Thursday, July 25, 2013

A SHOCKING revelation about Full House

Okay...can I PLEASE get some feedback on this one?

One day I said something like, "Cut it out!" or "How Rude!" or "Have Mercy!" or you know...SOMEthing that is super duper FULL HOUSE. Clay gave me a funny look and soon after I made a realization...after seven years of marriage...that Clayton Paul Phillipp has not seen an episode of Full House.

Say WHAT?!

Yeah, I was shocked too. It gets better.

I've been giving him a bad time about it since and he will say things like, "I just played outside a lot, I didn't watch tv" or "You just grew up with a bunch of girls" but like...seriously this is a world wide famous show right?!

So the other day we are at some friends house and I can't remember how it came up...but I was like, "Oh well Clay has never even seen an episode of full house!" expecting them to be like, WHAT?! HOW?! WHY?! But no, instead they BOTH- two separate people- BOTH said to me, "What's full house?" as in...THEY'D NEVER HEARD OF IT!

What the?

I was SHOCKED. Is this an Idaho thing? Did they not air Full House in the nineties in Idaho? Cause they air it currently. I mean...seriously, who is with me? Isn't Full House like a really famous show that everyone has seen?

I still can't believe it.


smitters said...

That is insane!!!! I totally watched it, but I'm an Oregon girl too. But Ryan watched it and he's an Idaho boy. Clay has no excuses. Time to get the seasons of Full House and have a marathon :)Graham was up late a few weeks ago and Full House came on so I had him watch his first episode. For a few days after he kept asking to watch Full House. This show totally shaped my childhood.

Megan and Greg said...

Yeah, like Jimmy Fallon is having Jesse's band from Full house on his show. It CLEARLY wan't an us thing.

Gillian said...

Even up here in Canada...Full House was my favourite show (other than Road to Avonlea!) for most of my childhood. I've even got Season 1 on DVD!

HeidiT said...

Full House was definitely a childhood staple! I don't know if I've ever met anyone who hasn't at least heard of it, crazy that both people (and Clay) had never seen it.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

I have lots of fond memories watching that with all of you!! I remember it would make me cray and you would all laugh at me. Love you!!


uhh yeah that is INSANE!


HAHA i just read mom's comment on making her cry! and I also remember an FHE lesson on appropriate shows, and mom debated whether it was "ok" to watch bc jesse and and whats her name would kiss- hahah- which is so funny to me now, bc that show is so tame. haha