Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas! 

I have been eating way too many sweets. My grandma made basically enough for a candy store and said, "there's not too much of anything"....the amount of candy and sweets she brought fills an entire countertop. Plus some in the fridge (cheesecake...heavenly cheesecake). 

Dante's with his grandparents and aunt. That picture above is their doing :) He looks really happy about those antlers huh? 

Anyway, GREAT Christmas. Just you wait till you see the most gorgeous shoes I've ever seen in my life that Clay surprised me with! I keep putting them on my feet just to look at them. 

The ocean is beautiful, and my newest niece is beautiful too. Madison Danielle is just the sweetest thing...I keep saying, "I just love her"...or "She is so perfect". So inlove. 

Alrighty...time to make a shake and get some sort of nutrition in this body of mine. 

Oh- PS...our doc appt went really well. We are right on track, and Clay got the okay to go back to church! YES! It's been over a year since he's been. 

Hope everyone is having a happy time :) Already thinking about my new years resolutions.


Grandma, Nonnie said...

I loved spending time with you and everyone. I am so glad that you are both doing so well, and I think that the prayers are being answered and that it will continue to get better. So glad for you. I think little Maddie is just perfect also. I am sorry I brought so many sweets, and it really wasn't as many as I used to bring. I don't think Dante looks too happy about the antlers. Love you hugs

Lizzie said...

Fun! Shoes? And Clay picked them out? Wow. I'm impressed. It's nice Clay can go back to church. So nice for both of you. Dante looks really cute. I bet it makes you miss him.

HeidiT said...

Cami saw the picture of Dante and she LOVED it - laughing,clapping, the whole deal! She's a big animal lover.
I am so glad the doc appt went well. Yeah for you and Clay!!