Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh how I love Summer

Well first off- HAPPY LATE 4TH OF JULY! I must say a few words, I should say more, BUT, I am so so grateful to be an American. I love this country, I love the many soldiers that are currently fighting and have fought in the past to protect my freedom. I love the freedom that I have to worship as I please and to be able to ride my bike on the street without fearing for my life. I am grateful that as a woman, my country respects me and encourages success for me. I am grateful that I can have as many babies as I want and am not limited in anything that I want to do. I'm grateful that our President believes in God, and prays, and I'm grateful that the US Dollar says, In God we Trust. On the 4th, we watched the parade (on the street, even though we could've just looked out our window and gotten the same view) and I seriously almost got tears in my eyes, but we were with our friends- I felt stupid, I know- the pride- anyway, I totally was feeling emotional just for the fact that the entire town of Rexburg (and I mean the entire town) gathered for this one event to come together and celebrate this nation. Then at the fireworks, we sat next to Clay's cousin who recently came home from Iraq, who told Clay that the fireworks noise brought chills up his spine because of the memories it caused. He said the memories are still crystal clear and as terrifying as ever. I couldn't help but be incredibly grateful for all of these men and women willing to sacrifice their lives and their family in order to protect our freedom, and bring about freedom in others lives. We are truly blessed to be Americans.

Now that that's overdue and done with. The fireworks were fun, besides the fact that I got slapped in the arm with a tubular type thing (forgive my absence of knowledge on firework lingo) that fell from the sky.
I looked this up to try and describe it-it is what fireworks are made of or something, and I would guess that I got hit by a molecular tube! What the firework was shot from! It came from the air, specifically to me and nailed me in the arm! Imagine that. At least it wasn't my face:)

School is slowly inching it's way towards SUMMER! I just did a big presentation for one class, so a big load is off my back as far as that goes. THANK GOODNESS! Don't you worry though, I still have enough to stress me to the point of nausea.

I don't know what to make for my lunch day for our family reunion. I have to feed 20 some odd people and need ideas that are cheap, easy, and delicious! Any ideas, shoot me an e-mail or something.

The weather has been great! Short sleeves everyday! And it's not miserably hot either. It's perfect in the 80's. I do wish it were a little warmer for lake days. Hm...oh well.

Clay's new obsession is turtles. Or actually, tortoises. You didn't know the difference? Me either. I still don't really...hmmmm. Anyway, Clay wants one BAD! They are spendy little buggers though, so he will have to search hard if he wants to get our price range. Being that we are definitely in the poor house, that might be a while. He has been researching them, of course. And talking about them all the time. How is it that I, a girl in which we only had a cat ONCE that I can remember, who walked crooked with its tail up at all times, who "passed away", when I was VERY young, and had NO pet after that- and really no desire for a pet after that- married an animal-lover to the extreme kind of man? I've finally accepted that we ARE getting a dog, someday. I think I am fine with it too. There will just be strict rules. For instance, I know when some of my sisters visit, they just might not want a dog around. I will therefore KEEP the dog away for that time being. Also, it will be well trained, and NON-shedding. You know? I would actually prefer it to not bark, lick, jump, run, shed, or poop- but according to Clay, that really doesn't exist. Sad for me. He wishes to have birds, lizards, pigs (yes, pigs, that is what I said) and pretty much EVERYthing. Those have yet to be decided on (except for the fact that I've already made my decision...). I think he'll have to have a second shop-like house in our backyard for his own personal zoo. Maybe when we are rich and famous we can just make a huge investment for a Zoo. Clay would love that I bet:)

I haven't been reading a book lately. WELL, actually I did start the Uglies.

I haven't really kept reading though, not that it's not good, just because I thought maybe I should wait until the semester is done. Mom- don't let me forget to ask you about Breaking Dawn and ordering it to your house...k? I always forget. Anyway- I have found that I love reading. I miss it now that I'm not really reading anything. I'm so excited for this summer break to be able to read and not feel guilty at all!

Well, that's all. I love you all!


Grandma, Nonnie said...

