Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello Hello

Hi all.

I am in the library waiting for Clay to get done with his group. He claimed he'd only be a bit...we'll see.

I got twilight from Patty today, and will read it quickly I'm sure. I'm so excited. I KNOW- I'm obsessed.

So I'm learning guitar chords for Pocahontas, Colors of the Wind- amy, I know you'll be excited:) It's way easy- basically the same 4 chords over and over. I figured it'd be a great song for around the camp fire for the reunion:) I'm so excited!

We are going camping this weekend with our neighbors. It'll be a blast! I'm a little nervous though because we've heard there are mosquitos like CRAZY right now. I will spray myself every five minutes I think. I just had a thought- maybe I should bring my guitar don't know though. Hm. We'll think about that.

I don't really have much to update except for the usual. School is boring and hard and impossible, work is boring and annoying and I CAN'T STAND one particular coworker. Clay thinks I should talk to my manager about it...I think I'm going to...hard to explain. Anyway- he's driving me up the wall.

OH-one thing I wanted to mention. I was thinking that I need to get out of my twilight/potter zone and branch out a bit. What does everyone think about starting a book blog? It'd be like an online book club. We have a book that we read and have a day set that we should have it read by, and then everyone can post their thoughts on the book. I know this applies to some people more than others, not everyone is a reader- but I think it could be way fun! I could be crazy though- anyway, let me know:)

Yeah...this is a really boring post. I was just bored so I thought I'd post. No wonder it's boring.

I guess I'll stop you all! Bye.


Cara_Fardales said...

I think an online book blog would be an awesome thing for you honey. I think since you love books and you love blogging it is a good thing. How have you been? I have been ok. I haven't been on lately,but i just wrote a serious blog check it out and call me girl 8705657325! i love you!!!!

Paul & Patty said...

It was great to see you and Clayton last night. Sorry that we did not have more time to visit. I would love to have a blog book club. I love the book club that I belong to now because you get alot of different ideas about books to try out. It works really good to give everybody about a month to read a book and then have the book finishing day the same each month. I do mine on the 4th Thursday of each month then there is no confusion about when it should be read. Have a great time camping. Love you guys. bye now.

Sharon/mom said...

I would love to do a blog book club. I am happy you get to go camping, you are never boring. I am sorry about work. I love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Sorry about the co-worker, that is a pain. Have fun camping, at least you won't be bored, you'll be too busy spraying HA! Love grandma


That is so awesome you are learning colors of the wind!!!! I'm so excited to sing it with you at the camp ground! I can not wait! That is so awesome!!!!! I'm so sorry about the co-worker- I hate working- I'm so glad we will eventually be able to stay home! I love you! Oh and the book club..... I don't know- I guess I'll do it so I won't be left out- but maybe it will be fun. I know everyone else will love it though. Chatting- woudl be so chaotic in our family- I totally agree with you. I love you-