Wednesday, March 27, 2013

These are the exciting things in my life

 You have NO idea how happy Clay is that he can ride his bike. On another note, you have NO idea how bummed out he gets when there is a chance of rain or snow (yep, still getting snowfalls here and there). It's still much too cold for me to ride on the back of that thing...but give us a few weeks and I'm sure it'll be fine. I really am glad he got it cause he seriously is just SO happy every time he rides it.

 It's official. I HATE PITTING DATES. Oh my heck! Sam's Club will randomly sell these bags of pitted dates and I always stock up but I guess I didn't get back intime to restock my supply because the bags were GONE and all they had were these ones with the pits in them! Talk about a pain and a HALF! I mean, it's fine. Whatever. But really, I prefer my pits to be pitted for me, thank you very much.

I suppose it's worth it. My finished product- date balls (really homemade lara bars, or as Clay likes to call them, little turd balls...eyeyeyeye....). Have I talked about these before? I have no idea. The only ingredients are dates, almonds, and cocoa. They have saved me with my "no sweets" deal. Gives me enough to not give in to real treats :)

I have been slowly slowly slowly organizing my sewing room and the most recent organization is mini-bolts made out of cardboard. YAY! I actually went through my fabric and am giving away like...2 garbage sacks full of fabric I figure I will never use again. That's something to brag about, seriously. It's hard to get rid of fabric when you have a little devil Danielle in the back of your head saying, "But you might need that down the road for some project you haven't even thought of yet and then regret it!" NO MORE! I only kept fabrics that I could see actual projects in and I am only going to buy fabrics if it's for a project. This is great progress for me. Hopefully someday that room will be fully organized. I am convinced it will be by the end of April. That's my goal anyway. 

In other news, I went shopping with Patty and Makayla for my birthday and I am SO excited because I am getting some CA-UTE clothes!

I can't believe it's only Wednesday. Feels like tomorrow should be Friday. Deary me. Well, like I said, these are the most exciting things of my life right now. I am having a hard time doing too much stuff outside of work right now because my brain gets pretty dead tired by this time of tax season. Only a bit to go and I couldn't be happier. 

Till next time!


smitters said...

I love the mini bolts! Genius! I need to get on that one.


i love all of it. the fabric- brave move. I did that a few years ago- but i still have so much more!!!! I love the bolts-i'm totally going to do it. cool motorcycle pic. i want to try those balls. excited to hear about your clothes. i have to go- but i love you-

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am so glad that you were able to give away fabric. I have to do some of that and the cardboard bolts really clever. I think the date balls would be good. I think they would be a lot of points for me I will have to look it up. I love the picture and I want him to be careful. But I am a fuddy duddy, grandpa and I rode a few in our time. I miss the days when I could run and do anything I wanted to. Sigh.... Oh well there are other things. I miss you and the snow seriously what a pain. Love hugs and kisses

Aliese the Writer said...

I love the fabric bolts. It looks so cute and organized and so much easier to see what you have and find what you need. I really wish I could sew more. There's just not enough room where we live to have it organized enough to do it! It's just such a big pain right now. Hopefully I'll be able to set up something in my room when we move. I love you so much!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh man I stopped pitting dates forever ago. So not worth the extra pain. Have you looked online? I bet you could get free shipping! I'm so glad Clay loves his motorcycle. I feel like a motorcycle could be like a punching bag- something you think you'll use and never do. I'm glad it brings him joy! The bolt idea is fabulous! Wow! Good for you for clearing it out. I throw things away too much now. I just can't bear clutter and mess. It makes my mind that way! LOVE YOU!!!! Happy happy birthday tomorrow!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh yeah- the brownie balls- AMEN. I cannot count how many times I've spread the love. People are always asking me for the recipe. CONSTANTLY!!!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

I can't believe how far behind I am!! I have resolved to blog more and read the blogs every night. I want the recipe for the cocoa balls. I am so proud of you for getting rid of fabric... one of the hardest things for a seamstress!! that is so funny about the dates, it doesn't bug me,don't love it but don't hate it. :-) Love your fabric organization! love you!!