Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Saturday morning breakfast dilemma

I wrote this blog this morning...but was having trouble with my anyway. Whatever.

So I had this vision last night of waking up early in the morning, baking homemade wheat bread, making my delicious scrambled eggs, and having eggs on toast for breakfast. Something the husband AND the wife would LOVE. However...a little something was calling my name the SECOND...and I mean SECOND I walked out of my bedroom. Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies.

Healthier...really yummy, yet time consuming breakfast? Overrated.

Why go for the bread option when you could eat 3 sugar-filled cookies, with the excuse of peanut butter for nutrients, and have a slight...but not overBEARING stomach ache after to show for it?

If you want the directions for the cookies, go to Chef Danielle...tomorrow I am actually updating it today...hopefully.

Do any of you get the Kraft foods magazine each quarter? I do- let me tell you..there are probably 7 recipes I am DEFINITELY going to try. Two being actual food...five being treats. Surprised?

I know most of my posts are about food....but until I have a baby, this is really my biggest passion. What else will I take pictures of? My car? That I drive an hour a day in while commuting to work? My desk? My coworkers? My dirty bosch that I still need to clean? Food is a much better option, I think.

Spring has come and BOY am I hoping it stays. I really wish all my siblings could come live in Rexburg for the month of January. 1) It'd be a blast! 2) They would NEVER complain about weather again! Spring/Summer is quite nice here. It doesn't last too long, but it is quite nice. Yesterday I saw a woman walking with her little daughter in a stroller. I longed with envy. It looked SO pleasant. I seriously have always been excited to go walking with my kids. It just looks like a wonderful time. One, I love to walk on nice days. TWO, while looking or listening to a beautiful child? I just love it. I am SO excited for those times. This is why I will need one of those BOB things. I have strolled Lizzie's kids in that stroller across playground sawdust stuff and it had NO PROBLEM! Those strollers are amazing. Am I crazy here? I am talking about how much I love strollers and certain kinds...and I don't even have a child of my OWN! I just know I want one of those when I DO have a child. The problem is, they are one of those spendy little buggers. I choose to have the attitude that I always have. "Hopefully we'll be millionares by then"......:) I know, we live in pure reality here at our house.

Clay has been looking up these things on YouTube where they teach you how to play certain songs on the piano. He is doing GREAT! I'm so proud of him. We had a long discussion the other day on theory. At first it was fun for me, to teach him all that stuff. Then it got exauhsting and I told him he should just hold on to what he learned for the day, and THEN move on. It's true though- that wasn't just a selfish act. He will probably forget half of what we talked about because you don't really understand well until you FULLY understand the basics. Anyway, some songs he's kinda learned are: Hey there Delilah, Clocks (by Coldplay), and I can't remember the rest. But he is also trying to get better at guitar as well. AND, he signed up for a singing class next semester so he can learn to sing better. He has ALWAYS been super into music, but everyonce in a while he gets all motivated and it's all he can think about! He brought out his electric-acoustic guitar that he bought in Brazil (meaning not the best quality, but cool) and it had a lot of "action", which means the strings were really far from the neck of the guitar, meaning hard to he was having me play stuff and see how it felt...and I hadn't played guitar in SUCH a long time! It felt so nice. I didn't want to put it down. I think I need to play more. Anyway, I think he got it fixed.

Hopefully I will get these things accomplished today:
  • Update my Chef Danielle blog
  • Finish Clay's ugly quilt (it really IS's purely for practicality's sake)
  • Clean kitchen
  • Prepare lesson for tomorrow's silly 6-7 year old class
  • Make bread

Yowsa! That's a big list. I know it's not a TON of items...but the items are pretty big. We have some friends coming over tonight that I BARELY know...hopefully that goes well. I don't even know what we're gonna do! Play movie..something. I always wish we had more seating in our living room.

Okay- I'm off! Love you guys!



sounds like a good list! those cookies look good! maybe I shall try them.... I hope things go well with the new friends, that's always a little nerve racking. that's awesome that clay is learning how to play the piano and guitar! I'm so happy for him that he is doing the singing lessons too, because he has a really good voice, he just needs the confidence now. love you-


oh- and your pictures look so good! I can't wait to get a nice camera!

Patty said...

I love your choice for breakfast. I often have the same impulse to get up and bake cookies for breakfast. Oatmeal with nuts, so you get your breads and proteins and dairy of course from the butter. I think it is great that Clayton signed up for a singing class. He loves to sing. I am looking forward to seeing the quilt you are making for Clayton. Have a great week. love you. bye now.

Lizzie said...

You are soooooooo good at taking pictures of food. Notice I don't ever have pictures of food on my blog, because when I take them, they look HORRIBLE. You are probably rolling your eyes, thinking I'm exaggerating, but I'M NOT. Really, I want your tips and secrets. Do you crop?? Because I don't think my camera will let me get that close. They look awesome Danielle.

I'm sorry I have been gone EVERY time you've called. Literally. What's the likeliness of that? Every time I want to call you, I know you're working and when you call me, I must be taking care of the kids or something. I always miss your call. Anyway, try again. I miss you and I love you and would LOVE to chat.

Lizzie said...

Your picture looks awesome. Love the size, love the lettering, love the recipe overlay.