Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yeah- pretty much, I didn't even last a day! I think Monday night I broke BOTH goals. Yes, I think this shows my weakness, but I also think that I've decided it's okay for me to do these things- EXCEPT, I totally don't watch Grey's Anatomy anymore. 1st, the links don't work anymore...hehe...2nd, it really isn't the best show and I watched a couple clips from future seasons that just confirmed the lack of morals. I decided that I am not that addicted to it. It wasn't a hard decision to make. No more Grey's anatomy. BUT, blogging- eh, it's fine. Like my Grandma said on my previous post- this is how I escape my endless stress of school and work. I think all will be fine.

Anyway- I figured I'd better clear the air since I'll probably be commenting on some of your blogs. he he.

I love summer. I LOVE IT! I don't know how anyone can prefer winter over summer. Seriously. Some people say, "you can only take off so many clothes, but you can always put on more layers"- well guess what??! Summer just feels good. Winter just feels BAD. The sun puts me in a great mood and I love having warmth surround me. It's true. Even if I'm sweating. You want to know what I hate? Cold cutting into my skin, causing my body to ache and pain and seriously almost wish for death. Rexburg does that to you. I've decided my body is probably still in the thawing process right now- it will take a long time to de-frost.

Today in my Persuasion class, I had to present to the class on a really short-notice basis, what my group is planning on presenting for our community action presentation. Our topic is way controversial because it's on the HONOR CODE- which for those who don't go to BYU-Idaho involves the dress and grooming standards, which in my class, that very day, 4 people were violating obviously. What we want is for a test like series of questions that students are required to answer (multiple choice, easy EASY questions, with the answer right infront of your face) that have to do with the honor code, the reasons behind it, and role-play scenarios, to keep reinforcing awareness to the students each semester what they signed they would follow when they came here. Not a test saying things like- are you worthy? More so...creating understanding. For instance, I didn't' know WHY we weren't allowed to wear flip-flops to class. WELL, after I've researched talks and talked to certain faculty, it is very clear to me and I totally respect it now. Anyway, this may not make much sense, but it is a total distraction in class when people violate the honor code, and we have evidence because of surveys we've done around campus- this is why we are doing this. Well anyway, I knew it would be kind of touchy but I decided to go for it, and I had 3 minutes to explain our proposal, and then I took questions. Well- seriously, as soon as I said,"questions", half the class raised their hands. I just smiled and took them- most of them were complete STUPID questions- I kid you not, they weren't even listening to me when I spoke, all they knew was that I supported the honor code and they didn't. So silly. Like an example- some guy said with all seriousness: "Do you think that this test would downplay the authority of the priesthood?" I was like- uh...WHAT?!, "Well, we have ecclesiastical interviews to determine if we are worthy, and then you are requiring that an additional test must be passed in order to go to school- that is saying that the priesthood isn't good enough,". Oh. My. Goodness. Did he not listen to a word I said? The test has NOTHING TO DO WITH WORTHINESS! I told him so. Then there were more idiotic questions that I had to answer politely. Anyway- our teacher thinks its a GREAT idea. She loved it, and thought I faced the questions well. You probably don't even care about that I now realize, but I just typed it all our so I'm just going to leave it there. hm.

I am SO sick of my hair. I think I look gross and stupid. I have it in a ponytail or a bun more than half the time. I want to go get it cut or done, but I can't justify spending the money. I don't need it. College life is fun....YEAH right.

Can I tell you right now that I despise group work? I'm glad that I most likely wont go into the work force, and if I do, I will be an accountant who doesn't have to be involved in lots of group work- I am working with a group on that presentation I was just talking about and I am struggling immensely. I have my ways of doing things, they have theirs. It's driving me CRAZY! Me and one girl are constantly budding heads. And of course, I always think I'm right. Right now I am thinking, well of course I'm right. Yet, I have to sit back, and think- is possible I'm wrong. There are other ways that could be right. The thing is, I like my way, and I think that though it may not be the only right way, it is totally the BEST way. You know? I am so prideful. At one point I just decided, okay. Let them do as they please. They want a good grade too- what's the worst that could happen? That probably sounds easy peasy to you but it was a very big move for me.

