Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Chaos

Oh boy. This one was a doozie!

So I begged, BEGGED with puppy eyes for Clay to take me as close as he was willing to the fireworks show. He decided we could take the motorcycle and walk to the bridge by the falls. This is close, but still a bit of a distance, but I was satisfied. We went about 9:30ish since the fireworks show was supposed to start at 10. We got a great spot that was perfectly infront of the lit temple, and the fireworks should've set off a bit to the left of the temple.

Well, 10:00 came and went, so did 10:30, so did 11:00....and let me tell you the fantastic entertainment we had during that hour and a half.

Let's set the scene.

Clay and I leaning against the bridge, staring at the river and the temple with the falls right by us, a beautiful beautiful scene. Enter 6-8 teenage HELLIONS. Now, I can literally say hellions- do you know why? There was one young man who decided to talk about his religious views, which is this: SATAN. I'm not summarizing here. He literally said the words, "Satan is a religion". And can I just say that I CURSE THE MIND I HAD TO LEAVE MY PHONE AT HOME THAT NIGHT! I wish so badly I could've snapped a picture of this guy! Picture a painted white and black face, which sure isn't that bad. But then...
Half way through the nights we saw his boots. Oh it was too much. Just the cherry on top! I said to Clay, "Hon...look at him" and he said, "I already did", and I said, "No- the boots, did you see the boots?!" I had one of those humor excited eyes raised expressions. He looked, raised his eyebrows, smiled, and said, "That's just the perfect cherry on top" or something like that. Oh man. We found him really entertaining.

But he was nothing compared to his normal looking friend who said the words, "I can do everything" about 5 times in the hour and half we were there. He was referring to his vocal skills. Which, looking at those boots, I bet you can imagine the music I'm talking about. It's the screamo music that literally sounds like you've been possessed by the devil. And you guys, he even learned it NATURALLY by ear. Which he was bragging about to the girls.

Now that we are to the girls. Lets talk about them! They, along with the guys, were swearin like sailors! F bomb every other word, and yes, threatening to kick other girls behinds if they didn't stop looking at them that way from across the street! I can't make these things up.

Clay and I thought about saying something to them, cause they literally were cussing more than I even remember people from my high school cussing (which is a lot)...but there were a lot of them and we thought they may have been under the influence of SOMEthing...and didn't want to cause trouble.

After learning that someone was missing IN THE RIVER and that was why the fireworks display was delayed, we started walking away and asked a police officer if they knew what was going on and the show was supposed to start any minute. So we went back and stayed and then the fireworks show looked like it was in a different spot, still a good view, but just further than I thought...we couldn't hear the music (the show is always coordinated to patriotic songs- its so cool), and all the kids next to us decided to light up cigarettes, and it just wasn't the scene I was wanting. We decided to leave, after all that waiting and suffering! Before the finale even. It just wasn't patriotic feeling and I was feeling a bit sickened at these poor poor teenagers who will grow up to vote and have children of their own. I just hope and pray they see some sort of light down the road to kick them out of this terrifying rut they are in!

Even with all the craziness that happened and dissappointing fireworks show....Clay and I still had fun! We really did get quite a kick out of these teenagers and the things they'd say. Some of it was FOUL and I hated it and almost left, but some of it was just plain funny. And Clay and I spent time together and so that was fun. Looking back, I think we should've left a lot earlier because I really doubt the Holy Ghost was able to stay with us in that situation. And there really was quite a bit of foul stuff that I wish my lady ears wouldn't have heard. Oh well, live and learn! I told Clay next time I want to be right under the fireworks right by the music. We did that my first year and it was amazing.

We found out this morning that they found the missing person and he had drowned. So sad. I feel so sad for his family. 20 year old boy.

Well, I just made cinnamon rolls and am planning and scarfing some! And relaxing! Have a happy weekend!


Megan and Greg said...

That is so sad! And every 4th of July they'll have to think about it! Horrible. Ugh, that is just sad. Your story was FUNNY. I can envision the whole thing. Funny. If it HAD turned out right- what a cool way to spend 4th of July!


whoa i didn't even think about wha tmegan said- how the 4th of July is going to be the anniversary of when their son drowned! that's awful! Man, if you minused the teenagers it would have been a picturesque night! Just magical sounding. I HATE seeing hooligan teens today. They make me so sad, and then it just makes me want to lock up maddie and never let her out of the house! It is crazy how teenagers are today. I hate it. And the boots- hahaha- YIKES! And satan talk- YIKES!!!! love you

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

The amazing thing is that several of those teens will probably grow up to be decent people. At this age they think it is cool to act like that. If they could actually see themselves later they would think how stupid they were!! That is too bad how long you had to wait. Glad you were able to look at it positively. We didn't go to the fireworks. Next year! Love you

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Wow!!! What a story that was, I really don't suffer fools very well and they sound like fools to me. I really am glad you looked at like you did, and had a good time, as your mom said they will grow up in spite of themselves. We went to a friends house on the 4th as they live behind the high school where the Creswell fireworks are, really fun and they all roasted s-mores, I even did one for grandpa and I. We had fun. Otherwise I was lazy all day and grandpa has been working non-stop on his invention. Love you and miss you

Rebecca said...

I've had a few friends as adults who have admitted they dressed goth for several years in HS. People like that are vastly entertaining. I hate those boots too. I've only seen girls in them, that was bad enough.

I love the fireworks show in IF with the radio program. To get a good spot you have to park hours in advance. The lawlessness in Idaho is a wonderful thing though. I remember one year the Leslie's bringing a full out barbecue and lighting it on whatever street we had parked. You'd get a ticket for that here I'm sure. Love you.