Monday, December 31, 2007

YES! and if only...

BLUE SKIES! That is the YES part. Palm trees...that is the if only. Can you imagine palm trees in rexburg?!?!! Oxymoron. Anyway...this is the second day in a row that there are blue skys and the snow is...kind of...slOWLY...melting. The only thing is, I KNOW it will come back. Yesterday I had kind of a fit in the car. I was yelling I HATE SNOW! Really...this year, I have had enough! I am so ready for summer and the marvelous feeling of being able to go outside with just a t-shirt on. The WONDROUS feeling of not having the struggle of wanting to wear one pair of shoes but knowing you should just wear your big boots, whether or not it goes with your outfit. I am excited to not be regretful when I go outside and am not wearing a hat. I am excited for our windows to NOT be sweating 24/7! Did you know that when I walk, I have to walk 10 times as slow in fear that I'll slip and fall on my bum...and when Clay is around, I am clinging to his arm for safety? BAH! Enough complaining. Rexburg IS a great place. Probably one of the lowest crime rates I'm sure. Really nice people. Small town, which is nice. I'm just sick of winter being forever. Someday....SOMEday, my will be better.

Who knows, maybe we will live in Idaho...for those of you who DON'T know- we are pretty set on living in California. We obviously aren't positive-things could definitely not work out. But Clay wants to do what Shad does, and the sound of warmth everyday is very satisfying to us.

Well- HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE! We are going to Idaho Falls tonight to go bowling(REAL bowling...not just Wii bowling) and have dinner with the family, of course. We are also going to SuperWalmart. Yeah. Get this- our walmart, isn't a super walmart and the superwalmart in Idaho Falls is CHEAPER! We decided we can never make significant purchases here unless we check there first! How annoying. You know Walmart has TRIED to become SUPER before...but big fat Broulims (the king grocery store in Idaho...the wife of the owner is my stake relief society president...she is lovely, really) won't let them! They dominate the city council or whatever, and wont let them become super. That's the talk around town anyway. Wow, do I seem negative today? Sorry. Anyway, I AM excited to go. We are also doing our laundry (we do our laundry at Clay's parents...) which I'm way excited about as well. I've been wearing my BYU-Idaho sweats every single day since I've gotten them, which is a week ago. I think they need a wash. Can I tell you how excited I am to one day own a washer and dryer in my own establishment?

Well, enough negativity for one day. Sorry if this was depressing. I really do love my life and I am so blessed to be here in Rexburg and live so close to Clay's wonderful family. We really really really do feel so blessed to be where we are at in our lives and couldn't ask for more. I'm just a cry baby.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Chocolate...after eating one hershey's kiss this morning I decided- THAT'S IT! I am going without chocolate for the rest of my life. HA! Yeah right. I would never think that. I did however, decide to go without for an entire WEEK! It will be difficult, but I feel I can do it. I really have just been eating SO MUCH JUNK this entire MONTH that I feel the need to clean out my system of the goods. I already miss it. I am craving cookies as I type. Oh well. I think it will be good for me. I had some stomach aches today. It was odd. In the bathroom, popping a zit (how lovely) I felt the sudden urge to vomit, then within seconds the feeling was gone. Trust me, it had nothing to do with the zit- I deal with those daily. Then later in the day it happened again. Random seconds of stomach nausea and then nothing. I also have been getting headaches the past couple of days. I decided a break from chocolate will do the trick. I feel like an alcoholic...but with chocolate. A chocoholic. I even considered looking it up online to see some tips on cutting back. I didn't. Not to say I wont:)

Well anyway, today we had the pleasure of borrowing from some friends "GUITAR HERO III" YAHHH ROCKON! It's way cool. It is for the Wii. It is WAY HARD TOO! Holy smokes! We had a blast though. Clay is way better at it than I am. We play guitar to songs like "I want to rock all night"; "Barracuda"; "School's out for summer" and other songs like that. I was a little offended of one of the guitar players who was a woman with a black bra on and black pants with her thong hanging out. She was a cartoon of course, but it was still a little disturbing considering CHILDREN play this. And I don't want to see it either! Ha, it ways way fun though. We totally want one. We also want DDR BAD! (dance dance revolution). Typical huh? Right after Christmas when we are spoiled we are already making lists of what we want next! I sicken myself.

