Friday, August 24, 2007

Almost gone!

Well, I must say- I am excited! I am all packed and ready to go. Clay is all packed and ALMOST ready to go- he know, still at work! Now I'm just going over everything in my head a trillion times to make sure I don't forget anything. We were planning on leaving tomorrow MORNING...and I mean morning when I say morning. Around 6 am is usually when we head out. So anyway- Clay hates-more than anything in this entire life I think-waking up early. I hate him waking up early too, he's not very fun to be with, and he knows it! Also, he has slight insomnia if he doesn't take pills because his body feels so uncomfortable he can't get to sleep. And then when he takes his pills, if he doesn't get enough sleep when they are in his system...he wakes up with a ginormo head ache and feels slightly drunk, as in he can't really function. AND- he loves to stay up late. All in all, with all of these factors- we decided to drive through the night! We are leaving around 6:00 tonight and driving till we hit the Arnold Beach Haven #1! I'm so excited. We should get there around 9-10am I'd say, unless we pull over to sleep, which we are fully prepared to do if we feel we need it.

Now, the only thing I am stuck on is car food. We have some snacks that Patty gave us (clay's mom) but nothing really mealy. Not much will be open as far as fast food by the time we get hungry. I don't know. I'll have to figure that out in the next few hours.

I will probably still blog a little while at Oregon even though the majority of my friends list will be in the same house as me most of the week. But, I plan on doing so anyway, probably not as much though.

So I officially decided yesterday to cut my hair- bob style I think. But today...I am back to confusion. I have really been enjoying my hair the past 2 days. I think it looks fabulous to tell you the truth, and so I am just nervous to cut it for regret. AHHHHHHHHHHH- I am sure I will get much advice this week around my sisters.

I listened to the entire Michael Jackson CD that I have today. I think it's like a best hits one or something because there's Billy Jean, Thriller, Way you make me feel, Man in the Mirror, Change the world. Lots of good ones. I loved it! I have to admit, at times I stopped from working and danced a little in the middle of my living room. I'm not even kidding, I'm sure my sisters believe me. It's funny because I don't really do that as often any more. I used to dance ALL the time, even when there was no music. Not much anymore...Clay doesn't really know that side of me. It has been coming out more lately.

Well, that's it I guess! Next time I post I will be in Oregon- YAY!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Videos from Utah Trip

So these are the videos I was GOING to post- but they weren't working. I've decided to start using YouTube like Amy does, it is easier. Anyway- Like I said before, Gracie kept doing and saying the funnies things so as soon as I got my camera out, she just sat there. Ha- anyway, I still think she's cute just sitting there. The ones in the restaurant are of her getting excited about drinking cocoa. She was trying to tell her daddy about it over the phone. Then there's one with Aliese in the pool and one of Gracie at Lagoon. The one at the pool is dark at times because those irritating boys kept standing in front of the pool light ON PURPOSE to make it all dark. Anyway- sorry about that. Enjoy! Oh by the way- with YouTube, they have to process before they work on the blog- so if it says it doesn't work, just try back later and it will. Hopefully it processes soon.

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Calling

Well, the bishopric quickly caught us and gave us a calling this last week. We've been sustained and everything! You will probably all be confused when you hear this, but I'll explain. We are Gospel Doctrine teachers! Yes, both of us- together.

Now, you are probably thinking- that doesn't make sense. I've always been taught my one teacher- wouldn't two be distracting and odd and hard to gather the spirit? Hmmm...yup! It has been odd- they do this at BYU-I. Even in the single student wards they had 2 teachers teaching at the same time each lesson- they do it still at the married student wards. I pretty much don't like it that much, but you know- I am sure I will be tried for thinking this- because obviously BYU-I is run by the Lord and if the leaders feel inspired to run Sunday School this way, it probably is meant to be.

SO- Clay and I are Sunday school instructors. Can I tell you the truth? This has always been my biggest fear- to teach Sunday school. Maybe not to a bunch of kids, but to a bunch of return missionaries around my same age...yes. Also, no one participates- ever! In my last ward, I kid you not- I said the prayer like every week because no one else would volunteer, and I constantly was answering questions (even though I had no idea what I was talking about) because no one else would answer. I fear that there are no Danielle's in my ward. Ah. Anyway- Clay and I have gone over each of our pet peaves about Sunday school and the way it is taught and are ready to fully prepare and make the best out of it. I think it will be good for Clay and me as a couple- it will probably bring the spirit in our home a lot because we'll be studying that much more scriptures.