K. That's it for now. What a whiny post. OH well. Summer is amazing. I LOVE it. I can't wait to live in California. But I can't wait for that for a number of reasons. Love you!!!!!!!!!


Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am so glad you posted. Thanks. I am happy you aren't watching GA anymore. It is a ranchy show. Don't know why but I never turn the TV on, it gets turned on by grandpa. He likes noise. I like music, all kinds and he watches anything that catches his interest. Just don't get down on yourself as you are doing so many postive things. Look at all of the schooling and the Honor thing sounds great. Just keep on thinking postive, and eliminate the negitaves and you'll be great. I am with you on the cold, in Texas when I was a girl, I really hated the cold and then I married a man from Oregon!!! HA. I do love the sun, which we have had a few beautiful days, but it is still cool. Today was 60 so as long as you were in the sun it was okay. We do have strawberries Yum. Got a half flat the other day and we have eaten all of them. They were late this year, as they just started and usually are winding down be this time of the month. Take good care of you and remember think postive. This time will pass and you'll only remember the good I promise. Love grandma

Megan and Greg said...

I can't believe you watch grey's anatomny. That show is so bad. I used to watch it all the time. I owned the first season. I maybe still do somewhere- I don't know. That was surprising. Tv is so addicting. I'm sure you don't look gross. Why doesn't stephanie mitchell cut your hair?

Megan and Greg said...

oh yeah, your class is dumb. I am curious about the sandals rule though.

Emily said...

The good ol' honor code. Always a topic of controversy. Good job on answering people's dumb questions...if they aren't willing to follow the honor code, they shouldn't go to school there. The sandals one was hard for me, I have to admit...but, I was finally able to accept it. Bednar had his reasons. Oh how I miss him.

Anyway, I think your hair is cute, and no matter what you do with it you'll always BE cute.

And I am SO with you on the summer thing. Steve and I always have those exact conversations about layering or taking clothes off. He loves to be cold and I hate it!

Cute new picture of you and Clay on the right. Sorry this is a long comment!

Paul & Patty said...

I am glad that you are going to blog. How else could we keep up on all that is going on in your life. My question to the students at BYU is are you not adults and you signed an agreement to honor the dress code? If you want to do something different go to a different school. I agree that it is hard to work in groups but at the same time you can get lots of ideas about doing things that you might not have thought of on your own. Have a great day. Say hi to Clayton. Love you guys. bye now.

Jenni said...

i LOVE SUMMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! i totally know how you feel and this weather is just doing wonders for m :) let's picnic sooon!!!!! You can blog all you want girl, you're a great student!!!! LOVE YOU!

Sharon/mom said...

Danielle you are so funny!!!!
I don't think your dad could do a group thing either. I have to agree about the cold. I like to be warm. I don't want to live in the hot Calif heat, but I do wish it were warmer right now. I am so impressed how you handled the honor code thing. I am not surprised though, you are a very nice person. Good for you on Greys anatomy. also I am glad you are blogging!


I just read both of your posts, I don't think anything is wrong iwth blogging- it's your journal and your time to release. Keep doing it if you want- the stopping the Greys anatomy however I think is a good move :) I specifically don't watch it because I know I would love it! That was so funny when you said your body was dethawing. ha. Don't cut your hair- I'm growing mine out- I wish I had long hair- just start fixing it, or get it died. the reunion is soon- and then you can get it died. I'm so sick of not having money- I want to buy things when I want- I hate wanting things and not getting them. I am very excited for this phase to end. Danielle you only have a year to go! Keep pushing through! I love you. And I"m so exccited for the reuinion! Oh= the class presentation- hilarious- that boy is such an idiot! that is so funny.