Well it's been snowing like crazy still. I am super glad we decided not to go to Utah. I think we would be in very dangerous road situations.

I am starting to get bored. No school and no work gets to me after a while. I have finished the second installment of "The Company of Good women". It was good. I finished my quilt. I've cleaned our apartment. I've blogged, while no one ELSE is blogging. I've messed around on my Zune. It's annoying. Some days I LOVE IT. Some days, like today, I am really anxious for time to move on so that I can start my internship and be back in a normal groove. I don't have a solid routine...I need that! With school I had a solid routine everyday.

Okay, that's all for now! Love to you all. Pray and wish me luck that I can make this goal of no chocolate for a week!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh Britney

Well, I as I am typing I have my earphones in my ears listening to "Hit Me Baby One More Time" on my new Zune. Can I just say...Britney had some GOOD TUNES in her early years. I don't care HOW she is today, I LOVE THIS ALBUM! And I LOVED going to her concerts. Yep, did you know that? I have been to TWO Britney Spears concerts. The first one was like the first year she was a singer and my sweet sister Lizzie waited in line in the wee hours of the morning so that she could take me to a Britney Spears concert! It was at a state or county fair. I can't quite remember. I know that it was on the grass and we were way close. Joey McIntyre opened. So did a bunch of awesome dancers. I remember a couple of guys chanted in the middle of Britney's performance: "Take it off! Take it off!" ha..haa.. I remember thinking..."I hope she doesn't.". Lizzie and her friend from college took me and I remember they took turns holding me on their shoulders so I could see better. I was still in elementary school! Anyway, GREAT experience! Then later in middle school I got tickets for my birthday I think...and so did Steph and Jenni, and I got two so that Amy could go with me. It was me, amy, emily, steph and jenni. This time Britney was MUCH bigger. It was at the rose garden and steph, me and Amy were in the very back row of the entire building. haha. We had binoculors. This time Aaron Carter opened! Wow that was a good experience too. I wasn't even expecting to write about this...I just it just comes with the music! All I know is I can't really listen to "Baby one more time" without dancing! I LOVE IT! I also love all the memories that go with those times! It is really so sad that she has so much drama in her life now.

This is main street outside our window.

Well bad news....I can't go see Lizzie tomorrow:'( We have been having major snow storms and one is heading in tonight. Basically, it is way too dangerous for us to be on the road going over PASSES. Major disappointment. Oh well...we'll see them in like...7 months.

I watched High School Musical 2 today. I also watched special features which showed dress rehearsals of the dances. I basically decided it is my dream to be on the cast of High School Musical. Can you imagine? Their job is to learn dances and songs and dance all day long and sing all day long. HELLO! I love doing that! I was also thinking- those kids MUST be in shape. All those rehearsals and performances of all those dramatic dances have got to keep their body nice.
I got home and sat at the computer and it smelt like onions. I looked in the garbage and it was empty. There was no food around. I was so confused. I thought maybe it was me. The next day, different clothes, still smelt like onions! Today I completely cleaned the computer desk and it no longer smells like onions! Wierd huh? Something about onions in my life...

Well that's all for now! Love you all!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Yay! I must say, I am COMPLETELY overjoyed with my Christmas. I was completely spoiled! I got so many wonderful things! I have to admit, one of my favorite presents was a stocking stuffer from Patty- an electric toothbrush! Holy COW! How have I gone so long without one of these marvelous wonders?! At first I was a little handicapped while using it. I was afraid to close my mouth so toothpaste was falling out of my mouth and onto my was a mess. Then I was brave, closed my mouth and LOVED IT! The best part was when I was done...I totally felt like my teeth were completely clean...with barely any effort! They felt so clean and slick!

Well, I did get many more things of much more value than this electric toothbrush. First and foremost: my ZUNE! It is awesome! I am currently syncing songs to it as I type! I also got 3 shirts from Patty, Harmoni and Makayla. Clay got me an ADORABLE dress from DownEastOutfitters. It's like my favorite store. It is SO CUTE! He also got me the Josh Groban Christmas CD. It is so good. He also got me a coat from Target! Lizzie and Shad gave us gift cards to Walmart! Mom and Dad gave me a coat from Target and some money. (I know I have 2 coats but realize I live in IDAHO- I want to feel cute when I have to wear a coat EVERY DAY!) I got some bath and body works stuff that smells good. It is Mango Mandaran. I put some lotion know how I'm allergic to Mangos? Well I am not reacting to the lotion so I was just wondering if that is normal for you to be allergic to a food on the inside, but not on the know? For our Christmas Eve pajama presents (that is a tradition for Clay's family- pajamas on Christmas Eve) we got BYU-Idaho sweatshirt and sweatpants. I love them! They are soooo comfy and soft. Well that is pretty much all of my main gifts. I think I got a few things here and there as well, but those were the main events! I will DEFINITELY take a picture of my clothes and everything we've been doing later when I'm showered and stuff.

