Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween, Seattle, etc

This year me and the girls at work decided to be Where's Waldo girls. Pretty fun. I realized at about 9:00pm the night before that I didn't have a hat. So I took some fabric and made one really REALLY quick. It's not that impressive but it works for a halloween outfit I think!

So here's the deal. I've never handed out candy before for halloween, but planned on doing so this year. I went to winco and got three bags. Then realized, okay that means there's approximately 45 pieces of candy and what if these kids are sticking their big hands in and grabbing huge HAND fulls?! Clay thought this was highly likely. So we were looking at maybe having the potential for 15 kids or so? This got me stressin. I mean like majorly stressin. I just didn't want to run out of candy and leave these kids hangin. And I didn't want to be stressing out the whole night saying, "nu uh uh! Only one!". So after much deliberation, Clay and I decided I'd better run to Sam's club after work and get one of those big bags, just to be on the safe side. And I know what made Clay lean towards this decision. I told him that any leftovers we have we could take with us to Seattle and eat cause whenever we go to Seattle we cheat...and this way we buy less snacks. Cause pretty much everytime we are waiting around in the airport we end up buying snacks. Which basically cost as much as our airplane tickets. Anyway. Clay's face pretty much lit up at the thought that we could have the leftovers and EAT them.

I know, it's bad. But it's not like we are having tons of candy all the time! So I figured, what the heck. Lets celebrate this holiday.

Turns out we did need that extra bag, but we still had leftovers. And we definitely both made ourselves sick eating so much candy!!!

Seattle was good. Let me tell you- Seattle is GORGEOUS right now. Holy moly, the trees are so stinking beautiful. Our appointment wasn't anything extraordinary. For a bit of an update....

I am basically symptom free but just have these REALLY subtle lingering symptoms. Our doctor, Clay, and I all feel that I am not done yet. But we feel that I am SO SO CLOSE! Clay is on a good track, he is also dealing with subtle symptoms. We asked her how she feels about where we are at and she said we are "poster patients" or something. And that we are further along than she would hope for us. So that's good! We knew at the beginning this could take 3-5 years to get rid of and we've been at it for 2 years.

Our doctor has her dog at the office and seriously she is the SWEETEST dog ever. Like she just comes and greets you and is just so nice and sweet. She loves Clay cause he's really good at scratching her. 

I decided that I am still going to post a picture a day of things I'm grateful for...but I'm not going to put so much pressure on myself about learning my camera. I will continue to learn slowly, but a lot of my pics will just be how I used to do them. I will still work on it though! I think I kinda hate doing the same thing everyday, so I feel like the way I was thinking before was like...making it so I would only be able to study my camera each day and that just gets boring and stuff.

A few randoms....One, I am like OBSESSED with the show Alias. I'm watching it on netflix and it's pretty great. Two, tomorrow is the election and can I tell you? I am SO EXCITED for it to be over. Here at Idaho obviously Romney will win but we have some local propositions that are getting some HEATED discussions. I have never seen so many people in Idaho at odds with each other. Literally, there are no commercials on the radio anymore- its one after another about each of these propositions. It's about education reform. Teachers are all anti-propositions and business people are for it and anyway, Clay and I have been really really thinking hard on it. I'm still not positive. I know what I'm voting on one of them, but am still on the fence about the others. Did you know Idaho is 49th in the nation in sending their kids to college? That's like...awful. So you can see why Clay and I are thinking hard on this. Anyway, I guess we'll see where I stand tomorrow!

Well, that's all for now.


Megan and Greg said...

Ok, your costume is SO CUTE. That's cool your doctor brings her dog. I'm so glad you guys are on track. Such a long road, it's hard to remember the success you're making I'm sure. Oh my gosh, I was obsessed with ALIAS and I remember one of the episodes I kept yelling, "OH MY GOSH!" And was so loud that my roommate came out with her boyfriend to see what all the commotion was about and it was just me watching ALIAS. Such a good show. I don't think I finished out the last season or so. But I definitely watched the first 3. And they were so good. I've been watching Hart of Dixie. I think you'd like it. It's fun. I think it's good not to stress about the camera. I think it would be hard to learn that wihtout a class. Really hard. I think it's hard even with the auto button, which is the only way I ever plan on doing it. I LOVE YOU!!!! We're definitely coming to visit BTW!!!

Anna said...

Love the costumes. So cute. I'm so glad that you could hand out candy! I hope it was fun for you. I need to post about Halloween. :/ I'm so happy that you are close with lyme! You'll get there. I KNOW you will. And in the meantime, you are amazing in the way that you are getting there. Amazing. I am so excited for the election tomorrow. Seriously, I'm only 14, but some of my friends in my ward support Obama and it has just been so weird. Getting used to the difference in California. I'm ready for the decision to be made so people can stop arguing about it. Anyway, love you!

Aliese the Writer said...

That last comment was me, by the way. :)

Kristi M. said...

Yep, the Propositions are the huge thing in Idaho right now. Jeff and I are not quite clear which direction we want to go. I feel the same as you, I think I know on one but unsure of the others. I think voters are forgetting that you vote seperately on all three, they are not an all or nothing for all of them when you vote. It should make for an interesting night on tv tomorrow watching it all unfold, both locally and nationally.


oh my gosh so excited for tomorrow night. I feel like we should like get candy or soemthing- cause we're all gonna be glued to the tv for hours. I just don't know what I"ll do if obama wins, I'll probably seriously go into a deprssion for a few days, maybe a week. if romney wins, i feel like there will be such a positive feeling and energy in the air. your costume was so cute! that is wonderful news about the lyme. alias- I think I want to get netflix again, cause there's new stuff on that wasn't htere before. i love you