Monday, October 26, 2009 I'm thinkin I need a suit

as in a professional, big-wig, accountant-like suit. Why? Because NO ONE TAKES ME SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! They see a freakin 21 year old face. If you're wondering if that is actually the face that belongs to me, the answer is yes. However, I am a college-freakin-graduate, with a 4-year degree in accounting, and I'm about to close on a house. As in, a house with walls, roof, floors, plumbing, property taxes, you know- the works. Whether or not I look it, I am a RESPONSIBLE ADULT! Let's start from the beginning.

We are buying a house. YES! Exciting. I know. I'm just not going to go into too much detail because I'm still a little on the anxiety stage because I just fear something will go wrong and it wont happen. I doubt that anything will happen, but still- better keep quiet until the keys are in my hand...SO- with buying a house, you have to talk to lenders, insurance agents, get everything figured out. Lets start with the lender.

She's a woman. Everyone raves about how great she is. We've been reccomended to her from multiple people. WELL- Clay and I walk in and talk to her, and she talks to Clay. As in, chair turned, body turned, eyes turned, ONLY to Clay. She only talks to me if I ask a question or make a comment. Then half the time she answers to Clay- when I ask a question. Cute. I love it when I'm ignored. ESPECIALLY when I am the one that does the number crunching in our family, I'm the one that makes financial decisions, I'm the one she should be talking to! Now, of course I wouldn't want her to ONLY talk to me, like she was doing with Clay. Clay and I are equal's just that she was acting like I was a complete MORON anytime she did look at me, that I was a little put off. So then there's the insurance agent.

We'll call him John. Why? Cause lets face it, that's his name.

John invites me in his office. He too, looks at me like I'm a child. Clay isn't with me, by the way. I tell him about the house, answer his questions...I tell him, "Yeah, we figured we'd try you guys first becuase we have Auto through you, and so we were assuming we'd get some sort of deal- but you know, we just want the best rate"- he says, "So...I'm guessing your lender has some sort of range she wants you to stay in"- I say, "Yeah, she kinda told us the average price for homeowners insurance so that we wouldn't get ripped off or anything, but she just told us to look around"- He says, "So I'm just curious, how much are you expecting to pay?"

Now I will tell you what I thought, not said- but thought: Do you think I'm a freakin idiot? Like I would ever tell you an actual number- what, so that you can run the numbers, and hike it to whatever price I tell you? I think NOT!

I say, "I don't know, we'll see"- He says, "You don't have any idea?" And gives me the classic, "You're so young and naive-do you know anything?" look. I again say, "Yeah, I don't know, we'll see- so you'll let me know the amount?" Then he says- as if I am no professional, "Yeah it will take a few hours to hopefully I'll be able to call you and let you know within a couple hours". I think, "hm. A few hours? I know for a FACT that you will enter the numbers in your software on your computer, and know within seconds. Don't play me like a fool." But of course, what did I say? "Well, I'm kinda on a time table here, so the sooner the better." He says again, "Well, maybe an hour, but we'll see how it goes". YEAH FREAKIN RIGHT! I work at a place with software on my computer. I know how these things work. It doesn't take two hours to enter in his computer that we are buying X house at X price with X bed and X bath. So, here was the clincher- I stand up and say goodbye, the SECOND, and I mean MILI-SECOND I stand up, his eyes are instantly on my mid section. I hurry and look away, because that's usually what decent people do in a situation like that. You know...then I look back, and he is STILL STARING AT MY REAR-END. No lie. I can promise you that he was staring for 7 straight seconds. I decided I did not want to exaggerate this, so I counted in my head, "one-bananna, two-bannana, three-bananna, four-bannanna, five-bananna, six-bananna, seven-bananna" and by that time, I was out the door of the office so he had no opportunity to keep staring. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Who does that? Obviously this married idiotic man who treats me like a child, but stares at me like I'm 40. Psh. Yeah- I am soooooooooooo done with that. However, he quoted at a GREAT rate, so we'll stick with his business.

