Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zimmerman & my patriotism

Well, I have decided that I used to give my true thoughts on life here on the ol bloggy, and I haven't been lately (I haven't even been blogging at all lately!) and the truth is, I want my kids to know how I felt about current events and things and so I'm going to just start giving my opinions. Take em or leave em!

The Zimmerman trial has been quite the trial for ME. Oh deary me. It has tried my faith in America. All along I thought it was sad that a kid got shot and died and that someone had to deal with the grief that undoubtedly comes from killing a person. It's all sad. I wish it never happened! However, I hate that Zimmerman was made out to be a racist, and a murderer. He was a defender, which every human soul should have the right to be. The fact is, our country believes in being innocent until proven guilty, and it has been a pretty good process for us. I believe in that justice system, and I don't believe the justice system failed at all.

I really didn't have too hard a time ignoring most of this trial until the President decided to jump in and make comments about how it could have been his son, or it could have been him. He gave a huge speech about how sorry we should feel for black men because they are still discriminated against so much. I have to admit something to you. The first 5 minutes after I read about his speech I thought, well good for him. He actually gave a not so crappy speech. And I thought, you know what, he is right...I do lock the doors often when a black teenage boy crosses the street. But then all of a sudden it clicked with me. Wait a sec Danielle, you lock the doors when basically ANY person- man, woman, even dogs- walk by my car. It can be a white man in a suit and I get a little nervous. We live in a crazy world and I am a cautious person! I realized...wait a sec, it has nothing to do with race when I do that...

Then I got to thinking, WAIT A SEC! Is the world not seeing this ginormous irony that I am now seeing? WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Who is talking about how hard it is to be a black man because they don't get the same opportunities as white men. Is it not obvious that the man speaking these words is in arguably the most powerful position in the world? And he's black?

These poor, poor, black men.

I admit that YES. Racism still exists. BUT- it is the exception. The fact that a black man sits in the oval office proves that the majority of Americans are NOT racist. Complaining about the rights and discrimination because of the color of your skin is basically like me complaining about being a woman. Yep, I have definitely been treated differently because I'm a woman, CLEAR AS DAY. But it is the exception. NOT the rule. But do I go waving my flag and marching on roads (violently!) because I have been treated less than fair in my life? NO. Life is what we make it, and I am afraid that many Americans are looking to snatch up any excuse they can to explain why their life isn't what they want it to be.

Racism exists. Sexism exists. Everything bad in the world that we can imagine in our brains, surely does exist. But that doesn't mean that is our life. It's not the reality of our current world (in America at least). It's dusts of the past holding on for dear life.

It all just baffles me and angers me a bit. I started losing faith in the American people. But then the other night we went to the Playmill theater in West Yellowstone (I will post more on that later), and in one of their beginning acts, they sang God Bless America, and had the crowd join in the last chorus and oh my word! My patriotism seeped back into my heart and there were tears in my eyes. It was so spiritual and wonderful and I realized, you know what? There are still true patriots in this world and instead of getting angry about the people going backwards in life, I am going to stand strong in the faith of my fathers. Be the best American and human being that I can, and stand up for truth.

So, that is what I learned this week.


Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Great blog!!! This hole Zimmermin thing just gave the racist promoters more opportunity to try and make our country out to be something it is not. We have lots of black people in government. I agree with your dad that a lot of the race problem is brought on by the blacks themselves. We have a black Caucus in the house or senate I can't remember which one. But we don't have a white caucus and can you imagine if we did? There is a Miss Black America, can you imagine if we had a Miss white America? Crime in our country is what it is and the fact that a lot of it is done by minorities is just the way it is, not a white promoted thing. The government is thinking about having it against the law to run criminal checks for government positions because it is discriminating to black and Hispanics when they come out of jail! Now I am here to tell you that sad to say, once a criminal often not seldom always a criminal. At least that has been our experience when we have let criminals in our apartments when it has been a long time. Before you know it we are having to evict them for some crime they are committing. Or drugs they are using or selling. Just because you are a certain color should not make it okay to get a job, no matter what your background. I posted a lot of my feelings about the trial on Amy's blog, I don't know if you read it. Anyway glad you voicing your opinion!!! If people don't like our opinions they don't have to read them! I have been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon about how we are not supposed to have a king on this land, we will reap the consequences if we do. Obama is about as close as it comes. But I agree, America is still the best place to live, and I believe the majority of Americans are still lovers of freedom! love you!!


Amen sister! I feel exactly the same way. i love you so much and am so proud of you, and so glad you are blogging again!!!!!! love you!