Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Holidays...

This always seems to happen to me. July hits, and I really honestly do think about Christmas...and how it's about time for Christmas to come by...but I soon get over it and go swimming or something. Then October hits- and I don't even have to see the Christmas decorations in the stores (which I haven't yet), but some internal switch goes on that says, "Let's just skip Halloween and Thanksgiving...and go to Christmas". Today it started. Today it happened. I played my favorite Christmas book on the piano. It always starts with the piano. Then of course, I can't stop there. I have to listen to my Christmas playlist on my zune...pop in my NSYNC christmas "White Christmas" a couple times...and before you know it I'll have the tree up the first week of November. Will I always be like this? I don't know. All I know is the Christmas season is WAY too short. As I was thinking this while playing "Over the river and through the woods" on the ancient piano in my in-laws living room, I thought- but wait a minute....if it were longer than a month--none of this would be that exciting. I wouldn't get SO excited everytime. It's the limitation that makes it so wonderful.

Yet, I'm still going to play my Christmas songs. Don't worry- I will wait until Thanksgiving week to put up Christams decor. Hopefully we'll have a house to even put stuff up in.............argh.

So Clay went on his first "business trip" if you want to call it that...this last week. His office went to Boise for a training meeting or something like that. Well anyway, he had to be at the office to leave by 6:50 am- YIKES! And didn't get home until 10pm. Well, I've decided I like it when Clay goes on business trips. Why? Because he brings me home cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. Oh, how I felt like a couple on those know- when the hubby goes on a business trip, and brings the wife home something--and she jumps with joy and hugs him. Usually it's like a diamond necklace or something like that- well let me tell you...I had just as much, if not MORE joy than those women with diomand jewels when Clay popped out that slice of cheesecake for me. Yep, I think I could get used to these business trips. He is going to Arizona for 3 days in a week or two...for training...and then he is giong to IOWA for 4 days I think...for training...only like 30 people in the country get to go and it's supposedly a privelage of some sort...anyway- Clay got picked to go- he has no idea why, but either way he's excited. But both of these business trips happen before November...and then the first week of November I am going to we are basically going to never be around each other for a few weeks! Poopy. Oh well...we'll survive. I'm sure of it.

Can I ask you something? Did any of you read Catching Fire? The sequel to Hunger Games? Did you like Catching Fire as much as Hunger Games? I didn't. I liked the first a lot better. I'm really hoping the third isn't on the same know- worse than the second. Cause if that's the won't be that great of a book. Catching Fire was good, I really liked it- but it just dragged in a lot of places. Just sayin...

Did you hear that JK Rowling is writing something? She said something like, "I am busy putting pen to paper...and it's not Harry Potter related"- soooooooooooo I'm pretty excited. Anyone who can be brilliant enough to write 7 brilliant books- Harry Potter- is probably bound to write some more brilliant stuff. You have to say "brilliant" when talking about Harry Potter and JK Rowling...cause it just sounds so brittish.

Soooooooooo...let me tell you- David Letterman drives me insane. I HATE the fact that he tried to act noble and crap by publicly admitting to affairs...but turned the affairs into jokes. And I hate even MORE that his ratings have gone up since he admitted his affairs. I have never liked him- because his jokes seem to be more sexually and crudely comparison with the others (they all do crude jokes and stuff...but letterman seems more than most, to me) and then this happened and I just couldn't believe it! The man drives me mad. If you don't know what I'm talking about- I have to ask...have you been living under a rock? Go to google news...and you're bound to see it.

I have to say- I am really lucky my metabolism is really high still. There are treats in this house 24-7. I am not kidding you- if my metabolism wasn't so high--I would be EXTREMELY overweight. 1) I don't all...2) I have no self-discipline, restraint, you know...I never HOLD BACK...3) The treats are ALWAYS good- whether it's homemade baked goods, store-bought treats, nutella, whatever... it's a rarity that a treat is bad tasting around here. I keep telling myself I should exercise...but really? It's kinda not very fun sounding. I do dance all around the house...quite a bit. I always have songs in my head and I can't help but dance to maybe that works off a bit:) There you go- I'm fine. I'll just keep dancin.

Well- I guess that'll be it. I need to blog more. It makes me happy. I need to write a book. I know it'd be stupid and boring- and you guys are like..."uh...hun, I barely made it this far in your BLOG- how could anyone read a book of yours?" but, think about it. Nicholas Sparks, his first book "The Notebook" gave him a $1 million contract. Can you believe that? His FIRST BOOK he ever published. I'm pretty sure I could handle something like that. It's worth a shot:)

Speaking of I am typing- Patty JUST came in and handed me a treat she just made. Oh dear.

