Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things I always wonder when watching the Bachelor

1. Why don't the girls and Ben travel TOGETHER. Seems like such a waste of energy and gas and money to fly Ben separate from the girls. They are all going to the same place!

2. Aren't those mic's on their backs ULTRA uncomfortable? And I bet they ruin a lot of outfits too. How do they stick them on? What if they fell? What if they leaned against a wall and smooshed it? This lats episode I think it was Nikki who had a tight dress and her back looked like a cone-back.

3. What kind of people are running the camera's and mic's. I mean...they are ALWAYS around. What if they coughed, sneezed, burped, farted while the couple is having a really intimate/serious moment? What if one of the workers LAUGHED! How couldn't you?

4. You know when Ben was with someone on that mountain? What if it was freezing cold? I would probably be shivering. Not to mention...what if they are all the way up there and have to go pee? What if someone had DIARRHEA! Or on their period?! Yes...I think about these things! I mean...logistics on these dates are really confusing.

5. I don't really need to mention this cause its like the number ONE question on the fantasy suite date would you like to be the 3rd girl? Really...she must feel really special and romantic.

6. I always wonder this one the first 3 weeks....WHAT in the heck do the women do when they aren't on a date?!! I mean...that's a lot of days loungin by the pool. Don't get me wrong- it sounds awesome. But it kind of makes sense why some of the girls get so close and become good friends...what else is there to do?!

7. What does BEN do when there's no date? I mean...sometimes there's like 3 dates. Are these episodes a week long? What does he do? Does he take breaks?

8. What if the food is gross? Sometimes on those dates- the food looks nasty to me. And sometimes people just don't like certain foods.

9. This one gets me EVERY episode. When do they do their confessionals?!?! Sometimes they are wearing the same outfit, sometimes its a different outfit, and sometimes I think...okay so they were just eating and kissing...did a producer say, "OKAY- time. Your turn to talk by yourself. Plug your ears Ben!" Cause that's another thing. Where is the other person? Probably don't another confessional in a different spot. But sometimes I just feel is this going on?

10. When a woman goes home and the camera is in her face while she's humiliated and freaking close is that camera? And how awkward does the camera man feel? Sometimes the cars seem really average its like...yeah. Just awkward. 

Alright. Seriously- am I the only one wondering these things? I really really would LOVE to be on the set of the bachelor to just see how it all goes down.


Lizzie said...

I would LOVE to be on the set to see how it goes down. Probably a lot more hollywood/set-like than we'd like to think.


PAHAHAHAH this was hilarious! Ok- I have NOT thought of alot of those things! but now I am! hahaha. But I have always thought the camera thing in the car when they're bawling, like how close they are- hahahh. The bathroom- how aqward, you're right! and even if they had some bucks- that's really awkward too! I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED ABOUT THE CONFESSIONALS, especially because their hair is always different. And I always wonder where the others are, cause it seems like the girls always spy on eachother, and i totally would. hahah thsi was so funny. I've missed your bachelor reviews. They are always so funny and make me laugh so much. love you.

Ainsley said...

haha, you crack me up! funny you blog about this because, i was just thinking they should do a behind the scenes episode. the fantasy suite freaks me out...3 nights with different woman, oh so nasty.

Kayleen said...

hilarious! love this.

Jenni said...

Hahahahahahaha yesssssss you are so awesome! i love this because I TOTALLY wonder these same things. ESPECIALLY the fantasy suite date. Pa-lease! How do these girls not feel like hookers after they KNOWWWW what he is doing?!

You know what I would add to this list? Why does ben have to lick his lips all slobbery before he kisses them? EWWWWWW it grosses me out so bad! I hate watching him kiss!!! Ben bugs.

Go Lindsey! Even though it'll be Courtney.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my word, this was so funny. Yeah, what if you were on your period for the fantasy night? And yeah, I would totally not wanna have sex if I knew he was just with someone the night before!!! I don't care "how in love I was". Forget it. Yuck. The FOOD!!!! I have NOTICED this THIS season. Not that it's BAD, I always assume it's good. But seriously look next time, their plates are ALWAYS FULL when they leave the table! I'm starting to think they don't even really eat together. That it's ALL STAGED. I think I recall seeing a few bites taken last season, but not at all this one. And there is TONS of food on the plates when they leave. EVERYTIME. I bet things totally happen and they just cut it out (laughing, farting) so funny. Because on the Brad season there were whales doing it in the background, or something random and they were all laughing and it was a "cut out" scene. The confessionals. It took me awhile. I'm come to decide, they just talk when it's all over and they're asked, "how did you feel when this happened? what were you thinking?" and then it seems all in the moment, but it's not. They just describe it that way for us. I hate the crying when they're kicked off. So cruel. When the tears ARE real, it makes me sad.

Kristi M. said...

I knew they work mics but man Nikki's was a total hunchie this last time. I really noticed it. I'm pretty sure the girls are not near each other as it nears the end of the show so they don't know whether they are fantasy date #1,2 or 3. That would stink to know that you were the last. Who knows, they could be edited and shown to us out of order of when they actually happened. I've wondered what they do to when they aren't on a date.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

hahahahahahahh I never watch these shows so generally never read the blogs you guys write about them, but that was one entertaining blog! It made me laugh and I'm still laughing! Thanks for the blog!