Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reindeer Pillow & Thanksgiving

So I had this idea in my head about a reindeer pillow….and so I did a google image search. Turns out Target has sold one in the past that was EXACTLY what I was envisioning. They don’t sell it anymore I don’t think, but anyway…I basically did this:

  1. Copied the picture of the pillow into photoshop
  2. Sized the image to about 16”x16” (cause that was about how big I wanted my pillow to be)
  3. Had the image viewed in “print size” and lightly traced the image onto a bunch of pieces of papers then taped those together
  4. Cut shape out, traced image onto red felt
  5. Cut red felt out
  6. Cut two pieces of white felt each 16 ½” square
  7. Pinned the heck out the reindeer onto the white square
  8. Sewed close to the edge all around the edges of the reindeer
  9. Put right sides together and sewed around edges a 3/8” seam allowance, and left a gap in the bottom large enough to turn inside out and stuff a pillow form into
  10. Snipped corners, turned inside out, pushed corners out, ironed sides, stuffed pillow form inside, pinned gap closed, and top stitched close to the edge
That’s it! It was so easy. Definitely time consuming. The two most time consuming things were cutting out the reindeer and sewing it on! Lots of twists and turns which involves a lot of sew, stop, lift pressure foot, turn, lower pressure foot, sew, repeat.

Anyway, it turned out just as I’d hoped! I'm very happy.

Thanksgiving was great. Everything turned out. One odd thing...I got sweet potatoes- I DID- and they were cooking and when I cut into them...they were white on the inside! Not orange! What the? I have no idea. They still tasted yummy though.

Another highlight...I made this UH-MAZING peanut butter cream pie that had chocolate ganache layer, oreo crust, peanut butter cream, peanut butter cups atop, oh it was yummy. It was made in a spring form pan. About half of it was eaten when I put it in the fridge. Well, I was taking it out of the fridge later...when I don't really know what happened but the spring form was open and the pie slipped RIGHT THROUGH MY HANDS AND FACE FIRST ON THE FLOOR! Don't worry, I was still holding the spring form part. Yeah...I was heart broken to say the least. I mean seriously. That thing took time and money. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! Oh well. 

Next morning Patty had to watch a ton of kids at her house but she really wanted the sewing table and cutting mat that goes on sale on black fridays (SUPER good deal), so I offered to get it for her. I decided to head out at 5:45 cause I just wasn't sure how busy it'd be (opened at 6am) well...GOOD THING I DID! There was a line outside for I'd say....forever. Oh man. So I trucked out there to the end of the line and stood in the cold for 10 minutes or so...chatting with the ladies around me. Then we went in and let me tell you- it is a good thing I went that early because there were only THREE tables in the store and guess who got them?! The lady infront of me, me, and the lady behind me that were standing in line! Oh my! So anywho...I got those and was out of the store an hour later...and by then I was awake and hungry so I ate and started bringin up my Christmas decor!

I couldn't believe it...I think it took me around 5 hours to decorate my house! But it is decorated and cleaned and I am good to go. So fun. Here's a little preview.

One thing I just kept feeling so happy about was that I cooked in the kitchen and cleaned my house for hours on Weds, I cooked for hours on Thurs, I decorated for hours on Friday, and holy smokes it was all possible! I just kept flashing back to two years earlier when I was making ONE apple pie at my sisters house and I just felt so exhausted after it. I don't think I even cleaned up! Just standing and doing something for that long made me so tired. I remember things feeling so hard back then. And then the Monday we got back we found out I did in fact have Lyme Disease. forward two years and working so hard and taking so many pills and disgusting herbs...and I am a new woman! I can work! HARD. In fact, yesterday, I even had enough energy even though yes, I was tired! But I really wanted to sew that pillow, so I did it! I had enough energy and even after days of working I still could do it. So so so grateful. Makes me really happy. I am so blessed!

Well, now it's officialy the season and I am needing to hustle and start getting/making/wrapping presents! Woohoo! So fun.

PS. I have probably LITERALLY eaten about 20 rolls in the past two days. We had lots leftover. They are yummy. 


Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Well, you blog made me very happy! Isn't it amazing what a couple of years, that seem like eternity at the time, can do!? I am so glad you are feeling like a normal 24 year old instead of a 70 year old woman!!! Your pillow is soooo cute and your tree is beautiful! That was so sad about your pie. I remember making two chocolate pies once and setting them in the fridge and something spilling in the fridge and leaking down onto my pies. It was so sad. Love you!! it was so great talking to you yesterday!!


Oh I LOVE YOUR PILLOW!!!! I'm so going to do that- if I have time! I love it!!!! oh my gosh your pie story is so sad! I'm so sorry that happened! thankgoodness you had atleast 1/2 of it. I thik I would have scraped up everything but the bottom layer- haha. You are a work horse! and i'm so glad you are able to work hard like that. look how far you've come. And thankgoodness for your doctor, or who knows what condition you'd be in by now 2 years later. the sweet potates- hahaha. it cracks me up that that was the first time making them too- hahhaa. that is crazy. i love you! so glad all turned out- and that is so crazy abotu teh table at joanns- did you guys communicate what you were getting? I bet you were all anxious about the other getting what you wanted if you knew. love you bye said...

Love the pillow..your tree is so lovely..I am going to try and get mine up this week.

The Congers said...

I love the pillow and totally want to make one of my own.

Jenni said...

That seriously breaks my heart about your pie! UHH I would have been sooo sad! I'm so glad everything else was a success. Your tree is beautiful! I am so jealous that your decorating is done. We were out of town for the week. So, I have my tree up, but I'm dying to get everything else still up!! Keep the pictures coming!

HeidiT said...

That pillow looks awesome! I love how clean and simple it is. Just reading everything you did makes me tired, I can't imagine trying to do all of it with Lyme - yeah for feeling more energized!