Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cabin in West Yellowstone

Yeah yeah- I know I haven't posted in FOREVA! I just have been busy and stressed and never really had anything particular to blog about! WHALE----now I do!

So our awesome friends Brittany and Tyler invited us up for a quick spontaneous getaway to Tyler's dad's cousin's cabin...(i think!) with them, and Brooke & Domino. Brooke & Britt are twins, and Clay, Domino, and Tyler all work together...and we've been friends with Britt & Tyler for around 2 years or we were pretty pumped!

The cabin is up by west yellowstone and full of nature so we were ALL FOR IT! We got there and OH my gosh the view was uhhhhhhhhhhhmazing. We were all oohing and ahhhhing for a while.

And the cabin was pretty saweet too!
Don't mind the dorkiness of Clayton and me:)

After we got all settled Brittany and Brooke made dinner for everyone and then we played some games...and then watched Date Night. I've gotta say, I was SEVERELY disappointed. I was barely funny and I just kinda thought I hated it at one point when it was SUPER GROSS and dirty. Yeah...I'm not recommending it to anyone. Anyway- then we watched some youtube videos...talked...basically a chill night.
That's Tyler, Brittany, and Brooke

The next day we didn't have any plans so we decided to hit up Quake Lake. The story behind this is CRAZY. So the short story is: there was this campground...a huge earthquake happened...caused the entire campground (with lots of people camping) to be buried...water rose and created this lake...the bones of those poor campers are still there! Under that lake!
That's Clara, Domino, and Brooke

It's crazy cause you can see all the dead trees still sticking up out of the kinda just shows how that was a campground not long ago!
This pic- they are all looking at the spot that was the big landslide thing from the earthquake. All that fell ontop of the campers! Woops!

Then we went to this AWESOME place for lunch called Buffalo Bills? I think? Anyway- it looks kinda crazy from the outside and looks like you go buy your food and eat outside...then all of a sudden they lead you through this back drape and you are in this big room with a bunch of covered wagon tables! It was awesome! I was so pleased. The only downer was half the table's drinks tasted like soap! Wowsers. Also, Clay asked for a coke and she said sure and brought him a When he said he asked for a coke she said, well we don't have cokes. He was like...well, okay. Usually people tell you about that kind of thing. Oh wellllllll. We still tipped her the solid 15%.

The whole reason we went was for the ice cream- Clay said it's great. So we go and it says one scoop is 3.75...WHAT?! Hello? expensive. But we decide to go ahead with it cause that's what we came here for...well it turns out the scoops are like...4 scoops worth I swear. They were HUGE! And quite tasty!

Then we drove back to the cabin, did some last minute touchups of the place and went on home! It was such a quick little trip, but so nice. The view was amazing and it was good to just get away for a titch. Britt and Tyler- THANKS SO MUCH! We loved it.


Grandma, Nonnie said...

Looks like you had a fun time there. I always love to take a small trip once in awhile that is totally unplanned. Such fun! I really like Yellowstone. I have missed you and it was such fun to see and talk to you when you came for a visit. Hugs and Kisses

Flints said...

Oh man you have awesome picts!! the sky and the lake look awesome in some of those! yeah that was sweet eatin in a covered wagon, pioneer style. ha ha

Megan and Greg said...

I haven't read it, but it looks so fun and beautiful! You look so happy! Great pretty pics! I'm so sorry I haven't blogged. I thought I would have by now. I'm sorry. I will text you as soon as I do. Love you.

Jenni said...

Danielle you are seriously so adorable! I love your pictures! you 2 are so cute! That looks like such a fun weekend and makes me want to go on a weekend getaway in a cabin with friends. LUCKY!

Megan and Greg said...

I cannot believe that was the view from the house! Cool. Ok, that lake and the bones below soooooooo creeped me out. And the coke? Hello? That would be so wierd and annoying. You guys look so cute- like newly weds.

The Dominos said...

wow, those pictures are great, I'm glad you remembered your camera! It was really fun hanging out with you guys!


Danielle! That was such a nice post- you looked so pretty in all the pics- i love it when you post pictures of you. Wow- those were pretty views of the sky. That palce where the people died in teh campground- CRAZY! That is so weird and creepy adn crazy! I"m glad you guys had such a good time- love you!- oh yeah- and that icecream place- awesome! good thing you didn't get 2 scoops! love you!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a wonderful getaway. The view is amazing. The campground story is amazing. I totally am going to tell Steve about it. Crazy. You are both adorable by the way. Love you tons.

Sharon/mom said...

That was awesome! How fun! I loved the pics. The cabin is beautiful, it reminds me of Wendy's, hers was smaller. That covered wagon place was cool. Isn't it fun when ice cream turns out to be a lot more than you think! That place was beautiful, kind of sad and creapy about the people under the lake. love you!!