Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Could it be?

Mistake me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I may be slightly not depressed about winter coming...

It all started this morning when my co-worker brought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to work. I ate one, and said, "Wow. It's officially fall now" and i kinda liked it.

Then I was watching a lil Gilmore Girls- and you know the scene where luke and christopher fight eachother? Well, they are fighting in the town square where there is a bunch of CHRISTMAS decor, and a christmas song even starts playing! Ohhhhhhhh dear. I love Christmas.

Then lil Gi Gi (Christopher's daughter-4 years old) came walkin outside with her ugg-like boots with tights and a skirt, and I just couldn't help thinking....ohhhhh how cute. I want to wear that.

And then I started thinking of hot chocolate. Homemade. And decided the first snow, I will make hot chocolate. Shall it be a tradition?

Hmmmmm. I dunno. My toesies are feeling quite chilly right now though, which I don't particularly LIKE. Oh well. You give and you take.

We are going to Seattle on Thursday. Basically a day away. We are pretty pumped. Don't expect much excitement to happen though- we haven't planned anything...we are just focusing on the doc appt and going from there. We don't want any extra anxieties.

So I hate this. I SERIOUSLY don't know what to do about my hair. It doesn't help that I watched Glee tonight and that I LOVE Rachel with blunt bangs. And it doesn't help that I'm watching the gorgeous Rory right now with blunt bangs. I have worked very hard to grow OUT my bangs...but now I'm just wondering...I hate this. I promised myself I'd not cut bangs till they were all grown out and I can see how I really like it. What to do what to do. Then the whole color issue. Clay suggested platinum blonde. He wasn't joking. I told him I'd look hideous. Why? HELLO BROWN EYEBROWS. He suggested dying them too. But I mean...a month later I'd have brown roots...no one likes that. We'll see. It's not like I have an appt set up or anything.

Aight. Till next time.


Megan and Greg said...

You canNOT bleach your eyebrows. No one will do that for you, I promise. You would look awesome platinum. People have platinum hair and dark eye brows all the time. It's no biggie, really. If you look around, you'll notice. As for the bangs, I can totally relate and I don't know what to tell you. Because I totally want you in bangs, I love blunt bangs. But to have thrown away so much growing out time. I don't know what to tell you. I've totally been there, many many many times. I'm excited for the fall too. I wore a sweater today and LOVED it. Exciting times :)


YOU CANNOT bleach your eye brows you would love crazy! I think you would look really cool platnum- you can do blonde- i love you blonde. blunt bangs...... LOVE blunt bangs- mike hates them as well as every other guy in teh world- uhhhhhhh- maybe you could comprimise with clay and say- i'll do platnum if i can do blunt bangs? I don' tknow- you would loook so cool if you did blunt bangs and platnum hair- but you would have to commit to continually get them cut for awhile- not to just have them be blunt for 2 months. So if you don't want them more than a few monmths- NOT WORTH IT. cause it takes over a year to grow them out. hto chocolate- yum- love you!

Sharon/mom said...

I like the blond look on you. Definitely not platinum. I vote to keep growing your bangs to make sure you don't want them. Its hard to "cut them long" as Ruby asked once! :-) Fall...I love it, I want to put my decor up, but haven't been home long enough to do it! I want that cookie. I haven't watched those episodes in a long time! Love you!! can't wait to hear about the doc appt.

Lizzie said...

I LOVE blonde on you. You look so beautiful. I thought I commented on this already, but obviously I didn't. I love blunt bangs. I love them on me, but Shad hates them. He just can't get used to them.

Seattle sounds good. Really good. So many answers, but probably lots of questions also. 4-5 years. Wow. I had no idea it would take that long. But so worth it to gain the rest of his life back. Love you both. Miss you.