So then I go to our lender to give her all our paper-work crap. I'm not with Clayton. I ask her a few questions Clay and I had, and she looks at me like I'm an imbosol. Seriously. I'm not imagining this. It happened. I was so furious by then.

I go back to work, complain to my boss and co-workers, like I always do. They laugh, of course- probably like you are while you're reading this. And my boss says, "You just look young. Because you are." Then he laughs. Then he says he thinks we should make some business cards with my name on it with CPA behind it. I said, "YEAH right". I don't do that. He said that'd make them respect me. I'm pretty sure he was joking. But anyway, he doesn't think a suit will help. I'm pretty sure it will. So......I just might be taking a trip to the DI tomorrow. That's right, the Deseret Industry. If that doesn't work out, Ross. You know why else this all matters? Clients treat me different too. I've been asked if I'm my boss's DAUGHTER. Daughter. As in, his teen-high school daughters. I say, actually no- I'm an accountant here. I just graduated BYU-Idaho in July. They always look shocked. They always think I'm a secretary, and barely EVER trust me. Always asking for others. It is getting better...but not to where I want it to be. At first it didn't bug me...but after today, I think it is going to bug me. I'm pretty sure I deserve respect around here. I just re-read that sentence. I am such a brat. Yes, as in the- 21 year old in her own world BRAT. blah.

Well, on to other things. Dante is freaking HUGE. As in- ginormous. I'm a little nervous for when he's like...up to my chest because he is already getting STRONG. Thank goodness he respects us...for the most part! We went to Salt lake to get this HUMONGO dog crate. It is soooo big. I could sleep in there easy, and barely have leg cramps. If I were homeless, this would be a GREAT home. I'm not even joking. I'll have to post some pics sometime. It was a good deal, and so we had to go and get it...

My back is dying. It hurts from 3:00 on ever stinking day. Sometimes it hurts so bad I just go lay in bed. I need to make an appointment with the Chiropractor. Our even covers it...I'm just too lazy to look up the phone number I think. Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard? I think I'll make an appointment tomorrow.

Clay went to Iowa today. It sucks. He was gone last week too...........then I leave on Saturday for Oregon. I am SO excited to go to Oregon, it just stinks being away from Clayton for so long. It's funny- I never feel like it will be bad...but I find that when I drop him off at the airport, before he even steps out of the car I miss him. That is really cheesy, but the SERIOUS truth. It makes me happy that I miss him though. You know? It would probably be bad if I didn't.

We started watching Heroes. Talk about gory. Sawed off sculls with missing brains. However, it is really, we keep watching. What I don't understand, is how Clay can't stand to watch Grey's Anatomy- because of blood...but he has absolutely NO problem with sawed off sculls with missing brains. I'm trying not to think he is demented:)

Well, I wrote this post yesterday and forgot to post it, because I got distracted and did something else. Anyway. That's all!


Kristi M. said...

I have the same problem of looking like a teenager. People can't believe I am 28 with a 3 year old. Just yesterday the sprinkler blowout man told Gunnar that I couldn't possibly be old enough to be his mom. when we buy things, I am the one that does research like no other. I know the ins and outs of what we are looking at. So when we went to buy our washer and dryer a few years ago, I knew exactly what we wanted. The salesman kept talking directly at Jeff not even giving me the time of day. I would ask a question, he would look surprised that I knew what I was talking about and then continue answering to Jeff. It was soooo annoying. I have a feeling I will have this problem for a very long time. I just think that when I am old, I will still look nice and young while others look, well, old.

Lizzie said...

Yeah. Right there with you. Whenever we buy ANYthing big, like a house or car, everyone just talks to Shad, like I'm an idiot. It used to bug me a ton (like for 7 or so years). Now I don't give a crap. I go in, I let them talk to Shad, and I sign where I'm supposed to. I mean I know what I'm signing and Shad and I thoroughly talk everything through, but I don't care anymore that they're all sexist idiots. I'm sorry about the job thing though. That's something you have to do everyday. The suit...I think it'd help.

