Saturday, December 3, 2011

One of my fav breakfasts

Blueberry Smoothie

This is so easy, so healthy, so tasty!

Plain Greek Yogurt

That's it. Of course you could make it even more healthy by adding random stuff...but I have found that simple is key for me. 3 ingredients. Easy enough to make myself do it and not feel like its a big deal.

PS- Have you not hopped on the agave band wagon? Well...a word to the wise. It has been researched and found that xagave brand, is superior to all others. There are a lot of agave brands that are processed so much it's basically no different than corn bueno. Xagave (you can get this at Winco!), is the actual healthy version. If you don't know anything about agave, it's basically a really great alternative to sugar. Natural and guilt-free like. And I'm allowed to have it! The little Lyme buggers don't eat it like they eat sugar :)

PSS- Did you know about Greek Yogurt? How it's like...super high in protein? The first time you try it, it might be a little strange. It's got a different taste than regular yogurt. But now I think I may even prefer it.


Lizzie said...

beautiful pictures. we are outta blueberries and greek yogurt...gotta go to costco today. it's our latest favorite smoothie too. xoxo

Megan and Greg said...

I don't get the xagave one, good to know. I think I'll make the switch, otherwise, what's the point? Mine's organic, but does that mean it could still be way processed? Maybe I should try the smoothie. We make them all the time, but I've never done JUST blueberries. Doesn't it get stuck in the blender without liquid? Greg and I haven't had normal yogurt for probably a year. We've been doing greek forever. But I always get the honey kind which is WAY loaded up with sugar. But I can't bear the sugarless kind. I tried. I have to put so much honey in it to eat it, it's like what's the point? May as well get it already done for me. But I do buy the plain for smoothies. Regular yogurt kind of grosses me out now, like it's so runny.

Chad and Jessica said...

thank you THANK YOU for the agave info. Your family uses it a lot and I always forget to research it, and not I know where to get it, what kind is good, etc. THANKS! Looks delish!

Okay, love gr. yogurt, but our winco only sells fat free or full fat. I had NO idea the full fat version had like, 18 grams of fat of serving! Whoops. I;m trying to find 2% gr. yogurt. I know it's around.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

very cool pics. I'm glad you posted about Xagave, I needed to be reminded. I have lots of it and use it, but it was good to be reminded that it is a healthy sugar. love smoothies and greek yogurt! love you!!! so excited for Christmas!!

Jenni said...

I will have to give this a try, considering the last smoothie you posted has been the 1 thing I crave EVERY morning during this pregnancy and we have it alllll the time. I trust your smoothie makin' skills!

Ainsley said...

thanks so much!! its nice to get good feedback. yeah, i was sad i missed you over thanksgiving (lizzie said you slept instead of coming to church...haha. i probably would have done the same.)
so i'm from utah, pauls from palm desert. we went to school at BYUI... get this, we LOVE Idaho and totally would love to move back. maybe we could switch jobs/houses...etc. but for christmas we're going up to island park. you're in idaho falls right?