Friday, August 9, 2013

Workin out

Well these days I've been trying to go to the gym a lot. Be in the best shape of my life type of thing. I take 3 classes consistently: Powercut, Yoga, and Kickboxing.

Let's give a breakdown.

Powercut is on Monday's and Wednesdays and makes me want to die. As in...about 15 minutes in, I look at the clock and think WHAT?! I HAVE 45 MINUTES LEFT OF THIS DEATH?! I want to quit usually the entire time. It is SO HARD. It is a combination of cardio and weights. And the instructor yells things like, "IF YOU'RE NOT SWEATING, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU" and she is also really awesome cause she'll turn her mic off temporarily to come over to you and tell you your form is wrong and help you do it right (she did that for me on basically every single set the first couple times I went)...she is one of those ladies that is in her fifties but you'd never know it looking at her body. She is RIPPED. And she just kills me. I am ALWAYS glad when it's over that one, I have not died, and that two, I AM A ROCK STAR! Seriously, even if I have to stop and rest for one set or tone my set down a notch, I am sweating my brains out and my heart rate is up and I feel like I am the strongest person ever! (Except of course for the crazy tough people in front of me that I watch for motivation lifting like 20 pounds on each side of their bar). I am happy to report that I use 5 pound free weights, and 3 1/2 pounds on each side of my bar. Now, I need to tell you something. In the class I take- my bar looks like it has about nothing on it compared to all the people around me. But if you watch my face while I'm lifting that bar repeaetedly above my head, you'd think I'm lifting an elephant. I am growing muscles though and slowly moving up in my weights. It's great! Don't you worry- I wont become a meat head (I know you were worried).

Yoga is Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and is probably the best thing of my life. It's cut down on my chiropractic bill, it has calmed me in my hard times, and it has made me sweat from every pore of my body at times. I LOVE YOGA. My favorite instructor also wants to kill me though. She likes to do things like "Hey guys how about a 4 minute plank today? Yeah?" and then while I have to break every 10 seconds, she stays put the entire 4 minutes  making jokes and talking us through it and basically being amazing. I have a really hard time with plank pose. But my downward dog is awesome, and my child's pose is spot on :) ha ha. But seriously, Yoga is my friend, and it should be yours too. Namaste.

Kickboxing is only once a week on Friday mornings, so I only get to do it on my Friday's off. Kickboxing is taught by the same crazy woman that teaches Powercut. She encourages us to make a face that wants to kill someone and tells us things like, "You think he's scared?! Do you MEAN IT?!" and she'll even stand right infront of you until you look tough enough. It's pretty great. I seriously...SERIOUSLY am sweating from every part of my body by the time this class is done. But its good because sometimes when I hear bad things in the news that make me angry I think of those bad people who do the bad things and pretend I am meeting them in an alleyway and THAT is where my punches and kicks are going to. I don't like to envision people I know cause really I don't really know anyone in real life that I'd like to beat up. I have found that I am not very good at side kicks. It's a work in progress.

Overall, my gym experience has been fantastic. I like working out in big groups of people with an instructor telling me what to do. I have found if I don't, I don't work out. Or I work out for 10 minutes. This has been great. And I have some friends that go with me some of the time, which helps.

Clay's gym experience is more like..."We worked on legs today" and collapses on the couch. He has a friend that they do things like weights and treadmill and such. He also plays basketball once a week. Isn't that great?!

I am by NO MEANS a perfect gym goer. I don't know that I've ever gone to every one of these classes in one week. But I am trying. And that's what counts. Hopefully my dollar will motivate me.


Grandma, Nonnie said...

I sometimes watched a class, when I was walking on the treadmill. I only walk in the water now so I don't see them anymore. However it sounds like the first class you are in, a guy taught it and the people in it were really pumping. I don't know how they kept up I would have died. However when I was your age I did do some of that and ran around a lot. I think you are amazing to even do one or 2 of these classes. I really admire you for trying to go to them. It sounds exhausting. I would like to take a chair yoga class at the hospital on Wednesdays but so far I haven't gotten there. I will though. It is on the day of tops and I am in town anyway so I just have to work it out. I think it is at 3:00. After I get a few things caught up I will. Keep it up Danielle I think it is wonderful. Love you so much Hugd

Megan and Greg said...

I loved this post! Side kicks ARE HARD. I am so impressed with you! I took a self defense/kick box class that kicked my butt everytime. I would always have to sit down 15 min. in because I would get almost dizzy and everyone would always be like, "Are you ok? Why are you quitting?" and I would just think, "this is the most intense work out of my life! I can't continue if I don't stop!" and my body was never so in shape. it was incredible. You must have such stamina. I love that you love yoga. I want to love it. After my book, I want to read one about yoga and meditation. I think it will win me over, but I have to UNDERSTAND it first.


Kick Boxing kicked my butt!!!! I took a kickboxing class at Lane Community College. I laughed out loud at your stories. When the instructer says those things to you guys and gets in your face, or right in front of you- oh my gosh- I feel like instead of motivating me it would just make me laugh. I am seriously so happy and so proud of you danielle- this is amazing that you are doing all of this. Mike read your blog and was like "it's pretty amazing." and then he said "she is really making her workouts a priority". :) he was impressed. so proud of you. I think i woud love yoga. love you

Cami said...

I just know if I was in IF we would be perfect workout buddies. I also like classes! I get so bored on a treadmill, even if there is a TV. And I love those classes you are going to! Kickboxing sounds a lot like the awesome Body Combat class I went to in Provo... and it was the best class in the entire world because the instructor really got you "fighting." I've never done Yoga, but I started Pilates on Friday. I'll probably try out Yoga as well. I have sciatic pain and my doc told me to do yoga and pilates! Bodypump is just beefcake all around.

Chad and Jessica said...

Danielle, you inspired me!!! I went to a yoga class today....holy heaven! mind was so clear, my body so relaxed. THANK YOU! I love that pic of you at the class BTW : ) I also like the workout incentive idea for Chad. Love your blog as always.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Wow I am so impressed!!! That is so cool, and you will never regret it. I want to start again with my dvd's. I was feeling like you describe, "strong as a bull" :-) I miss that feeling, I feel pretty wimpy right now. I am so happy you love it. I hate yoga, I did it and will again, but i hate it. The whole time I truly do feel like I am going to die. But I always am glad when I am done. I think the gym experience gives you more energy in the moment. At least I felt more able when I went to Lizzies gym with her. When I am at home I work hard, and feel like I accomplish alot, but the high you get in a gym isn't always there. Yea for you!!! love and miss you!