Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good things

So in my Stake Conference last Sunday, the theme was gratitude. It really made me think of how I need to focus more on the blessings in my life than on the struggles. I guess it's hard for me to post lately just cause I don't ever really know what to say. I look back at posts from a couple years ago, and I just feel like I had a thousand times more personality and passion and things to talk about...I don't really know what's happened, but I just don't feel the same anymore...

BUT- with that, I just want to update on some great positives in our life lately:

Clay told me over the weekend that he feels like he is getting better. This is pretty much amazing. He still feels like crap ALL the time...but he said he thinks his joints are getting better. Wonderful.

This morning Clay didn't feel sick! That is good.

This weekend I tried these buttermilk pancakes, and buttermilk syrup recipes that I found online that are gluten free and sugar free- and guess what?!??! Clay loved them! And that is saying a lot cause Clay normally doesn't really like pancakes...but it was great! So I'll be making that on weekends probably. Also tried sugar-free hot chocolate, with agave, and it just never seemed to be sweet enough. Need to experiment on that one some more.

One of our home teachers who I've never spoken to before stopped by our house and gave us a box with a frozen turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce in it. He said he's a trucker and had leftovers to give to people. I don't know how true that is or not, but I was very grateful.

This happened a while ago, but our bishopric stopped by our house to check on Clayton randomly. I was so grateful. Clay and I have kind of felt invisible in most of our wards, which I know is probably our fault, but it was so nice to feel like they noticed us and cared about us. They said that they are always thinking of us and praying for us and they gave Clay a priesthood blessing which was also really nice because Clay is the type of person that will NEVER in his life ask for one. Now that I look back, I think it helped a lot because Clay hasn't had a herx since then...he's felt nauseous and really sick still...but no full on herx- which is a blessing.

Next week is my family reunion and I am SO EXCITED! Oh my gosh, it really can't come soon enough. One, I get to see two beautiful babies I've never seen in real life yet. Two, I love being with my family. Three, it's in SUNNY CALIFORNIA! Four, a WEEK off of work is heaven.

Ummmmmm OH YEAH! How could I forget? Guess what I have? An IPAD! My boss is cool, remember? So like...last year about this time...he randomly bought us all the new ipods. Well, this year he came into the office bearing ipads for each one of us. Let me tell you- it's awesome! I love it! Clay is totally jealous, which is hilarious. But really- I'm diggin it.

Oh- Harry Potter comes out this week and I'm basically so excited I can hardly stand it! We are going Saturday at 1:00. Which is heartbreaking. I had been planning on going at 7:30 on Friday, but no. Danielle failed. I have NEVER failed at getting the tickets I want...NEVER. But I waited too long and they were sold out. Foolish.

Do you guys watch dancing with the stars? Well- I love Bristol and Kyle. They are my favs. I know they are not the best dancers, but they are the most interesting. Jenifer Grey probably deserves to win, but she just kind of acts like a cougar sometimes and it bugs. But she is VERy fun to watch dance. Brandy- love her, but she really needs a chill pill! I want her to have fun...

I love Christmas. I am so excited for a few of the presents I'm making for people. This week I think I'm gonna make a Santa apron for myself cause I have leftover fabric and things from when I made Patty's last year....maybe I'll do a little tutorial for it too.

I basically am 100% addicted to Friday Night Lights. Clay doesn't like to watch it QUITE as much as me...which is frustrating cause I can't watch it without him...but he's been awesome the past couple days. I just love it. I love it all. For those of you who don't know, it's on netflix instant play- so you should check it out! It's good television. Oh also, something funny but real...I totally talk southern after we've watched it. Not like heavy, and not on purpose...I just find myself saying things and then Clay and I laugh cause I totally sounded like a Texan. It's silly. But I think Clay likes it :)

Well, that's all for now- I'll try to take more pictures so my bloggy isn't so boring.


katy said...

I liked this post. I think I could be more grateful too. Don't feel so bad about not feeling the same. Life happens and you change. I think you sound way fun in you posts. I didn't read 2 years ago but at least that's what I got from last years post. I am so happy Clay's joints are starting to heal. What a blessing. I can't believe your boss got you and ipad. How cool is that. Well I really hope things go well with your reunion. You and your guy are in my thoughts and prayers.


OH MY GOSH- mom and I talked about this very thing over the weekend- after we watch FNL, we totally talk southern!!!! And we don't try to, it's just natural. And now I kind of wantt o live in texas, and I want to be southern, and talk like that. You are not boring at all, i love all your posts, and wish you would moer often. When life is stressful, you don't like to talk about- Jan-May of this year I harly blogged because I had nothing good to say, adn I hated my life. I am so glad that Clay's joints are feeling better. DWTS: I was so hapyp when bristol came out of her shell and she got all 9's, I think she should have gotten 10's but whatevver. But- the second one- I thougth she had TONS of emotion,a dn I got teh cihlls, and I hated carrie-ann for putting her down. And Carie-ann is so biased, she's in love with the boy- dont' remember his name. And I love him- but she's biased, I think. Did you know that there is a reality show on TLC of the palin family! I have to get ahold of it some how.

Sharon/mom said...

Your blogs are great! I know what you mean though, when life is hard like it is right now, it is hard to be bubbly and feel like blogging. At least that has been my experience. Thankfully it won't always be this way. I am so glad your bishop came by, that shows he is a good bishop. They are so busy and it is hard to get everything done. I am soooo glad they gave him a blessing. I don't think men ever ask for them! When I was a teenager and we went to Texas for two weeks, it was hilarious, we all had a southern drawl about half way through. We made fun of each other all the way home! I am on Season 3 of FNL, but I don't want to keep watching it. I love it, but just don't know if it is for me. But it is very addictive!! I am sooooo excited for next week!!! I don't know what an ipad is, can you believe it, one of the things that ages me. I will look it up when I get done checking the blogs. love you!!!!!

Aliese the Writer said...

Thanks for posting this. We have all been praying for Clay and this post shows that our prayers have been answered. And just so you know, your blog is not boring. I love you! :)

Lizzie said...

Thank you for posting. I loved all of it. We're excited to see you and Clay. I hope he is feeling okay during the reunion. FNL...love it. I love Coach and his wife. Their conversations and faces are so hilarious and realistic to me.

I love you.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love your blogs and they are not boring. I love you and I like all or the others have been praying for you both and now I feel we are getting our prayers answered. Hope you have a great time for the vacation in CA and enjoy all of the things you get to do. Life is a struggle sometimes, and even though it is hard we become better for the struggles. I don't know what an iPad is either, will look it up also. Hugs

Kristi M. said...

Your mom cracks me up...not knowing what an Ipad is. Your boss gets you guys the craziest things. A lady I VT brings hers to church and has the hymns and scriptures (among other things) on hers. Kind of makes me laugh when she pulls it out. So glad that Clay is feeling better. What a battle. DWTS...totally think that Jennifer acts like a cougar. She hangs all over her partner and she is like his mom. I am kind of glad that Brandy went home. She just wanted it too bad and it showed.

Jenni said...

ahhhhhahahahahaha you and amy are so much like me it's AMAZING! I told MIchael that everytime I watch FNL, I feel like I need to speak with a Texas accent! hahahahahahahahahaha THere just are no words for how much I love this show and the characters and I am so proud of you for watching :)

I am SO happy to hear that Clay is making progress. what a blessing!

ANd your boss rocks!