Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Morning

I love Saturday! Especially days like today. I woke up at 10 and was like, hmmmm what am I going to do today? Cause I seriously have NO PLANS! It's so fantastic! So I decided I should read some Les Mis, and make some homemadeish apple cider (apple juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg heated on the stove).

Do you remember when I had the goal to read this book in 50 days? That was approximately 168 days ago. PAHAHHAA! I laugh in the face of my overachieving goals! I am finally on the last third of the book I think...I am determined to finish it by the end of the month. That way I have a month before the movie comes out and then it'll all just be wonderful.

You know what? I make goals A LOT! And I don't reach them A LOT! But I'm not really discouraged or upset about it. I just kind of giggle at myself that I thought I'd read this book in 50 days. But I keep on truckin. I also resolved to post once a day. I obviously didn't do that well this week...but I keep trying. I think my goals are fantastic! Even when I don't achieve them perfectly. They keep my life exciting and give them purpose at different points in time. Sometimes, I need a goal that keeps me entertained or distracted...and anywho...I can get off track and get away from the goal but I can also come back to it. I feel sad when people don't want to make goals because they are scared they wont achieve them. Cause I am constantly not achieving my goals! But I am also constantly striving towards something. It's the journey, not the end that has merit. That's my opinion anyhow.

This book is so amazing. It's most likely the most wonderful amazing piece of literature I've ever read. It is HARD to read. That's why it's taken me so long. And its my second time trying! People simply don't write like this anymore. It feels really immature when I read current books right after I've read Les Mis. Don't worry, I'm not becoming a book snob...I still love lots of current books. It's just different. A lot more of feeling on the surface, instead of deep in your soul.

For instance, Marius and Cossette. Their love story. Oh! It's like...I have no idea how they portray it in the movie or play, but in the book, they literally fall in love before they've even spoken to each other or known each others name. And it's completely real and believable. And wonderful. And romantic. There are so many pages dedicated to Marius's internal agony and joy as he simply catches Cossette glancing at him. Or his struggle as he decides to walk past her. And once they FINALLY meet, after a year of not seeing each other, they both know they love each other and seal it with one simple kiss. I just love it. There is something so romantic about falling inlove after only glancing in ones direction and catching their eye.

Do not ruin anything by talking about what happens after this point because I don't know what happens after this.

Anywho...I am still enjoying my slow slow process of reading this book. I will be glad to be done, but I am still enjoying it. I just wish there weren't so many pages dedicated to history that I just can't wrap my head around.

Anyway, happy Saturday! Have a good day.



I am only 25 pages in. By the time I have time to read it, I'm too tired. But I really liked the 25 pages I read! That's really great that you make so many goals and I admire you for that. I am one of those people that don't make them because I'm scared I won't achieve them, and then I just feel like a failure and bad about myself. I'm glad you can make goals, not achieve them and feel fine about it. You're saturday mornings sound so peaceful- mine are early! I remember the days when I got to sleep in :) ahhhhh that sounds nice! oh and the book- it ends with ALL OF THEM DYING! jk. haha. love you

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Love your thoughts! You sound like me at WW's. I say those things to my members all the time. Just setting the goal moves you forward. Life is a journey, all my members could tell you that, I say it a lot.
I always give the example of a baby when they learn to walk. You don't say "bad baby" when they fall down. Or even harder to imagine, "stupid baby" Instead we cheer them on when they fall. And so they get up and try again. It takes them time to learn to walk and in reality, they fall alot clear up til they are 5 or 6. We never tell them they should give up, or "that goal was a little too lofty" I wish I could make myself read that book. And I hate to break the news to you, but as you read more and more good literature you will not be satisfied with certain kinds of books ever again-it will feel like a waste of your time. love you!!!!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Oh forgot, love the pic!

Cami said...

I have great news for you - the play matches the book SO well! And the movie is the play, from what I understand. So I'm absolutely thrilled/excited to see it! I'm trying to read the book as well, and it's hard to get through, but is simply amazing. Good luck!

Megan and Greg said...

Man, I thought I was gonna read this but if YOU'RE havin trouble . . . we'll see. Glad you're not worried about making goals. I remember years ago anonuncing on the blog and I think even on the pulpit that I was going to read the bible in one year by reading 5 pages a year. Yeah . . . um . . . got past genesis, not sure how much farther I got. Kind of embarrassing. The older I get the more realistic I am about my goals. I hardly make specific ones at all anymore. They're more like I'm going to try hard to be patient. Stuff like that. Specific checkmarks just can't apply to my life right now. Too chaotic. But I think it's rad that you do. You are inspiring. Oh man, when you said you woke up with nothing to do. You are so FREE. I can't believe how many options you have. I love my life, but I would love to wake up with no commitments or duties and do whatever I want with no interruptions. Sounds like a dream. Love you!!!

Aliese the Writer said...

Les Mis sounds wonderful. I'm reading Gone with the Wind (apparently not fast enough, according to mom's taste. I kinda wish she'd just let me read it.) I love it, though. I love Saturdays like that. I love waking up and just reading in bed while I wait for everyone else to wake up. Love you!