Friday, December 2, 2011

Deck the halls!

Well, my house is FINALLY decorated. I've never waited this long before! Seriously...I've just had the worst of luck lately. Lets start with a month ago...I had a week long HORRID cold. Quickly after that I THREW OUT MY BACK. A week later, STREP THROAT! I am just getting over that. Anywho, I am happy cause I put some spicy scent in the scentsy thing, decorated, and am finally done. I forgot how many decorations I have. And I bought more last year after Christmas! I seriously have never been more happy with my tree. I think its so gorgeous. I love Christmas decor!

Of course, I was in my Santa apron the whole time :)
Want to make one for yourself? Buy the pattern here. It's soooo easy to follow, and so festive!

I am pretty much inlove with garlands. I finally got lights on all of them this year. (They are basically in every location possible upstairs)

Interested in a Christmas Word Art Print?! I just made a new one.
Buy the digital file for $4, or I could send you an actual print for $15. Go here, if you are interested.

Well, I have so much to do. But I just couldn't do anything until I was all decorated. While sick and wishing I was dead (not kidding...I had like 103 degree temp and I just kept saying, 'this isn't fair')...I watched lots of ABC Family Christmas movies on netflix! There are a couple that were kinda silly. But I really loved 'Mrs. Miracle', 'Holiday in Handcuffs', and...this one wasn't ABC Family, but Santa Claus 2 was pretty cute. I don't think I've ever seen that one all the way through. One to skip would be 'Christmas Cupid', and maybe even 'Snowglobe'...that one was pretty silly :)

Till next time, have a good weekend!


Lindy and Bryce Ellsworth said...

Your decorations for the holidays are beautiful. I swear your whole family is so creative in all you do. I now have internet again and am so excited to look at your blog posts regularly. I was looking through your holiday prints. I LOVE them. I saw in your Halloween post that you would email them to whoever wants one. I know the holiday has come and gone but there is always next year, right? I like the orange and white one. My emaqil address is I may have to get one for Christmas on your etsy page. So cute! Anyways have a great weekend!

Kayleen said...

you decorations are beautiful! I watched all those same movies recently and completely agree that Christmas Cupid and Snowglobe were weird. Christmas Cupid was hardly a Christmas one, so I'm not adding that one to my Christmas list. I LOVE that apron too.


I LOVE all of it. Even MIke said "have you seen danielle's tree? it looks really nice." love all the decor, the poster, all of it. love you! and so sorry you have been so sick. That really isn't fair. I'm sos orry.

Lizzie said...

so so cute. i love the garlands. and of course the typography print. and apron. pretty much all of it. love you. glad you feel a bit better.

Jenni said...

Every picture I kept saying... "Ohh that's so cute." "OHHH THAT'S SO CUTE!" Finally I just decided that you are a christmas decor master! Looks fabulous and the apron is seriously awesome. I really hope you are feeling better!

P.S- thanks for all the sweet things you said in the note you left!

Love you!

Megan and Greg said...

I think I saw the christmas cupid, I don't remember. The house looks great! You have so many more ornaments than me! I want to get more. I love your apron. I just thought that would make a great gift for someone, but I didn't think of it 'till I already got them a gift! Maybe I should do both.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

loved the decor!! Course I have a thing for garlands myself. Your tree is gorgeous and I love the new print. I was wondering about those movies, now I will watch those! So sad you were so sick. You have such a good attitude! am very impressed. And like Lizzie said, great pics. love your blog!love and miss you!!!!

Mindy said...

I have been watching netflix christmas movies too. I was wondering about the holiday in handcuff movie so now I will watch it. :) Love christmas decor! I think it makes a house so cozy for the winter.