Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gloomy Saturday

Today is gloomy, and cold. It's like 46 degrees and raining...I say raining with some hesitance because it always just kinda....sprinkles around here when it "rains". I just wish it would POUR if it's going to be like this...I think it's poured rain here (like in Oregon) like...less than 5 times since I've lived here. So, it makes it kinda just...gloomy. I do love the smell after it rains! Reminds me of home.

So whenever it's gloomy in a time when I feel like it should be warm, I get all antsy for Christmas. haha. Seriously! This usually happens around July. I get excited for Christmas. It's come early. I just went and pinned a bunch of stuff on my pintrest board for Christmas. I'm working on this advent calendar that I'm so excited about. It's already so cute! I just can't wait to share it. And Clay and I have decided on a couple of traditions we want to start. Although, Clay doesn't like that I am calling them traditions already, cause we haven't even started them. And he thinks for some reason, traditions need to come about naturally. Like...we do something one year, then the next year we are like, "lets do that again!" and thus, the tradition begins. I disagree. I think that YES, that can be a way traditions start...but I think that it's fun to say, "I want to do this every year at Christmas, it will be our little tradition". Like, I told him I want to go to Perkins to get peppermint hot chocolate and breakfast the first Saturday of December. A tradition. Of course he liked this idea because the last time we had peppermint hot chocolate we both about died of how glorious it was (I know Clay will be rolling his eyes right now thinking, it wasn't that great was just good). But he wants the tradition to come naturally. So he says, "Don't plan it! it will just come" so I roll my eyes and say, "Okay, it's not planned", though I'm mentally planning the first Saturday of December at Perkins.

I made a goal to read Les Miserables in 50 days. July 9 is the deadline. This all started when I decided I want to get into classics. I mean, I love my teenage drama/dystopian/love triangle novels I've been reading...but sometimes it becomes like, woah- these are all the same story with different names. I think I overdosed on these genres. So at first I was like, okay- I'm going to read some Jane Austin. I really wanted to because I have this GORGEOUS book with all of her books in it. Oh, it's beautiful. But then I remembered how a few years ago I read about half of Les Miserables while on a school break (of course it's abridged, but still about a million pages), and I really loved it! But then school started again and it was impossible. So I kinda forgot about it. Until I remembered it last week and how much I loved it. So I decided to start over and read it again. It's definitely not one of those books that I'm like DYING to get through. But when I do read it, it's wonderful. It makes me feel warm and uplifted, spiritual. I have definitely skipped a few days so I am going to have to read more than I figured for a few days. That's okay. Anyone with me? A dive into classics? Oh- and you know the great thing? You know how a lot of people have seen Les Miserables as a play or movie or something? So they know the story? I haven't! So I have no idea how this story plays out so it's pretty exciting.

Did I tell you I'm visiting my sister in Washington DC? Next week! I'm so excited. We are going to do a big long day in DC site seeing and stuff, and then relax and hang the rest of the time. It'll be awesome. I've never traveled further east than Idaho...isn't that the saddest? Not to my recollection anyway. I'm excited to be a bit more traveled and see some of those historical awesome things. AND I'm excited to see my sister! Haven't seen her since Christmas and I probably wont see her for a long time. She isn't going to be at our family reunion (SAD) and probably sometime within a year or so they'll be shippin out somewhere crazy. I'm just excited to spend time with her and her CUTE cute little girl.

Speaking of our reunion. I seriously think of it I'm so excited. I can't wait to kiss little Maddie's cheeks and see all of my nieces and nephews and sibs and parents! Not to mention the beach and coast and everything. Home. I'm just so excited. I love the Oregon coast SO MUCH. Everytime I go there I think, "Can't we just live here?". It's just got such a different feel and energy than anywhere I've been. Everyone is so laid back and nice and if they aren't, they are probably a tourist. Everything feels earthy (which I love) and raw and natural. Most places you go you can see the ocean and smell the ocean and really feel it. It's just the best. I feel like it always recharges me in a way.

Alright, time to see what's on my list for the day. Thank goodness Monday is a holiday! I can split up my list :)


Megan and Greg said...

I never realized. Is the OR coast your home? Like when I think of where I'm "from" the "home" feeling- it's totally Eugene. I guess it's not even Springfield, which seems wierd. It's totally Eugene. But you LIVED at the coast- I always forget. It feels like home at Mom and Dad's, but just 'cause they're there. It has nothing to do with the COAST. Greg and I talk about wanting traditions all the time, but now all the sudden we really have to because Scarlet is totally old enough to do them! Well, some. BUt it's true, I don't have to have them all settled THIS YEAR, we can try a few/couple and see. IF we stay here. It's hard to do traditions when you visit people, unless it's an early tradition. The only one we've began- and it was last year and we've known we wanted to do this forever- is read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. We're both way into the fancy candle lit dinner, scripture story, sing carols- just like we did- but not so many sweets and not just hymns. We sung fun songs too last year. It was great! But now I want to MAKE stuff with Scarlet or have something she can open everyday or make and GIVE to someone. I don't know if she's old enough yet- but I think MAYBE she is. I'm excited too!!! I keep thinking it's only a few months away, but it's really a lot longer. And I thought it was a few months away a few months ago. My time is really off since we moved.

Camisetta said...

Guess what? How ironic is this parallel world we live? I also have made a goal to read Les Miserables! Wow! No joke. Just last Thursday I decided.

Aliese the Writer said...

I'm so excited for the reunion too! I can't wait to see you! I totally know what you mean about it never pouring in Idaho. I think it has to do with the kind of cloud. Anyway, I love and miss you so much!


I want to read Le Meserables, I never have. I LOVE the movie. I haven't read a book since college. Next month, (new month) I'll go to Barnes and NOble and buy a pretty version of it, and I'll read it with you! But, I guess you're already started? I think it would be a fun book to start out with. I'm excited about this! I am SO EXCITED for the reunion. You are just going to gobble maddie up. She seriously is the cutest baby ever. and her cheeks are SO kissable. I love your tradition idea and i bust out laughing when you quoted what clay would prob say, cause i could totally hear it in my head and see it. So funny. I've always wanted to go sledding each winter. well- I need to go- i love you!