Sunday, February 8, 2009

"No...Obama is NOT the prophet"

Yes, that was just one of the many joyous responses we got today in our primary lesson when we asked, "Who is our prophet today?". This is the same kid that said he learned to fight from HALO.

Class was SO much better today. First, there was a kid last week that was a major problem that wasn't there this week. Second, we think we found a better pattern where I teach the actual lesson, and Clay does the activities. Third, we took Amy's advice...kind of twisted it to our own mold, and had the kids make up their own rules (with our help), and then we wrote them on a posterboard. On the other side of the poster, we had them write their names down, and everytime they follow the rules to our satisfaction, at the end of the day they get one sticker. Once they each get 10 stickers, they get a party. Only 3 out of 6 people got a sticker today...2 boys were close, and it was so sad...we could see their dissappointment, but they needed to see that we were serious. I think they will act MUCH better next week...I could see it in their eyes...they really wanted to put that bug sticker by their name:)

One boy was really REALLY bad. It was so sad because after we made up the rules, all the kids were trying really hard to follow them...but this kid kept bugging EVERYONE. Eventually it got to them and that's what happened to the other two boys. But we really think we are going to have to ask this kids mom to the class next week. He was laughing and talking the whole lesson, and when they were coloring pictures of President Monson, you know...the Prophet, he decided to color his as a vampire. And one kid looked at it and said, "Charles, that is just disgusting" with a look of dissappointment. (I changed the name just incase any parents actually read this someday). You could tell the kid felt guilty and bad so I offered him another picture, and he drew a bloody nose on him the second time. We were so proud of that one boy though for telling him what was up.

Overall, it was much better this week and I think I can actually do this! Clay is awesome. He took a kid to the bathroom at one point, and told him that the other kids look up to him, so he shouldn't play around the way he was. When they came back, he was really good the rest of the class! Besides the time when we asked how they thought Moroni told Joseph that it was his job to restore the gospel, and he said, "He pooped his pants:)". Brother.

One girl is so cute. She sat on my lap both weeks and is so anxious to help with everything. She is so good, and raised her hand everytime she wanted to talk. So did two other boys. Both of them are so shy, but so kind. They helped put away chairs and clean up the mess of the other boys afterwards. So sweet.

Well, that's all for now. I just kind of wanted to update, and share my stories. I think they are kind of silly.



that is so hilarious! It sounds alot like my class. Just teh random comments- like pooped his pants- and I asked who is the most important leader in the world? and they all said- Obama. ha- And then I'm like who else....... and they couldn't think of who. I'm so glad this week went better! I knew you guys could do it, it sounds like you did everything so awesome. Isn't it funny how they really want to put that sticker by their name? so funny. You guys are going to be great in this calling. It cracks me up the things they say. In primary, the sharing time person said, "where do we go after we die?" and everyone said heaven, and one kid said- "or hell". hahha. And it's so hard not to laugh. I'm so glad this week went better. I KNOW you guys are going to do great. I love you! and I loved your other blog- your hair is so cute curled!!!! And your organzing reminded me so much of dad whenI read the- "things that need to be shredded." hahah- I love it. you are so much like dad. I love you-

Sharon/mom said...

that was great! I am so glad it went better. I sat in a class yesterday when we did visits, and they were the same age as your class and Amy's and I think Gregs, anyway it was hilarious. I love you!!!

Megan and Greg said...

I'm glad it went better- I knew it would!!! Pooped his pants! And even though the picture thing was bad- Kids do the funniest things! I don't know where they come up with it! Sounds like you've figured out a system that works- that's great! I think it will just keep getting better. Besides last week- it seems like every sunday there's an improvement. Isn't it crazy that there are just "bad" and "good" kids? I'm always glad when one of them is gone. They are just more disruptive. Like last sunday I said, "Ok it's time for a game!" And one immediately said, "Is it a church game? I don't want to play a church game. They're not fun!" And some are just always good! How and why are they that way? I feel like I was a good kid- but who knows! I'm glad it went better!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I knew you could conquer it!!! Hugs and Kisses grams