Danielle, I loved the post, and I think it is so funny about the zoo. The best dog we ever had was the golden retriever, Brandy that you wanted when you were a little girl and stayed with us for a week while your mom and the girls were at camp. You wanted one just like her. She shed a lot though, you could avoid that by brushing her each day, but a more loyal and loving dog you would never find. She was very obedient also and trained easy. I don't like turtles, frogs, lizards or snakes, sorry Clay. Been bit by those things, we had snapping turtles in Tex. and I hated them. I caught a few horned toads in my time also lizards, when I was a kid. We used to go to pit we called a cave behind my friend Ruthie's house which was full of snakes and guess what??? Us stupid kids would chunk rocks down there until the snakes would jump up and out and chase us, they never caught us but we had these black ones that mom called coach whips that would stand on their tails and chase us. Can you imagine? Mom had a saying, that "God watches out for old fools and little kids" She is right it is a wonder we didn't get snake bit. Had to be that HE watched over us as we were really silly. Of course my mom and Mrs Myrick always told us to stay away from there. But we didn't always do as we were told. That is the way kids are and mine always wondered why I knew when they were doing something wrong??? Hee Hee Well now it is here for all to read about. I was far from perfect as a child. I hope the firecracker thing didn't hurt you too much and I am really glad it missed your face. Love you lots hugs and kisses grandma

Paul & Patty said...

Do not ever be embarassed to show your emotions concerning your patriotism. The parade does the same thing to me especially when the flags and the soldiers go by. I am glad that you were able to talk with Dylan. He goes us an even better perspective of what our soldiers are going through. Let me know how the books are when you get around to reading them. I tried to warn you about Clayton and his love of animals. Take care and have a great week. Love you. bye now.

Lizzie said...

It's too bad you don't live here yet!!! Our friends Mark and Shari have been trying to get rid of their tortoise for months now. Their kids love it, but they don't want pets. Anyhow, I think it's kind of cool.

The Uglies? Is it good? I really need a good book to read.

Is Clay's Burger Co. the company he had to start for his group project?? When Clay has time maybe he can write a post about it. It would be so fun to hear about.


what's the ugly book about? just letting yo uknow- I'm claiming hot dogs for lunch. we're doing lunch too. do sandwhiches? I don't know. You know- you could get a huge bag of tortilla chips- a huge can of beans- warm up the beans in a pot over fire- put cheese in it- have cheese and beans dip with chips- and bring some avacado and sourcream for dipping- that's yummy and easy, and I would think not expensive. I can't wait to see you at the reunion- and I got time off for when you're going to be in town for the next week- so I'll be there the whole time unless you want some time alone. That is so cool that clay loves animals- it's like second noah- remember that show? they had a zoo in their back yard- I've always thought it would be cool to have a shark, and crocodile. well- I love you- and great post on teh f4th of july-

Jenni said...

i was JUST saying how i need a new book to read. let me know how it goes... the tagline made me interested! anyway- danielle the semester is almost overrrr!! You can make it haha!!!! It's crazy how fast a semester goes by when you're not in school. I feel like it's flown! anywaysss. the 4th of july rocks and I can't BELIEVE i didn't think to call you and watch the parade together! uh i hate myself!!! anyway- LOVE YOU!

Emily said...

Let me know how you like the Ugly series...I'm reading them too...kinda crazy but fun at the same time.

Good luck with all those pets in your house. Oh man, you are one brave wife to be willing to put up with that.

Chad and Jessica said...

That parade sounds great. Sorry about the firework...eeek. Chad likes animals too. When we first got married he wanted a little pig (one that stays small) then a lizard or iguana, then a monkey! He would seriously get the weirdest ideas and talk about them, A LOT! He thinks it would be cool to have COWS!!!!! Are you kidding me? COWS??!!!!! Unbelievable. Luckily when we got our dog, his need for any other pet went away. I think having a separate shed etc could work though. That makes sense. Having them all in the house would be a bit much. You're so awesome to be so open minded.
The tagline on that book sounds so true. a good way.

Hailey said...

Danielle...I love you..hahaha When I was reading about how you felt so much pride for this country and how you almost started crying, I knew exactly how you felt! I miss you and we should catch up sometime soon! Hope all is well!

Sharon/mom said...

You're so amazing! I loved your story about the 4th and your gratitude. I feel for you woman about all the pets. But I am sure you will get used to it and even into it! Did you get hurt? I am sooo excited to see you! love you!