On Sunday, our bishop (who is SO patriotic, he reminds me of dad) showed us this little tribute to soldiers fighting for our freedom. It made me cry. It definitely got me in the patriotic mode. I am so excited for the 4th. We aren't sure what we are doing yet. We might go camping again, might not.

SPEAKING of camping. It was great! I only got like...3 or 4 mosquito bites! Believe it or not, that is way less than I was expecting, I am happy. Camping is interesting...I find that I am of no help when it comes to anything outdoorsy. The other wives and Clay set up the tent, and I was really of no help. I must admit, and I don't want to brag or anything, but I had a feeling the whole time that they were doing it wrong and that one pole should've gone a different way, but I didn't say anything because I knew Clay would think I'm silly- well it turns out I was right. I never told Clay that. I just know what kind of person I look like to people, I am a little shy and pretty girly- that doesn't scream OUTDOOR CAMPING PRO! I just did what Clay told me. Then when it comes to making tin foil dinners, making fires...well, I'm not so great at that either. I guess I never bother to try and learn either because if we're talking PRO'S, Clay is DEFINITELY one of them. He is soooo good at starting fires and all that stuff. AND he LOVES to do it, so why should I even bother? Let the man do the job. We got there and the tire on the truck was letting out air- AH! Thank goodness there was a spare that we got on the next day. We set up camp...well...they set up camp, and started a fire, ate dinner, had smorish type stuff, talked, went to bed...the next day we went to a lake that was freezing, but refreshing- I didn't get in, but I splashed myself a bit- Clay loved it because there are all these special creatures in them. That isn't exactly my kind of swimming lake- I fear that little creatures will swim up my suit or something-ECK! It was fun though. We got a little burnt but not so bad. It was a beautiful weekend and very peaceful. That's always nice. Then we packed up and headed home! We stopped at Big Judds. It's this totally famous place around here, burgers the size of plates- have you ever seen the Evens Stevens episode where Fran(that's her name right? I didn't even think about it it just came out of my fingers before I even thought to make sure that's right) goes and eats a HUGE burger and gets her picture on the wall? Same exact concept. Anyway, we split a big burger between three of us. I really don't see what the big deal is. So many people are like- oh big judds is so goooood- I like Clay's company's burger joint way better-and they are just a bunch of college kids. Clay claims it has to do with quantity. Hmmmm....

Only 3 weeks left of school! Good.

Ummmmmmmmmm............not much else to say. Love you all!


Paul & Patty said...

Glad to hear that you had a a great time camping. Big Juds is all about the person that can eat the whole burger. It is an okay burger. Plus they have great ice cream cones for after the giant burger eating. Have a great day and we talk to you later. love you. bye now.


Hey danyelli, Jenny blogged about that joint- that's funny. Yeah- I think once someone makes a big hipe about something- everyone just follows the "trend" - in utah everyone loved the malt shop- I thought dairy queen was way better! I'm glad school is almost out for you! That's cool you went camping- and funny that you thougth the poll should be a differen tway and you were right- ha- I love you- can't wait for the reunion!


Ok how did I not know about this Janus st cooking blog!?!!!! That is so awesome! I love it! Especially the janus street sign picture! So funny! It's cool how other people hae contributed- awesome! I'll put the dynamite muffins on there- but I'm at the library right now. love you!

Chad and Jessica said...

oooooh, camping sounds like so much fun, I'm glad it was's nice to little getaways like that. I just found that Janus st. looks so cool....I have been looking at tons of cooking/baking blogs lately and it looks so professional and chic....the name, the pics....who put that together. Speaking of, you have mentioned a couple of Martha Stewart dessert recipes in the past. I was going through her site looking for something amazing to bring to a potluck on July 4th, but there is SO much to choose from. What desserts do you recommend?

Sharon/mom said...

I loved your blog, you are so much like dad. I wish I could be like that. The older I get the more pride I see in myself. I would have to prove I can do the tent, the fire and etc. Although I have noticed that if someone else wants to do it I will definitely let them if they really know how.

I'm so glad you had fun camping, I have wondered about things like the critters before too sometimes.

Well, I love you!! It was great talking to you!!