The real hard thing for me is- I remember experiences I'VE had- or you know, I understand the Spirit, but I never remember old Bible stories. Everyone else seems to remember them. I seriously am like- Who? I don't even recognize that name. I always pay attention in classes- my whole life, I just forget the stories- but remember the principles. So in Sunday School, people always bring up old Bible stories and I will be like...hmm- this one's on you Clay. Ugh. Oh well- I am sure I am capable otherwise I wouldn't be called.

I am a little excited though.

So Rexburg weather has been odd lately. It's been cloudy for like a week, very windy (more than usual) and a bit chilly. I really wouldn't be surprised if it up and snowed tomorrow. I'm sure it wont but Rexburg kind of reminds me of the Coast. Unpredictable.

We leave for Oregon on Saturday! I CAN'T WAIT! By the way mom- we need to talk about Courtenay's bridal shower and endowments and stuff- amy says you are invited and it is during my stay. Anyway- that's it. I am hoping this week wont go by slowly because I am so excited for Saturday. I am getting into Lei Mis very much now. I read like 90 pages yesterday. I know that's not a lot for like...Harry Potter, but the rate I have been going with THIS book has been like 10 pages a week. It's been hard for me to get into. I think I am very much into it now though.

I am having second thoughts about my hair now. I keep deciding I will wait until I get to Oregon to decide what everyone else thinks, but I can't take it! The decision is racking my soul and I need a decision. Short, Long, Dye, Keep Brown, PERM?! No perm. I don't think megan does perms though- I don't that would be a damper in my check book. Hm...we'll see.

All right- you are all probably dead bored now. Sorry for all my rambling. I just need to do that sometimes. Besides I kind of think of this as my journal with it? Ha, just kidding. Anyway- BYE!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Clay's Birthday and some more

Clay's birthday was 2 days ago on Wednesday, August 15. He turned 22! So- He got his Nintendo Wii (from his parents), a game (for the Wii from his cousin Amanda), Planet Earth, the complete series (from me!), chips and salsa (from Makayla- they love this certain kind from a restaurant that you can buy), and a very cute shirt from the buckle (from Harmoni- she has very good taste). So he really made out this birthday. He was a happy boy. His parents treated everyone to applebees. That was good. Oh YEAH. Clay and I went to Bourne Ultimatum- that was another present to him. WE LOVED IT! Oh my, it was intense. I actually want to see it again. There were some gruesome parts that I could've done without, but I liked the end a lot. I also thought that Nikki's hair looked 10 times better after she miraculously cut it herself than it did before. Quite the talent, cutting it like she did and then it turning out the way it did:-)

Anyway- it was a very fun day. We played Wii on his birthday and yesterday and today I am sore from it! My right arm especially. The sports are wayyyy fun! But I'm not kiddng- My arm is very VERY sore and hurting today from the Wii.

Here are some pictures that are from our camping trip (they were on patty's camera and I just loaded them) then there are birthday pictures and pictures of us playing the Wii to get you all excited to play it:) They are all kind of out of order because I am too lazy to make it perfect.

Clay and I are boxing eachother

Clay and Harmoni Bowling

Clay, a very happy boy with all his new presents!

This was my silly husband pretending he was disappointed that he got a Wii.

Me, Patty, Clay at AppleBee's.

Paul and Amanda

Harmoni and Makayla

Birthday Boy!

These last ones are when we were camping

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Yuck. I'm sick. I HATE IT! It is like-mid august, who gets a cold in mid august?! Nuts. This started like last week and I just decided to ignore it and keep doing my things. But today I am going to take it easy because I think that is really just what I need. I have been sneezing up the wazoo. I have been through probably an entire boxworth of tissues. Plus some toilet paper. I watched you've got mail last night and this morning (not twice just half and half). I just love that movie. I teared up a bit at the end. I tell you that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are fabulous.

Tomorrow is Clay's Birthday! I am excited. We've got some good plans. He will love his birthday. I can say this part because he already knows. He is getting a Nintendo Wii from his parents. It is like a joint birthday/christmas present. For those of you who don't know what that is (probably all of my family) it is that one nintendo game where on the commercials the chinese men always want to go play and it's like actions- the paddles are motion sensitive so you can like box and stuff- it's hard to explain. Anyway- Clay couldn't be more excited. I am excited for him. I think it will be good too because there are lots of sport stuff (like boxing) that he has played before and actually said he worked up a sweat to- so I am thinking he might be able to do some workouts with his Wii without hurting his joints. Oh yeah- and he is planning on bringing it to Oregon when we come so we can all play it- I KNOW what all my sisters are thinking- nintendo? I DON'T think so. Trust me- this isn't like war game type thing. It is really fun- I've played it.

