Tuesday, March 17, 2009

40 degrees, and feelin' good.

If you want the recipies to Muddy Buddies, Taco Salad, and Oriental Beef Crunch go to Chef Danielle.

That's right, 40 degree mornings. Heaven!

Well, life has been normal. We've just been
working...schooling...stressing...relaxing...eating...sleeping...the usual. I've decided that my husband is pretty awesome when it comes to some things. He rocks at trying things that I like. Take the following: he's read the entire Harry Potter series, entire Twilight series, and liked them. He's watched every episode of Gilmore Girls. He watches Road to Avonlea with me every night and calls it "epic"...and he is being serious! I don't know why, but I was just thinking about that in the shower this morning. I tried playing a video game with him...a few times, and I get bored after 10 minutes. Does that make me not as good of a spouse? I choose to think that I just have better interests...that everyone would enjoy if they tried:)

Here's a random story. Kind of related to the above. This will show you how big of a psycho I can get. We are laying in bed, talking about St. Patricks Day (happy day by the way). For those of you who don't know, Clayton is full blood Irish. So Clayton says, "I'm a pureblood"...then goes on to call me a "mudblood". At first I just teased back...but then I freakishly got offended, and MAD! What is my problem? We went to sleep upset with each other, because I got mad at my husband for calling me a mudblood. If you don't know what a mudblood is...first off, shame on you...secondly, read Harry Potter. I woke up so mad at myself.

Here is our new setup. Some of you probably think...what the heck- why does she think WE would care how her tv is set up or anything about it? Well folks, this is my husbands PASSION. And I mean EXTREME passion. We've been enjoying it. We even think the new way our sound system is set up sounds better. We watched Mission Impossible and the classic theme song sounded AWESOME!

Long ago the Leslies came over to Clay's parents because we were going to go sledding, but sadly, the snow was melting. We had them come over anyway and Clay took them 4-wheeling for a bit and we had dinner together. It was way fun. Here are some cute pictures of the girls. They are SO beautiful.

I have been making DELICIOUS breakfasts the past few weekends. I love weekends simply for these breakfasts. Patty and Paul gave us this AMAZING german pancake mix that takes seconds to make and tastes SO GOOD! This is it.

And this is our breakfast.



Sharon/mom said...

Great blog! Great pics!!! the food looks sooooo good!!Clay is going to be a good daddy! Bedtime is never a time to judge yourself. thankfully husband usually forget fast. I think you have a very good husband. The girls are so cute! About the gun, it took me a while to get comfortable with the idea. I just finally told myself that it was a good thing and that I wouldn't think about it too much. I am thinking when I shoot it many times maybe I will be more comfortable with it. We also have a very good gun safe, it will always be in there loaded. We will never take it out when grandkids are there. love you!!!

Sharon/mom said...

Oh and your pics are good!

Megan and Greg said...

Fun fun!!! I loved that pic of you and Clay. You just look REALLY happy in it. The pictures of the girls are really cute too. I'm glad you're happy and doing so well. I'm interested in these muddy buddy things, I've never heard of them! Love you!!!

Patty said...

The pictures made my mouth water the food looked so yummy. I like your new setup in your living room. Have a great day. love you. bye now.

Patty said...

ps The Irish thing made me laugh. You are so funny. love you. bye now.

Emily said...

All those pics look so yummy!!!

I so love that you got offended about being called a mudblood! I can see myself acting the same way!!! Too funny. I'm jealous that he'll watch gilmore girls with you and NOT complain.


You have no idea how blessed youa re to have a husband that will watch gilmore girls with you and avonlea. That is really funny about teh name calling- I think we are just senstive people. The food looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you lived by me. I love the pics of the girls so cute! OK- either some pics didn't load, or you have LARGE spaces in your post that are blank. Can you see that on your computer? I miss you- love you


OH yeah- you shoud post your pics on your recipie blog- because I plan on buying that book when you're done! and i want pictures.

Jenni.Jolley said...

SHEESH! All of that food you are making looks absolutely delicious!!! You're so dang good! And aren't you obsessed with the weather around here lately! In the pictures with your adorable nieces, I'm just so thankful that the snow is gone!!

Love you!

Lizzie said...

Congratulations Clay. We're super happy for you. I sound sarcastic, but I'm not. We are loving our surround sound that you helped us with. Problem is though, now that I know how awesome it sounds, I want it all over my house for music. I love it.