On another it up. You look beautiful and young. You'll never look like it again. I used to hate how young I looked and that I got carded to go in certain restaraunts, and how EVERYone commented on how young I looked and that I was "just a baby". Yeah. Well, I don't get those comments anymore. I wish I did. It's really sad and I am starting to get wrinkles and I look tired all the time. So once again, live it up.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh Dan, I'm so sorry and completely understand the young thing. It will change. The suit will help. I'm pretty sure no one took me seriously until this year. I don't know why. People talk to me different now and I never hear the "young" comment anymore. But . . . people never think I'm older than 22 or 23. So if people actually think you're your age? Maybe in a year or 2 they'll take you seriously? I know. It's grim. It's just a sad truth. Also, I think it's just the way we talk too. Like if we had low, boring voices and harder personalities we'd seem older. But we're FUN and BUBBLY, so it just adds to the youngness. I'm SOOOOO excited to see you! I'm 99% sure we'll be staying all week! And probly coming for Christmas! Yea! That isn't worked out yet, though. The dog crate- hilarious. I thought you guys were insane for getting a DANE. Sorry about not seeing Clay. I'm always fine for like 2 hours and then I just miss Greg when he's gone. MAKE AN APPT for the chyropractor. Everytime I see a doc I think, "Ah, I feel so much better now. Why didn't I do this MONTHS ago and avoid the pain!!!???" Please, go in. especially before you vacation. Is it the chair you're in? Take breaks and stretch. See you SATURDAY!!!!

Jenni said...

Oh I totally think the suit will work! Haven't you ever seen What Not To Wear?! They LOVE suits and totally say that they help people respect you more! haha! Go for it! And you'd look great in one!

I'm SO happy about your buying a house stuff. That is so cool danielle! How scary! I'm terrified of buying a house!! But it sounds absolutely wonderful to have one!

Anyway- Good luck with the suit! :) you know your stuff, that's all that matters!


I've had people do that with my cancer- they talk to Mike instead of ME, hello the one that has cancer. And then! I got went wig shopping with megan, and I'd ask a question about the wigs, and they talked to MEGAn! HELLO! i'm the one with the bald head! It made me REALLY mad. I think the answer to your problem is a mature hair cut- like a bob or something. You know- one of those adult hair cuts. Or, you could get a mom hair cut- hahaha jk. And a suit. I'm SO EXCITED TO SEE YOu! I've been thinking of all the movies I want to watch with you- since that's all we'll really be able to do! - I'm so excited! i love you!!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Enjoy being young and continue to laugh. But buy a suit in gray navy or black, and cut the hair. Wear some make-up and be assertive, and next time when somone looks a stupid man at your south side, turn around and say do you enjoy looking buddy? And walk out. Or hope you got an eye full and walk. Next time a woman tries to ignore you simply say I am the one you need to talk to here as I am the one that crunches the numbers and pays the bills. So I am the one you will have to make things clear to. I think you just need to let them know you are a force to be counted, not some little bimbo. You have about 30 seconds to make an impression and they make up their mind and judge you an at least 15 things. So first impressions count and a business card wouldn't hurt. Leaving a business card is a BIG thing with most professionals. I love you and I dealt with being young for a long time. Hold your head high and call the doctor. Hugs grams

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I guess I have had time to re-think the lustful man bit or stupid man. Just enjoy being beautiful and don't acknowlege them at all, cause he could think of it as encouraging and you surely don't want that. He could as some men are really STUPID and really don't get anything. I love you grams

Sharon/mom said...

Well, did you get your suit? I hope so, that with your hair up will make a difference I'm sure. People always talk to the oldest person in the room, and sad to say to men. That is crazy about the dog kennel, I was laughing so hard. I'm glad you miss Clay. I have a friend that loves heros. I love and miss you!!!!