After he opens my gifts I will tell you what they are. I hope he likes them. Oh yeah! And- Clay wants to learn how to play piano and read music. SO- I bought him an adult beginners book and he is teaching himself how to play! We are both excited- I will of course be here to answer questions and stuff. I hope he sticks with it.

Speaking of Oregon earlier- I am aching to go. It is only like 2 weeks away until we go. I am just sooooo looking forward to being on the beach and hangin with the fam. Oh yeah- one of my visiting teachers is from eugene, oregon! She doesn't recognize the Arnold name, but recognized Mitchell and Jolley and some other names. I guess we aren't that cool. (just kidding)

Well I think I am going to go get ready for the day, just because I really believe that when your sick it helps to get ready for the day- maybe it's just a mental thing for me personally. I am going to try and keep reading Lei Mis- I keep getting into it and then stopping for like a week. I just need to read it. I totally had a huge list of books to read this summer and haven't even finished one.

Anyway- I love you all! Have a good day:)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Trip to Utah with the Leslies!

So Aliese and Anna had a joint "bean jar". This bean jar was the type that everytime they did something GOOD-they got a bean put into it. Everytime they did something BAD a bean got taken out! Once the bean jar was full, they got to go to Lagoon! So they were planning on going as a family- Rebecca, Darin, Aliese, Anna, and Gracie. BUT- Darin felt he should stay for work and to work on the yard. Rebecca suggested that they pay my way, so darin doesn't have to go and so Rebecca has help with the kids! I graciously accepted the offer!

The trip went as follows:

Tuesday around 4 pm we left Firth. We stopped at IHOP (which happens to be one of my favorite places to eat!!!) and had lovely meals. We then went to our hotel and it was pretty late by then actually and the girls were just INLOVE with the hotel when we got there. The door opened to our room and Anna's exact words were, "Well this is just lovely!" Both Anna and Aliese thought the hotel was wonderful. They wanted to go swimming in the pool- so Aliese, Anna and I went swimming. There were 4 boys who I think were french swimming while we were there- they were interesting to observe. They just kept laughing and drowning eachother and laughing more. I wasn't much disturbed until the eldest got out of the water and had the biggest stomach I'd ever seen-really- and he was wearing a speedo! I was worried for the girls eyes. Thank goodness, I think they were just playing and having a good time.

The next day we went to Lagoon! It was very VERY fun. We went on rides, and to Lagoon A Beach- it had lots of things for kids so the girls had a BLAST! Poor Gracie- the first ride she went on was a little more scary than the rest and she reFUSED- absolutely would not let us take her on another. She kept saying "no rides, no rides". So we did take quite a few pictures of her being that Rebecca or I were with her while the girls were on the rides. We switched turns. She was a very good girl the whole day though! Very calm. We also got to go to the funnest musical thing. It reminded me of the Playmill- those of you who know what that is- to my family- it is the place we saw 7 brides for 7 brothers at the reunion. Anyway- it was just a bunch of young people and it was Broadway. They just sang a bunch of songs from broadway in a row. No plot- just song after song. They were VERY good and very entertaining! The girls loved it, as did Rebecca and I.

The next day we went to this Childrens Treehouse Museum. It was soooooo cool. Perfect for little kids. It was basically a huge playhouse. There was a pretend schoolhouse, a tepee, castle, doll house, craft corner, and a TON more. All of these places had dress up clothes too. Unfortunately, this is the place that my camera DIED. I got a couple pics- but there were way more cute things.

After this, we got ice cream at a parlor that was built in 1920! It was still old looking and way awesome:) Then we headed out for the Myan. That is the coolest restaurant EVER. I have been there before, but it was even more fun this time. For those of you who don't know what it is- it is like an inside tropical forest. They have tons of dressed up people that act have speak different languages and then there is like a waterfall-pool area where divers put on shows for you. They are like professional divers that do flips and stuff. AMAZING! I loved it.

We then headed home and that was it! It was a way fun trip. Here are some pictures, well a lot- I know the family barely ever gets to see pics of the Leslie girls so I put basically all of them- enjoy!

This is how the girls looked for most of the drive. They got to watch movies. They were very cute- every once in a while they just started laughing a lot at whatever they were watching!

The second we got in IHOP all three girls DASHED towards the stuffed animals and started complaining about the prices. It was just so cute.

Me and the girls.

Is this not just the cutest pose? She was very happy with her cocoa.