Dante is good. He's kinda in his terrible 2's right now I think. He listens super good sometimes, but then super bad other times. He gets really cranky and acts up A LOT when he is tired and needs a nap. Seriously, he is acting INSANE and not listening to a word we say...we put him in his crate...and he is snoring within a minute. NO exaggeration. None. After we discipline give him a time-out type thing, I get scared he's gonna hate me, but right when I let him go he comes up and cuddles me real quick- I think it's the equivelant of a hug really- he can be the sweetest dog in the world, yet the most hyper crazy dog...overall- he's great. We love him so much. He is so cute. And so big. I keep wondering if I'll think he's so cute when he's full grown. I'm sure I will, but in a different sort of way.

I'm so excited to go to the Coast. I haven't been home in almost a year. The last time I was there was for Christmas. It'll be wonderful to see everyone. It's an added bonus that I won't have to work for a week! That'll be GREAT.

Well- I suppose that's all. Another great thing about the holidays- I found the perfect gifts for my Mom and Patty- lets face it...those are pretty much the most important gifts right? For the mothers? That's how I feel anyway- so I'm pretty dang excited. I'm pretty sure I'll be that type of mom that gets her Christmas shopping done by thanksgiving just cause I get so dang excited so early! I'm sure it'll be different once I have kids and am way busier. I know, I know...I just don't understand yet...

Aight. Peace ouuuuuuuuut.


Grandma, Nonnie said...

Danielle you are wonderful!!! I love it that you are always so postive. It is a great asset. I love Christmas also, although I think I will skip it this year, as I won't be doing much with a cast on. How great that you will be on the coast and I am sure you will both survive, it is sad being apart. That doesn't change even when you are older. Nicholas Sparks wrote afew books befor he wrote the notebook. You can check it on line, it was his first book they made a movie of. I think cheesecake sounds pretty great, at least you know he was thinking of you, and that is what's important. Dogs haven't a memory or at least they don't remember the negative stuff, He will always love you no matter what. That's why they are called man's best friend. They are always forgiving. Keep up the dancing it will keep you slim. I love you grams

Danielle said...

K- Grandma is right, HOWEVER- it was his first ever PUBLISHED book...he wrote a couple that never got published and then he helped co-write one...but nothing ever happened until the Notebook...which was his first published book:) Just to Clarify:):)

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, Dan. I thought I had it bad. I am longing for Christmas in July too and would've played the music if I HAD a piano this year. But I don't think I've played the cds. Maybe once. And I don't get anxious to decorate. Just for the movies and music. I think it's the cool air. It's been in my mind and I've definitely mentioned Christmas a couple times this week. Man, you guys are so grown up. Business trips. I'm tellin' ya now Dan. Enjoy the sweets while it lasts because I'm here to testify it does NOT last forever. It ended for me THIS YEAR. You SHOULD write a book. It's really hard though. I've tried. But do it anyway.

Lizzie said...

You could totally write a book. I love reading your blog. I always read every word, even if I don't comment.

You're so funny with Christmas. I have started buying the kids favorite part now. It's so fun to buy them presents.

Treats. Oh treats. I eat treats every day. Not good.

Mom just told me today that you're going to OR. How fun.

Love you so much!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Sorry about that Danielle, you are totally right it was his first published novel and he got one cool million for it. love you grams


Great blog- too tired to type- LOVE YOU

Jenni said...

I'm totally with ya on the holiday business!! It's like, once the weather gets even the slightest bit cold, I'm ready for christmas carols and sugar cookies :) I am already trying to plan out my Christmas Decor!

As far as the treats business goes... I am right there with ya sister. I eat treats EVERY day!! But, unlike you... i have to exercise. hahaha.

Clay is so sweet. Coming home with the best treat ever. And I'm glad you're so supportive of his trips!!!

love you!

Conger's said...

You always make me laugh.

oh... I live in Iowa now! When is Clay coming out? If he needs to he can always come to my wonderful apartment. :)

Kristi M. said...

Christmas as far as gift buying goes, is always on my mind. If I can get a killer deal in the middle of the year, it always makes me happy that I had christmas on my mind. I am soooo excited for Ren and Heidi's gift (we have them this year). I am going to have to post about it after Christmas. Gunnar is also completely done. Right down to the christmas jammies that I got with a killer deal and coupon for $5. The music and decorating don't come until after Thanksgiving. I think that is because my birthday is always days around that holiday, and I can't skip that.

Sharon/mom said...

I love the that you can't wait for Christmas. I am excited myself this year as we will be living in Newport and it is going to be the coolest house at Christmas, I can't wait.I love the comments on the business trips! I agree with Lizzie you are a great writer!! the dancing will work until you have a baby, so enjoy!!

I don't think you will think Dante is cute when he is his adult size, you will love him even more,but puppies are just dang cute!

You will probably always do your presents early, that is your personality, and Lizzie does that and she has two kids and is pregnant. I am soooo excited to see you!!! I'm going to make you and Amy sit in a chair or on the floor and help me throw away and give away the things I dont' need before we move!! I Love you!!!!

Heidi said...

You made me so excited to listen to the Christmas music! It's definitly my favorite part.