Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Time to be a kid again

I had a thought today about how we raise our kids. Obviously I don't have kids I'm raising yet, but I've observed MANY people with these kinds of practices I'm about to talk about, and plan on raising my kids like this as here we go.

Seems like most people encourage their kids to not watch TOO much tv, and they would like them to do things, art, games, outdoor activities, using their imagination, chores. 

It kinda hit me today...if I was a child being raised and my mom saw how I spend my days, she'd say, "Nope! You've already watched enough tv today...time to do something else!"

Somewhere between being a teenager, going to college, and starting a job I lost those principles of DOING rather than sitting and staring. I do much more tv-watching than doing in my life. 

I know. I work full time, I have Lyme, blah blah blah. But another thought came to me. One reason I've heard from siblings and friends that they don't let their kids watch too much tv is because it makes their kids cranky and whiny and sometimes crazy. haha. If all they do is sit and stare, and not exercise their minds in the previously mentioned ways, then they aren't as happy. 


I mean, I pretty much knew this for myself, that I am not as happy when all I do is watch TV...but looking at it from this perspective just means more to me. I have come to realize...I think I need to try and live my life more like a child. And try and discipline myself like I would a child. I don't want to stunt my kid's growth, right? So why am I limiting myself? And stunting my growth? By spending SO much time on television? Cause the fact is, we are all capable of growth. No matter WHAT our age or station in life. And the age old concept still stands that if you aren't moving forwards, you are moving backwards. When it comes to life, you can't really stand still. 

So- here's my new found resolution. Be a child! But I suppose with that I also need to be a parent. To myself. That'll be a toughy! 

But really, I've said this before- I am always happiest when I am creating, reading, writing, DOING. I really am. 

On another note- in ten days I will be 25 years old :) I'm pretty pumped up about it. 

Also I have not had sugar in a week and I know what you're thinking. Uhhh Danielle? Haven't you been perfect at this forever? Nope! I fell off the wagon. Went on a sugar binge. Awful. Back on again and not cheating on sugar until my birthday. Then not cheating till Clay's birthday, in August. 

Less than a month left of tax season! Ceeelllebrate good times COME ON! 

Incase you are wondering how the oils are going...we have been doing them for about a week and a far so good. Nothing extreme happening, but I didn't expect anything like that. We will see how we feel after a month. Clay MAY have herxed...hard to say, but he had super bad symptoms for a few days and now he feels great. So he probably did. I also had super bad headache the first few days on them and then now I don't. So who knows? 

Clay started a new job! He's still doing stuff on the side if you need anything. But he is now in a managing position at a local web firm here in town and he is really liking it so far! So that's great. 

Not much else is happenin over here. Till next time!


Megan and Greg said...

Wow, a herx? That means it's working, right? That's good! Good thoughts and good goals. Besides today, seems like ever since I decided to wake up early and run, I don't watch any tv till right before bed, with greg and I'm so much happier. Because if you're not watching tv, you're pretty much doing something stimulating and worthwhile- with the exception of the internet. There's the other SUCKER of wasted time, but no one's perfect, right??? Anyway. Great post. Love you. 25, I liked that one. It's older. Love you!

smitters said...

I love that you are going to be 25! You were just a babe when you got married! I was too, isn't that funny to think about, I didn't feel young at the time. Anyway, Happy early Birthday, yay! I saw an article the other day about moms and their "screen" time but I didn't read it, I figured it probably said 'practice what you preach, limit your own screen time like you do for your kids'. I love your perspective, very wise!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I can't believe you're going to be 25, I remember when I turned 25. That was a long time ago....sigh. It was a good age as I remember. I think it is a good thing not to watch TV I rarely do it and then it is an old movie or news or BYU channel. So I don't know what it is like to be addicted to it however I do get on the computer and I am addicted to it I am sure. I think you have set a good goal for yourself. I love and miss you. Hugs


great post. tv. eyeyee. i don't want to live in the pioneer days, but sometimes i wish we did bc of all the lack of technology and all hte doing that went on back then. it is so hard to resist all the technology. i love you so much and I'm excited for your birthday! i'm so happy for clays job and glad he likes it. love you

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

wow! Great stuff! I have thought about the tv thing alot. When I had lots of kiddies at home, I just flat out didn't have time, I also loved reading so was reading all the time. I have noticed that since we have moved out here and you left home, it is easier to start vegging in front of the TV. And I feel all those things that parents say about there kids. On the other hand if i watch one movie or one show, I usually feel relaxed and happy. The temptation to sit and watch more is great, if i succumb the depresion feeling or blah feeling takes over adn the addiction feeling is very real. So I think that is a great thing. "Become as a little child..." I think we have heard and read that many times!! I am happy that so far the oils seem good. I would love it if they will do the trick. Quit sugar for 3 weeks, started back up, not been pretty! love you!!