Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nov 6

Well, we have officially owned our house for a year! Isn't that nutsoid?!?!

This is the front of our house...and you see that wimpy mailbox that is held up by leaning on it's neighbor's mailbox?
Welp, we have totally fixed 'er up! We totally cemented that bad boy and it stands up tall all on it's own! It's truly such a nice thing to have a strong mailbox...cause before we did that, we'd come home to find it laying on the sidewalk! As in MAIL BOX ON THE GROUND! Yikes.

Here are some before's and've seen most of these before but you know, it's fun.
I know some people are into the whole tan couches...tan carpet...white walls...nothing on the walls kind of thing, but we aren't so much!

Incase you didn't notice, we painted the wall LIME green, took out the icky carpets and put in hard floors, and really just added a lot of colorful furniture! Still in need of curtains :( Someday.

This kitchen....well, it's really nice with it's woody look and all...but why not change it too?

But this is really sad cause right after this picture was taken I got a new double oven, and a new dishwasher! So really, the kitchen is even better now :) We basically just deglossed the cupboards and painted white and replaced hardware! Made SUCH a difference.

Lastly, our bedroom...

Replaced floors, painted orange wall, repainted other walls cause you can't tell but they were nasty weird.

We've done a lot of other stuff that I just haven't taken pictures of. Like...Clay's kind of re-stained our banister...and it could look really nice if he'd just touch it up :) hint...hint... And then there's just random things like ya know...fixing our ceiling fan...hhah. Pretty exciting stuff. But those three things were really the major changes.

We are SO blessed to have this house. We have loved being homeowners...even with the extra stresses it brings. I definitely don't miss having wall to wall neighbors/floor to ceiling neighbors...where I can hear anything from lassoing their chairs and slamming them on the floors (nope, not joking on that one- we definitely had cowboys living above us once) overhearing a couple physically profess their love to eachother, loudly (and then have that same couple come tell us our movie is too loud... PULEASE- i'd so rather over hear THAT). Yeah...having a house is definitely worth the extra stresses!

Well, we've officially become Friday Night Lights fans. Clayster was always saying he never had any interest in it...but THEN for some awesome reason he randomly said, "Tonight is all about you- we can do whatever you want"....HOLLA! So I said we should watch Friday Night Lights! We haven't been able to stop. It really is just so tender. In EVERY episode...I say these words to Clay, "Hun, this just pulls on my heartstrings". I am always sighing and saying "Oh no! Oh my gosh..." and making whining noises whenever someone is hurting or reveals a sad story in their background...and Clay is ALWAYS like, "hun- it's a show...STOP it." haha. I can't help it. Cause I just know things like that happen in real life.

Aight. I'm out. Prolly gonna watch some more FNL here soon! :)

OH! PS- My sis Rebecca told me about this awesome treat/snack thing. You make popcorn (from kernels, not a like buy the kernels bulk from winco, or costco or somewhere...) and add a bit of honey, a bit of melted butter, and salt- and LET ME TELL YOU IT'S DELICIOUS! I've already made it twice! As in...last night and tonight! Wowsers. It is seriously yummy. I will work on getting a specific amount of everything down for those of you nervous to try it. But it's seriously yummo. And healthy! Cause I sugar and it really tastes a lot like caramel corn. K that's it.


Emily said...

Cute house Danielle! It's so fun to be able to do whatever you want with your are way more on top of it than I house looks the same as the day we moved in! Sad!

Kristi M. said...

I've never seen a picture of the outside and it is cute. Your improvements are definately for the better. Can't wait to see more.

Leanna said...

Love the spice and attitude you've added to your house! I am so sick of seeing houses with "safe" everything from the color of their walls to their furniture. It's so refreshing to see actual life in your space and something that reflects you and your personality. Love it!

And I'm going to be one of those people anxiously awaiting the more specific measurements on that popped corn because it sure sounds yum-o. =D

Jenni said...

I am smiling with pride. I'm so proud of you for watching FNL. It's taking OVER!!! Isn't it the best ever! It just feels like real life and I love those characters SO SO SO MUCH!!! Like, i feel like they're my BFFS. I can't wait for you to see what comes!!!!!!!!!

Your house is so beautiful!!! I am so impressed with all of your improvements!!


This post made me laugh and smile. Ok- the "physically proclaim your love to eachother" neighbors- hahahahah. Oh man, I bust out laughing- and the lasowing the chairs- I bust out laughing- what the heck- why haven't you told me about this?! I LOVED seeing all your pics of the before and afters. Even though I've seen them, now that I'm looking at houses it just made me excited, and it's nice to see the before and afters now that it's been some time since then, and you can really see the dramatic difference- like before the hosue had NO color or personality it was just all beige and plain, and now it has SO much personality and it looks so good!!!!!! I love your kitchen, that's exacty what I want to do to my future kitchen. Im' so happy for you guys being home owners. And I"M SO HAPPY YOUR FNL people now- we just watched 3-4 episodes tonight- It's so hard to stop- and I make the same noises- and mike says "amy- is this show just tugging at your heart strings so much?" haha- love you!

Megan and Greg said...

I've been watching FNL all the time too, but I'm OD-ing. so much drama. i just need to slow it down. have you tried arrested developmnt? it's hilarious! it's definitelt a weird humor- but greg and i love it. i miss you. your house looks amazing. i thought you'd owned your house longer! we're going on 7 months, that is insane! it does not seem that long.

Lizzie said...

FINALLY!!! Been wanting to see this forEVER. = ) THanks. Love your kitchen. Even shad walked by and said, "wow, taht looks so much better." (we always get in disagreements over white cabinents....i always want them, he never does).

bec told me about that popcorn too. I need to try it.

Your house is beautiful. can't wait to see it in real life someday.

fnl...shad and I watch it. love it.

Sharon/mom said...

I am so happy you have that wonderful house also. You have done such wonderful things to it, I love it!! It's so funny, when you guys were little we only had air popped popcorn. Are you using a hot air popper or what? love you and miss you!!

Kayleen said...

your house looks great!! We have owned our home for over 3 years now and still haven't done hardly anything to it :( Maybe you should come help! I want white cabinets too!