Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aliese's b-day, Dante, Reupholstered Chair...

Let's start with Aliese's birthday. Aliese (my niece) turned 12 this month. Rebecca has been working her TAIL off to get this dress done, and not just get it done, but make it look beautiful! I think she did a marvelous job myself. Aliese loved it and looked so so pretty in it.

For her birthday we went to Olive Garden, and it was great! Then we went home and opened presents and ate cake (except me).

I wanted to make Aliese something for her birthday- so I had a TON of fun making this cute purse.

It's lined on the inside, and I made the ruffles myself! So fun.

This is how Dante looks right now. HUGE! His back hits my upper thigh. I still call him "puppy" all the time though. He still has such a cute face and I just love him. He is really annoying cause he slobbers like CRAZY! But...........still...he is seriously soooooooo sweet. I love him. He is so big now that he can easily put his head on our kitchen table, as well as the kitchen counter. Kinda scary. Forces me to keep the kitchen slightly in order:-)

So- one thing I've been doing with my friend Lori, is reupholstering this ugly chair.

We took pics of the entire process...but I'm getting tired of I'll probably put that together tomorrow...but it was surprisingly easier than I thought. I think it would've been harder doing it by myself...and if you do it, I highly suggest having a partner help ya. This is the final product.

I love love love it. If you can't tell, the arms and legs are painted purple...and we used a lot of what it already had. Like...batting, those little thingymabobs (tac/brad/thingys). I think it's perfect. I have another chair just like it. Patty bought 6 of them at a garage sale...and she gave two to me, two to her sister, and two to herself. So...I'm going to make another. If you want to get a head start on how to do it- we were inspired by They have a tutorial on their site on how to reupholster.

Well, some big news I haven't mentioned...Clay has a new job. He starts Monday. He hated his old job, and so we were looking for jobs here and there..applying to some here and there...and whata ya know- he got one! Not just any one either, but the one he wanted most! He is now working as a web developer at a web developing company. We are so excited because he LOVES doing that kind of stuff...and it has full benefits, just like his old job, and a tincy tincy raise. As in, basically the same amount of money. But we are so excited.

I got my hair done...but I look gross right now, so I won't take a picture till lata. I love it though. I'm tired of blogging I'm gonna jet. Cya.


Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh, Clay got a new job! You guys are such secret keepers!!! Well, yea for him! Really, that's great. What a blessing. Now he'll be happy everyday! That chair looked amazing! I'm so impressed! I would love to do something like that, but have no idea how. It's so cute a trendy! I love it! That purse was way cute too. Thanks for posting Aliese's bday. Rebecca did so good on her dress! At the end I thought you were going to announce that you were prego or something. Anyway. Good job on not eating cake. That's a hard one, when everyone else is. I remember the first time that happened (when I first started weight watchers) I just ran upstairs and BAWLED my eyes out. It was quite emotional. Good job. Are you feeling healthier or what? Have you noticed an improvement on your body? I always wonder what fat would trim down if I actually stuck to a non-sweet diet. I wanna see your hair!


haha- that's funny megan accidently commented a million times. Danielle! THAT CHAIR IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like you paid 500 dollars for it atleast. It looks like something you'd see in a NICE STORE. You did such an amazing job! And when you said when I saw the chair I'd see how easy it wuold be- no- I was imagining like a chair with a seat and a little backing on the chair- that is a full meal deal chair- you did such an amazing job!!!!! You have inspired me, I want to do it when we get a home. Amazing. OK clay's job! That is so cool! I'm so happy for him because I know hwo he hated his other job, I was really sad for him. And same pay and benifits that's great! Is it with his friend or a different company? Thanks for posting aliese's birthday- I love it! That dress is so her! And fits her perfectly! I love your bag you made her, soooo cute. YOu are such a good sewer and creater! Dante is huge! I love you!-hope you're doing well.


in the picture I can't really tell the legs are purple, will you take more pics so we can see the purple better? love you-

Lizzie said...

first modest girl, the dress looks great! she couldn't have done it w/o you! Second, thanks for all the pics, third Dante is so huge!!!! and last that chair is gorgeous!!! I am so impressed.

congrats to Clay!!! how wonderful to be able to do what you want, have benefits and get paid more!! I am so happy for you guys!!

I love and miss you!!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Wonderful Job on the chair, it is lovely and Amy is right that it looks like a five hundred dollar one. So great! I love the purse and I am so happy for you both that Clay got a good job that he will enjoy. That is so great, and it is good to be happy with your work. I miss seeing you and I think the dress is beautiful and I am so glad you are there to help Rebecca. Love you Lots grams

Christine said...

Danille, you are amazing! I LOVE that chair! Your homemaking skills are awesome! I am totally jealous!

Congrats to Clayton on the new job! :)

HeidiT said...

The chair looks great and the purse was so cute! Putting ruffles on everything is so trendy right now, it turned out great.
Dante is HUGE - I knew he would get pretty big, I just didn't think it would be so quickly. He's totally adorable.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting all of those pictures. Thanks for not posting any of me, since I was drugged and all that night. The chair is amazing, nothing short of amazing. Wow. I'm speechless really. And you have another one! I love you and miss you.


Time for another post! love you

Kendra said...

your chair looks AWESOME! What is the name of the fabric and where did you get it? LOVE IT!