Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To my Family

How does this sound for a lunch for the reunion?

Quick mini-pizzas - spread tomato paste on a tortilla, add meat of your choice plus olives and sprinkle with cheese. Cook in a frying pan until the cheese melts.

That sounds easy and cheapish? I don't know. Are we going to have a stovetop thing? Would that not fill people up? How many tortillas would I have to get for each person? I would only do pepperoni and cheese-no olives. Comment please!

PS- I just googled "good camping meals" and found that description. hehe.


Grandma, Nonnie said...

Danielle, I don't think anyone has been on the blog but me and you so have what you want to have for your camp lunch. I don't think they have looked for a few days, as no one has posted. Love grandma


Hey danielle, I haven't posted because we don't have internet. that sounds fine- I couldn't have the cheese- but I would eat the rest of it. sounds good. love you.

Sharon/mom said...

I think that sounds great!! It's easy, everyone can either make their own or you could make a whole bunch and they can come and get it! I will bring lots of veggies for people that would like some veggies on their pizza's also. We will have a great big griddle, you could do alot on that! I think people have been crazy busy, so I am sure they would like this. Jake is moving, Megan and greg are literally on the computer looking at apts all the time, i haven't looked at the computer until tonight, and Rebecca seldom looks at them. sooooo if you really care what they think, do it through the email. I think I would just email them and tell them that is what you are doing for your lunch! Seriously! love you!