Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, Clay and I had a pretty fun Valentines Day. We started off accidentally sleeping in until 9:41 when we were to be at the Primary Valentines Day party at 10:00! So we hurried, got ready, went (in pretty much no makeup and sopping wet hair, mind you), and stayed for like 2 HOURS! Anyway, then we went to the DI and got each other Valentines Day presents! If you didn't think we were cheap before, I'm guessing you do now. That's right folks, I said it. We got our V-day presents at the DI! But we are both SO PLEASED! Here were our findings. And yes, I did go out in the cold to look for a good way to display these wonderful items. I know I'm a dork, I know they aren't even that good- just ignore my efforts to be a cool photographer...

Clay's present. 75 cents. He picked it out (obviously). For some reason he LOVES this thing. It reminds him of King Arthur's round table. Now we just need armor, and a sword! It isn't plastic either. It's the real deal. So he is pretty excited to drink out of it.

My present! 50 cents each! I wish they had more. I LOVE THEM! If you can't tell, they are HUGE mugs! I've decided that I eventually want a kitchen full of random, bright colored, unique dishes. These mugs are AWESOME. Great for hot cocoa or cider, and big enough for cereal and ice cream! Also, I really want to use my box shelves (do you know what I'm talking about?) anyway- they are like boxes that you can put things on or in, they serve as decorative shelves....anyway- I think it'd be AWESOME to hang those in a kitchen with these big mugs inside of them. Like Luke's Diner. If you don't know what I'm saying by THAT, then I am so disappointed.

Anyway, Patty was a sweet thing and gave each of us a little play money for V-day so we went to Walmart and just blew it! We never get to do that so we thought it'd be a fun little date. We ended up with 5 movies! Yowsa! Thank goodness for 5 dollar bins, and 9 dollar double features. Love it. We've already watched 3!

Then we got Subway, because we still have money on our Subway gift cards we got for Christmas. Then we headed to the Natural store (don't know the name) that Clay decided is his new favorite store. We got him some lotion (for allergenic skin).

We came home, watched a movie, Clay napped, I did dishes and made Fetticcinni Alfredo (YUM! The best recipe and easiest recipe is on my Chef Danielle Blog...HERE). We then watched another movie. It was great!

Lets see...lets see....not much else to report. We found out today that a boy's mom in our primary class died of cancer. We don't know when, but it came out today. It made us so sad and put some perspective on the boy. A girl in our class has a sister who was born blind and handicapped to the point that she can't talk or walk, and gets sick so easily. She just had a surgery that they weren't sure if she was going to make it, and she did. The girl in our class today told us how Jesus helped her sister, and that angels are around us all the time:)

I made homemade Pizza and breadsticks. Yum.

If you want the recipe, click HERE!

Love you all!


Courtenay Beth said...

YUM!!! Okay first off, I so wish I had the motivation to cook as much as you, I think I would like it a lot more if i knew things would turn out every time, but you know I have to use weird ingredients like xanthan gum and all kinds of soy/potato/rice/corn/bean flours...but everything you make looks SO yummy! Clay is so lucky to have such a domestic wife who seems to LOVE cooking! You are so talented!

Second, I love that you guys got your love day gifts @ the DI, that IS love! What a fun idea. You are so adorable! I'm hoping to see you this weekend!

Megan and Greg said...

Cool Vday! Yummy dinners too! I didn't know Clay had skin allergies! I do too! It is such a royal PAIN to find lotion! So HARD!!! It was hard enough in the states and now I've only found ONE brand I can use. I thought your pics turned out great! Love you!


That is so cool that patty gave you fun money! It's always so nice to get new movies. Your pictures look so good! And very artistic. I love your napkins! behind teh breadsticks- did you make them? I love them. Your food looks yummy! that is awesoem about thsoe finds at DI- and those mugs are always at those stores- if I ever see any that are bright, different color, big- good price- I'll call you and ask you if you want me to buy one and save it for you. I love you! I've missed your blogs!

Lizzie said...

Okay, those are great pictures Danielle!! I especially like the one of the pizza up close. Have you ever downloaded Picasa (free photo editor from Google). It's really easy to use, makes your pictures pop, and it's free. I'm NOT saying this because you need it, I'm saying it because you love taking pictures and I know you would love using it. I love you so much. I love your mugs and great idea about hanging them like in Luke's diner. I've always wanted to display dishes somehow in my kitchen (it looks so homey) but not sure how to pull it off. I love you so much!!!!

Sharon/mom said...

I loved your blog! Loved the pics, love the idea about hanging the mugs like the diner, loved the pizza, it looked so cool and yummy. That is so sad about your kids. It goes to show we should always give people the benefit of the doubt. We don't know what is going on in their life. Patty and Paul are so sweet, I am grateful they are there and are so good to you. I love and miss you! Can't wait to see you in March!


oh my gosh- i just read your comment you wrote on megan's page about LOST, and I laughed so much because you sound just like LOCKE! "you need to stay on the island" "the island needs you" - that is so funny. I love you-


oh my gosh- i just read your comment you wrote on megan's page about LOST, and I laughed so much because you sound just like LOCKE! "you need to stay on the island" "the island needs you" - that is so funny. I love you-


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