Look at Gracie's pancake. It is HUGE! I don't think Rebecca knew it would be that big when she ordered it!

Aliese Swimmin'
The girls getting on their...second ride. Keep in mind on these ride pictures that it is VERY hard for me to catch them- the rides go so fast! PLUS- my camera isn't one of those quick ones.

This was Gracie's expression most of the day.

Rebecca and the Girls on the mini-rollercoaster.

I think this is Gracie feeling refreshed from her drink of water.

I took this after the musical. They are just the cutest!

Gracie waiting as Rebecca, Aliese, and Anna go on their last ride.

Rebecca and the girls on their last ride. It was one of those really high in the air hangy things. It terrified me.

So we went to a very cute toy shop at lagoon at the end of the day and the girls got to pick a few things to buy with their own money. Well Gracie saw this hat and put it on and wouldn't let go of it the whole time we were there! Rebecca decided to buy it for her. She LOVED it! It is so cute because it is too big for her and the giraffe SHOULD go on the front- everytime we fixed it she turned it back to the side. She knows her style!This was the little school house in the museum. Isn't that adorable? They had books and chalk boards and everything. Anna was the teacher. The rest of us were her students.
This is the tepee. They were getting dressed up and pretending they were Indians! There was a pretend fire and everything.

Here are a few videos:

Gracie kept doing the cutest things and when I got the camera it was hard to get her to repeat them. I'm sure some of you mothers understand! Anyway- I think she's still cute even if she's not really doing anything. The ones at IHOP are funny just because she really just looooved her cocoa.

Okay for some reason I am not getting it to work right- so I will try posting them another day. I have already spent FOREVER on this post- so you all better be grateful!

Love you all:)

Friday, August 10, 2007

I've been tagged

I think this is silly, but as they say "everyone else is doing it". I got tagged to say 8 random things about myself. Here it goes!

1. I am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans you'll ever meet. In fact, all 7 books have been out, I've read them all, and yet...I still check everyday! It's not like anything else is coming. I guess I am still just getting over the fact that it's done.

2. I LOVE to sit or lay and just think. I like to call it meditation because I really think that is what it means to meditate. I do this regularly. I sit and think of my life's past, present and future. I think I need that. Just some peace and quiet to think about life. It is always different things. But I do this ALL the time and love it. Clay always says, 'you okay hun?' or...'are you sure you don't want to do something?' and I always say, no I am fine:)

3. I am scared of normal milk. Ever since my mom, and two sisters read the China study and told me about it, I have feared normal milk IMMENSELY. I NEVER use is in baking or drinking anymore. I always use soy or rice milk. We get half gallons probably once a month and always end up throwing it out because it is chunky and gross.

4. I check my e-mail/blog/all the websites I check daily probably 10 or more times a day. Literally. I am a little OCD with it. I really despise that I do that too. I just can't stop myself. I HAVE to know if there is something new.

5. I am very scared of the dark and of heights. I love roller coasters and high things that are fast, but if it is stationary or slow, I am terrified beyond measure. Dark does the same thing. I get upset at Clay if it is night and we are walking to the bedroom and turns off the light before I get to the bedroom light.

6. I am the person in our family that pays the bills and manages finances. I am also the cheap one. All my sisters talk about their husbands trying to save a dollar and being stressed about finances, and that is totally me. I constantly check our online banking and get stressed that we are running out of money when in reality, we aren't. Clay is pretty stressed free in this area (most likely because I am here to do all the worrying)

7. Cheddar Cheese makes me have indigestion. Also if I eat after 8 that usually gives me indigestion. I have severe problems with an acid reflux type of thing. BUT, funnily, all treats are good to go at all hours of the night. In fact, I honestly feel that chocolate sometimes helps the indigestion.

8. I forget being upset really quickly. I could be mad at Clay one minute, and after we make up, seriously 10 minutes later I try very hard to remember what I was mad at and can't remember. This happens ALL the time. Also, I get soooo sick of school and want a large vacation, but then a week after vacation I am ready for a new semester and strangely excited.

Well, that's it! I guess I tag all that is on my list. Half of all of you have already done it, and tagged me!

By the way- the past couple days I have been with Rebecca and the girls in Utah. We went to Lagoon and some other places. I don't really feel well right now so I will probably post all the pictures tomorrow. They are soooooooo cute. It made me even more excited to have a family.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

K-sorry about the weirdness of my next post. I tried doing my pictures different and it just messed up the writing. Oh well-I won't do it that way anymore, I just don't want to take the time to fix it. Just know-it wasn't on purpose!


