Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6 things

1. I am sick! It is sucky. I think I'm on the mend though.

2. I made a gluten-free peanut butter cookie made with coconut sugar. They are really good.

3. Ben the bachelor is annoying as heck.

4. WHY ARE THERE NO EPISODES OF REVENGE UNTIL APRIL?! Tonight's episode had my heart beating out of my chest at the end! Seriously, if I were Emily...I think I'd die of anxiety. How does she act so calm ALL the time!?!!

5. I only have like...a month and a week left of school. THANK freaking GOODNESS. I'm so sick of it.

6. My kitchen is SO DIRTY. Oh well. I'm too tired to clean it and its 10 pm. Till Saturday...probably.

That's all. Just figured I'd update my life a bit.



danielle, you're sick?! That's awful! see, these are the things I don't know anymore. I used to know you're every detail of life from our daily chats and now I know nothing! I hate it! I'm so sorry you're sick. Just watched revenge. loved it. I do have ONE question though, the babe interrupted part of it, so I have to ask you something tomorrow in a chat hopefully. Also- I have a "special" story for you.... and wait a second- I just realized- didn't you say no mroe revenge until april? what the heck! this sucks! oh my gosh! I didn't really put that together until now. gosh. that's so far away. HA- I said the same thing to lizzie about her staying calm all the time. And I've actually learned from her that sometimes in confrontation it's better to not say anything cause that's what she does and it works! ha. love you oh yeah- you're almost done with school! I can't wait for you!!!!!!!!!

James said...

sorry you're sick :( I agree about the bachelor AND Revenge. Seriously, why do they keep dragging it out and taking such long breaks in between episodes. I want to try some of your cookies little lady. Maybe I'll be adventurous one day soon. Hope you feel better. Good luck with the end of school! (This is Kayleen)

Megan and Greg said...

Sorry you're sick. Ben is SO ANNOYING. This is the most boring bachelor ever. I mean, it has it's moments. But I seriously space during half the show, waiting for the drama to happen. I just can't get into the "I'm falling in love with Ben" moments, where they're all smiley and happy. I just can't get into it. I swear I always come in on the best seasons. My first Bachelorette was Ali- that was the BEST season- Frank? The boxer? The guy to sang and got a tattoo? The best! Then there was Brad, that was fun too. Same with America's top model. I came in Season 6 and I swear it was the best season ever. I'm pretty sure it was 6. Project runway, season 2. There were the best characters!!! Why do things just have to go downhill later? So disappointing. Don't worry about your house. Hope you feel better soon!

Lizzie said...

sorry you're sick!

i wanna taste the pb cookies. sounds good.

ben is thinking only with his man parts. seriously. you think courtenay is going to wanna pop out 4 kids? so dumb. but i have to admit, my favorite parts are the ones with courtenay in it. they're just so unbelievable, "it's just been harder for me than the other girls...i'm just not used to this..." blah, blah, blah. shad can't stand her.

revenge..can't wait to see it tonight. i LOVE that emily is so calm. love it. and why ARE they postponing it.

is school over forever in 5 weeks? nice.

sorry you're kitchen is dirty.

love you.

Aliese the Writer said...

I'm sorry you're sick. I'm sick, too. It's not fun and I have my sore foot too. I'm so glad you are almost done with school. I'm so happy for you. Love you! :)