Monday, November 12, 2012

A whole lot of random goodness

I am so excited for Christmas! I'm SO happy that Thanksgiving is next week so I can eat a bunch of delicious food and then decorate and shop and make things and listen to music and watch movies! YES!

My thanksgiving decor is a bit pathetic. I mean...I just don't have enough of it. The truth is, if you only have a few decorations for a holiday it doesn't work because it just doesn't flow right and ugh. I am NOT enjoying my decor so I really need to add to it.

I am planning on making 3 pies for Thanksgiving. Patty will make another one. That will be 4 pies. It's exciting. Desert is kind of the most important part in my opinion. And rolls.

I am going to twilight on Thursday. And not even at midnight! I get to go to an early showing at 6:30. Talk about fantastic.

Let me tell you what movie I'm SO EXCITED about. Les Miserables. Oh baby, it looks grand. I am planning on seeing it Christmas day. And I'll probably bring cadbury mini eggs with me. It's a plan.

Clay and I are just finishing up our Star Wars marathon. Clay and I LOVE to do movie marathons. About once a year we do Lord of the Rings. We've done Harry Potter maybe a couple times. This is our second time doing Star Wars. We've done Bourne movies a ton of times. It's always fun. I realized I haven't seen the old star wars in a long time. I just kind of love how cheesy they are! And the special effects from those days are fantastic. episode V, there is this monster at the beginning that gets Luke while he's in that horribly cold snowy place, and OH MY GOSH I laughed out loud when he came on the screen! Luke screamed of course, but that monster was funny looking. Anyway, they are awesome. I just love Han Solo. And now I understand why my parents and siblings always made fun of Luke and called him so whiney. Cause HOLY SMOKES he's a cry baby! Clay and I couldn't help but laugh so much when he found out that Vader was his father! I mean really, it's pretty embarrassing. Although I admit it'd be pretty traumatizing to find out the biggest evil person in the universe (literally- all of space!) was your dad. 

Poor Luke.

Well, that's pretty much it for now.


Jenni said...

I'm with you... I'm SOOO excited for Christmas time! I mean, I'm excited for it every year but for some reason, this year I'm like reallllly anxious and itching for it! I feel that vibe! I can't wait to see Twilight and see how they finish it up!


pahahah i bust out laughing at your star wars paragraph! so funny. He is SO WHINEY! We did a marathon when they came out on blu ray- and it was so funny to us. And yes- I know exactly what part your talking about with those monsters. Mike just kept saying "it's so funny to think that people watched this and were like 'this is amazing!!!!'" haha. I'm SO excited for Les Miserables. You are so lucky you'll get to watch it. I don't know if we'll be able to with maddie, only if Dave and Marie feel like watching Maddie. LOVE YOU!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh. That was just so funny. I remember trying to watch those movies when I got older and they were so boring I couldn't make it through. Haven't been interested since. For me, the holidays are ALL about the mashed potatoes. It's always about the mashed potatoes.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

That was so funny at the end!! I had to share it with your dad! We have done the Bourne movies several times also. I wish he would watch the Lord of the rings with me!I haven't decorated this year it is weird. Now it seems too late. We are having company for dinner, I wish I had decorated. If I knew, I totally forgot about les mis If your Dad and I end up alone, I think i will make him take me. It is hard to get him to the theatre. He loves that story so much maybe he will want too, who knows! love you!!