Yesterday we got back from camping with Clay's family! I took a lot of pictures of my husband...I just kept thinking he was sooooo cute everywhere he was! So anyway- here they are!

So Clay went to Brazil for his mission and slept in this hammock ALL the time. His parents keep it at their place and bought this holder thing for it. ANYWAY-we loved laying in it while camping. It is way relaxing!

Clay and I went 4-wheeling. I actually drove it! It was pretty fun- there were tons of trails.

Just a few more...that one is of Makayla, Clay's sister, and her friend Ali. They are 13.

I put this one of paul because he made pancakes and bacon in the morning and dutch oven chicken and potatoes at night. everything was SO delicious!

Clay LOVED chopping the wood. I loved him loving it.

This one is Clay LAYING with his dog. He loves his dog sooooo much.

We have a few more pics on Patty's camera-so I might be putting some more on later. It was a very fun trip and it's good to be home.

One interesting thing was...when we got home, we looked in our sink and it was SO incredibly gross. I left it completely clean when we left, and all of a sudden there is gross slime ALL over. In fact, it is molding. YUCK! We didn't really know what happened but my sweet husband decided he would clean it. We are thinking maybe we should talk to our manager because we don't have a garbage disposal, so we don't put food down just backed up or something? I'm not sure. I just don't want it to happen again! The good thing is, the sink looks fantastic. Clay cleaned it so well it actually looks better than it did before the slime got all over it!

Well, today I am going to make jam. I am soooo excited. Love you all!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pictures of Apt

Okay- I know I already put videos, but Lizzie couldn't get them to work on her computer so I am putting these pictures up for her! I also put up the "FAMILY" blocks that I made because Amy wanted to see them.

Hallway with Clayton's paintings!

This is the bathroom that never comes clean! I just cleaned it today and it looked exactly the same as it did before I cleaned it. Wonderful. I even used Lime away and Mr Clean sponges. Good news though, they are planning some major rennovations...NEXT SUMMER! Ha, oh well. At least I know inside my heart, that it is clean.

This is our bedroom. Small, but good enough for sleep!

This is our kitchen. It's pretty good. I think our oven is off by like...20ish degrees. I can handle that though. Much better than 100 degrees like my other oven!

Living room!

Computer/shelf corner. This is also in the living room.
I just like this little corner. I think it's cute:)

These are the blocks I made. We made them at enrichment, I hated them FOREVER. When I painted my frames I decided to repaint these, so now they match perfect! They aren't fancy or anything but I think that's why I like these ones better. Simple and cute.
Okay. This is our other weird random thing in our apt like the phone hole. I have no explanation for this one though. Any guesses?
It looks like to me that it's just a random framed area on the middle of our wall. It's just lovely to work with when decorating...NOT! I tried putting some pictures on it, and it just looked ridiculous. Oh well.

So- just a little update! I am going to a bridal shower tonight! It's kind of interesting because the wedding isn't until the 31st and I got the invitation on Monday. Pretty much a day's notice. I was mad too because I wanted to give her this awesome present of like recipes that have been our favorites as newly-weds as well as make her an apron. But being that I had a days notice, I decided I didn't have time to put together all that. I could if I wanted to be stressed out of my mind, but I didn't feel like doing that to myself! SO- I got her 4 plasticky cute bowls and an ice-cream scooper. I thought it was a cute idea? I don't know. I hope so. I couldn't go that expensive...

Tomorrow night we are going camping! We will be back Friday night though. Clay's parents just finished their trailer and we are all trying it out. Not all of us will be there the same days though, so that's too bad. I am still excited to be out in nature for a day or so. I will take pictures!

Do any of you like beyonce? I do. I love dejavu and irreplaceable. They are my favorites. I also like Gwen Stefani a LOT! It's funny because I never liked that kind of music in high school or anything, but all of a sudden I love it!

OH YeAH. I was going to ask. Why does everyone keep saying I look older? I feel the same, and I feel like I look the same besides the length of the hair. Anyway- a lot of you have been saying that lately...Speaking of hair- I think I want to keep it long. I'm not sure. me out! Clay wants me to die it though-you know, blonde highlights. I told him I will as long as he knows that as soon as I feel ugly with roots, I get to go get it done again. I think he may have rolled his eyes at me after that comment.

Well, I suppose that's all! Oh wait! One more thing. This isn't a big deal..but do any of you know what crocs are? They are really ugly most of the time, but I really want some. They have these girly kind that I want BADLY. I will probably have to wait until christmas or something though. If you don't know what they are- look up and click on women. And I want the mary janes.

Alright. Love you all. Bye!