Well, we had a HUGE snow storm! My goodness! It snowed SO MUCH! I am also going to take pictures of that! I liked it a little because it's so pretty, but it is also really kind of scary. It made me really scared for when I'm driving by myself to Idaho falls and Rexburg.

Overall, this Christmas is fantastic! I miss everyone so much though...that has been a little hard, but it has been nice to spend time with Clay's family, they are wonderful.

I love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

I just wanted to say- on the next post...I have no idea why the video came three times!!! They are all the same one...

I'm living in a white christmas!

Yes. Not dreaming, but living.

The other night I watched White Christmas. Oh how I love that movie! I really do think it is my FAVORITE Christmas movie! I love it so much.
I love these women. ESPECIALLY Vera Ellen. That's her real name. Judy in White Christmas, the really really really skinny one that is an AMAZING DANCER! I really just wish that every movie was like this. I really need to start watching more movies that were made in the 50's. They really just make me so happy! This is just one of the clips that are my favorite. I tried finding the clip where she is dancing in her yellow dress with a random man in rehearsal because that is THE BEST! But I couldn't. I love this song though! The coloring starts out weird but it gets normal, just keep watching!

I also watched High School Musical. I LOVED IT! All were right who recommended it. Now- if you watched it with your husband, I'd say try try again. I would probably not be as big of a fan because I'm sure Clay would've made fun of it if he watched it. I loved it so much. I can't wait to see the second!

So I thought I would share this little story with you because I always share my successes in this all deserve to see my failures too! So I was making homemade wheat bread and Jacob, my brother, called. We were chatting, but I had to keep working because the yeast was in there and I didn't want the dough to get all messed up. WELL- I got off the phone with him and realized I HAD to of put in WAY TOO MUCH flour because the dough was like falling apart. So I called my mother, she just giggled and said, you may as well bake it and see if it turns out since it's all in there. So I did...and THIS is what came of it!

YUCK! I decided I can't talk to people while I'm making bread. No good can come of it. So now you know- I don't only bake delicious things, I also bake disgusting things!!!

Here is a picture of Clay that is kind of funny. I walked out of the room seeing this-

Yes. He is talking on TWO CELL PHONES! AT THE SAME TIME! ToysRUs on one end, and his mother on the other. Can you believe that? I just thought it was too funny not to share.

Well tonight we are on our way to Clay's parent's house. It is Makayla's b-day- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Who knows if she actually reads this. But anyway, it is her birthday today, and Harmoni's on Saturday. Makayla is turning 14, and Harmoni 19. I will take pictures. They are both way beautiful girls. I know all the boys in Idaho Falls are inlove with them. Anyway, we are going to Johnny Carino's tonight- an italian restaurant like Olive Garden which many people claim is even better! We are excited. We are staying there until Wendnesday I think. Clay will have to come back home on monday to work but will be back that evening.

Lets see...anything else? I really don't think so. Has anyone seen the movie: "Dan in Real Life"? It is coming to our cheap seats and I watched the trailer online and it actually looked pretty good. Let me know if you know otherwise. OKAY! Love you all!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this time of year!

Monday, December 17, 2007

9 days!

TILL CHRISTMAS! WOOOPEEEEEEE! Ha, Clay and I are very excited for Christmas. We are pretty excited in general. I school for weeks! (months for me- yay!) and Clay is only working half days the whole break meaning we get to spend a ton of time together! I get to do projects and sleep in and my goodness it feels great! It's funny- Clay ALWAYS- I mean...EVERY SINGLE NIGHT wants to stay up late. I always want to go to bed. Tonight- it is 12:41 am and I am not even tired. I could go to bed and fall asleep, sure, but I don't feel like it. I am guessing it is because I am not stressed whatsoever about tomorrow, or the next day, or the next! Life is bliss! Is that the correct usage of that phrase? Whatever.

