Sunday, March 8, 2009

I live for the weekends.

Doesn't everybody?

Well, the time has come. This has by far been the LONGEST I've gone without posting a REAL post. What with the Bachelor doing what he did to Melissa, parents coming to visit, and getting horribly ill, I either haven't had time, or haven't felt enough energy to post. However, I currently have the aftertaste of a Cadbury Mini Egg in my mouth, and am feeling great after downing disgusting orange cough syrup, and suddenly feel ready.

What have we been up to? Well...SO MUCH! Ha. Not really.

First off. We are amazingly spoiled and blessed. Clayton's parents decided they wanted a flat panel tv that could be hung on the wall. Long story short, Clayton did hours of research, had many sleepless nights, and we ended up with their old tv, while they have a sweet new tv. The awesome thing is, their tv isn't more than 4-5 years old, and is really quite quality. HD and everything. Now we have the complete set up. All we need is a luv sac and we're ready to go! Clay wants me to figure out how to make one.

Clay has been going to school and getting straight A's. Yay for Clay! I'm so proud of him.

I have been going to work. I'm just going to say it. It's hell. Why? Not because it's a bad job. Not because I'm bad at it. Not because I hate my co-workers (although one particular co-worker has drove me insane...positively insane). I just am DONE with the working-girl stage and ready for the mom stage. That's right, I said it. I'm barely turning 21 in a few weeks here, and I'm ready for the mom stage. Yes, people's kids annoy me and these parents of annoying kids look at me and say, "Gosh, I bet this is good birth control." or, "I bet you are really excited to have kids now". And you know what I say, while they are screaming and whining and being really really disgusting? I say, "Believe it or not, I still am so excited." I think work would be easier if it were part time too. AND if it weren't a 30 minute commute. All of this combined just makes for a crappy week, which explains the title of this post. I live for weekends.

On weekends, I get to sleep in (till around 8:30 because that really feels like sleeping in to me). I get to make a delicious breakfast. I get to watch tv however LONG I want. I get to spend time with my husband. As I'm typing I know what some of you are thinking. Once you have kids, you won't get any of that anymore. Oh well.

The snow has melted almost all the way. We are very pleased. But not at all convinced. It will return, I'm sure of it.

We are still primary teachers. I was thinking about it today and our little sticker system is kind of like the Bachelor, or American Idol, or any reality tv show. Every week at the end of class, we call them one by one to say, "___, you were very good today, come pick a sticker!" or, "____, you were pretty bad today, you don't get a sticker." I'm not even joking. It just makes me laugh. They all look up at us with a little worry in their eyes (except for the two angel children who ALWAYS get stickers) like...PLEASE let me get one. Of course, our one troubled child looks at us with a face that says, "I know I'm bad...I don't really care about the stickers." OH brother.

I've made a goal this week to get to work ontime EVERY day. That sounds bad. The truth is, my work doesn't really care when I show up late. Why should they? I don't meet with clients...I pull my fair share and complete lots of tax returns, even when I'm late. I don't cause trouble when I AM there. Anyway, I should still show up ontime. So I am going to try to get to work ontime EVERY day this week. I am also going to read my scriptures EVERY day this week. And I am also going to finish Clay's quilt this week. AND, make dinners this week. I hope I can accomplish these things. These are probably things all of you do already. Why is it so hard for me to balance life like that?

Well, as I am still sick, and as it is 10:49 pm, I should probably go to bed. I will update with pictures soon...they are on my camera, I just don't want to deal with them right now. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. My parents came, and it was wonderful. They took us out to eat, gave me birthday presents early- which I will post about later because the presents were AWESOME! I wish they could've stayed longer. I love them so much.

Also, Dakota Fanning is playing Jane in New Moon. She'll be awesome, I think.

Also, Melissa is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. Jason is an idiot.

I know I'm forgetting something..........

Gotchya. We just watched Australia- LOVED IT! Loved it, loved it, loved it. Passion, love, action, humor, one of those EVERYTHING kind of movies.

K- for reals I'm OUT!


Sharon/mom said...

great post! I need to post, I finally caught up reading everyones, so maybe I will post tomorrow! I was going to tonight, but I am tired. I think it is hard having little kids, but I think all my girls are and will be happier with babies of their own at their own home. Even though it is hard it is what we were meant to do, so there is more joy in it. We had a great time at your house and with you and Clay. By the way tell Clay that is cool about his grades. It was fun to go shopping and to have someone to watch lost with! It's not the same watching it on the computer all by myself. that's a crack up about your kids and their stickers. Well, it is late, I love you!!!! and already miss you!


WEll, I just wrote a depressing blog, and read yours and it was so uplifting and wonderful. I want you to read my blog and tell me what you think. I love you- I'm glad that you got your inlaws tv! And clay getting all a's. awesome! I'm so sorry you have to work= I think it woudl be such a drag, and danielle, if 830 is sleepign in, then you've got it together! I love you-

Megan and Greg said...

Yeah, Dan, I don't know why it's so difficult for you. I made 10 quilts last week and read half the book of mormon and 1/4 of the bible. Are you kidding me? Nobody is balanced like that! I haven't read my scriptures in like 2 weeks, and this is right after I made a real specific goal to get my buns in spiritual shape! It is the life long struggle of every human being. Don't think for a second everyone has this part of their life figured out. I'm so sorry you're sick. I just feel for anybody that is sick. It's just not right. Nobody should ever be sick. Glad you had fun with Mom and Dad. Cadbury Mini Eggs- I forgot all about them! We haven't seen any around! You'd think, we're that much closer to England, we'd have more here, but I guess not. I am so with you there on the not working philosophy. People always say that "birthcontrol" line on me and I always just think, "What, like I never wanna have a baby? I'M 27! I know babies cry, I stlll want to have one!"

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Loved the post, I need to post it has been a while since I did. I love it that you are ready to have a baby and yes it will be perfect and no matter what you will love him or her. Babies are wonderful, they grow to be adults though and that can sometimes be a little tricky. So enjoy all of the stages and work is a drag, I hated all of the full time jobs that I had, not that they were bad or I didn't enjoy the people I worked with, I just love to be home and doing what I like to do there. I miss you so much and love you PS I think it is wonderful that Clay has such great grades. Hugs and Kisses grams

Lizzie said...

Yeah, I'm with Meg on this. I don't know who you think all of us are, but I just try to get by everyday. It's a good day for me if I have a goal to read the scriptures, let alone reading them.

Also, your life will be better when you have kids. You will be a Mom who loves to be home with her kids. As frustrating as my days are sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for work. You are right. You will like staying home with your kids better.

Australia...glad you told us this. I've wanted to see it, and now we will. = )

Clay-congratulations on your new tv. = )

Sharon/mom said...

Well, as you would say, we all know weekends are great by now! I love you!!