Saturday, January 7, 2012

My crazy life...

Well, don't be surprised if you don't here from me as life is kind of crazy right now. When I think about all of it, I think I may just be really insane. Oh well!

Right now I am........taking 12 college credits online. Two business classes, a nutrition class, and a family finances class. The danged requirements to actually become a CPA not only requires the CPA exam to be passed, but requires you to have 150 college credits...I graduated with only 132. I already took 6 credits last semester. Anyway...this is the last of em, and hopefully it all goes well.

No big deal right? Well...not really considering I'm working FULL TIME in TAX SEASON! GAH. Everyone says, "you can break it up Danielle...don't wear yourself too thin" blah balh. But I'm so sick of dragging this on. I just want to finish and be done. So if I'm busy for 4 months and then never have to worry about it again, I'm fine with that.

Not to mention I am still fighting Lyme Disease, fighting sugar/gluten cravings, and taking care of a hubby.

Oh well.

However, you just might hear more from me because of all this. You know...I love to procrastinate and do anything that isn't homework. So I just might end up writing more blogs! Who knows :)

Today is the day I take down my Christmas decorations. It makes me kinda sad. Oh well...V-day is coming up and I have some new decor for that!

Time to make some cinnamon rolls (gluten/sugar free of course), and have my morning date with Clay.

Oh by the way- we watched the new Planet of the Apes movie...."Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and HOLY SMOKES we loved it! Really really really loved. It was super cool and good and sweet and awesome.

Oh yeah- one more stupid stomach is deciding to hate my antibiotics. Yes. I'm eating lots of yogurt, and taking them with food. Oh well. I am going to get some kefir which is supposed to work wonders for the stomach.

Okay. Cya!


Anna said...

I for one, totally get the 'wanting to get everything done as soon as possible'. Big hell for a short time is better than a little hell for a long time. You can do it Danielle. I know you can. Especially if you stay off of sugar. Love you.

Rebecca said...

That last comment was from me, not Anna, sorry.

Megan and Greg said...

Dan, I had no idea you had all this stuff to do!!! Is it wierd that I'm totally envious of your nutrition and family finances class? Atleast those are completely relevant to every woman's life! Good luck with it all! Apes was cool. But it was more of a one time watch for me.

Jenni said...

You've always been a go getter so I know you'll totally be able to handle all that craziness! You go girl! And good luck to you! Keep us posted. Love you!

Aliese the Writer said...

Wow, you are just so amazing. I probably say that in every comment, but it's true. You just inspire me. All of your goals and wanting to get your things done. And just everything you're going through and not giving up. I just love you. :)

Grandma, Nonnie said...

You are an amazing woman, and I am so proud to be your grandma. I can't believe you put all of this packed into 4 months. But better to just get it over with and move on. It is only 4 months and it will be over already, so great!!! I was sad to remove my Christmas decorations too. I so love them and Christmas. It was so fun seeing you at Christmas. Love you so much. Hang in there. You can do it. Seems like a Prophet said that Just "Do It" Hugs

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Oh Danielle, that was hard to read. It makes me sad that your stomach hurts and that you have so much to do. But I am so grateful for your great attitude. I admire how hard you are trying to make things that are tasty and healthy. I took my decor down also, I still have the lights outside to take down, but the inside of the house, except the sewing room, is back to normal. love and miss you soooo much.