So can I say that I LOVE my new layout? Thanks to Megan for the sweet hookup. that is the website for fun layouts if you're interested. I get happy most times when I look at my blog now.

I am happy to say that I still love my hair. It is truly amazing what a good hair cut/dye can do for you. I feel 10x's better about myself and am way more motivated to fix myself up everyday.

I am also happy to say that I am finally at rest about this internship thing. I mean, I am still nervous as heck, but I am finally confident in myself that I will do well, and am a fast learner and all will go as it should. I am seeing the light called "Graduation" and am very pleased to see it. For those who are wondering...I should graduate April of 2009. 3 semesters left of classes after the internship.

Clay and I have been watching Season 7 of Gilmore Girls. Men, make fun of my husband if you want but I say he must be very secure to admit to liking gilmore girls. The fact of the matter is, all of you like it too. I've heard your wives tell me this and seen it myself, we watch the show (or other "chick flicks") and you are doing something on the computer or passing through like you are busy, but really, you are watching it and loving it! Anyway, Clay has faithfully gone through each season with me after it's come out on dvd. We have 2 episodes left. I wanted to finish them tonight but Clay was a little gilmored out for the night. (He likes them, but obviously not to the extent that I do!!!) I must say, Gilmore Girls never get old with me. I loooooooove them. Such a comfort.

I am really quite home sick. In fact, I'll admit that today I looked at every post my mom ever posted. I didn't read everything, but I looked back to see all the pictures. I hate it because I wont be visiting for months. Oh well...I think it is the holiday time thing. I am way excited to spend time with Clay's family for Christmas, really- they are such wonderful loving people and it will be way fun to spend this holiday with them, but I am feeling a little blue about spending my first Christmas away from momma and pops. When we moved to the coast my sophmore year, it was just me and them at the house and we all three became best friends. I always preferred spending time at home than going out and if I had friends over I was never embarrassed to watch movies with my parents or sit and talk with them. And my friends liked it too! For some reason lately I've been missing that. I've been missing everyone really. I'm glad I get to see Lizzie and Shad and the kids next week. It will probably help.

Well, I think I will go read. I have my regular background sound of shooting guns and explosions (Clay's video games) so it'll be just perfect! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your holidays are just wonderful. Oh yeah- how'd you like my random pictures? I write a lot and decided I'd try to spice it up a bit:)

Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, the semester is...FINALLY over! YAY! Most of the tests went well...I don't know for sure on some of, there you go!

A small update on the fish. It was devestating. Clay's parents lovingly bought us more fish (clay got to pick them out of course) like I said: 4 tiger barbs, an angel fish, and an algae eater. Well, let me tell you- the result of the combination was a shock. Clay did TONS of research saying that these fish all went well together. The people at PETSMART told him that these fish would go well together. EVERYTHING SAID that these fish would be peaceful together. Within 48 hours, all were dead except the tiger barbs and algae eater. The most devestating was Rosemary. Clay and I have really become attatched to her. She seriously had SO much personality for a fish. She was pretty, funny and we really loved her. It was the most horrible thing. Clay took it really hard. Especially after they were all dead. Now that it is just the tiger barbs and the algae eater in the tank, another situation has arrived. Our tiger barbs are acting slightly....drunk. I know that sounds funny but it is true. The word 'tipsy' PERFECTLY describes how they are acting. They swim perfectly normal and then all of a sudden fall upside down and float down upside down and then start swimming normally again. It is SO WEIRD. We don't know if we should worry or laugh. They are really just acting like lunatics. So...what are we going to do about these assasins of fish? The angel fish died the day we put it in basically so we can return it and get different fish. We are kind of scared that the tiger barbs will KILL anything it comes in contact with and we are fearful to trust any source having to do with them now. Last time, all sources and signs pointed to friendliness with other fish, but obviously that was wrong. I just hate this because Clay is doing EVERYTHING he is supposed to do. Bad luck I guess. Well, we found a PERFECT tank at the DI for $10 that includes a light, filter and everything. We snatched that sucker right up (clay is kind of charging it on his future Christmas gift money account...ha..ha) well anyway, we are putting the tiger barbs in their own tank and getting new fish with the money from the angel fish and clay will probably have some money from christmas he will buy more fish with. We are probably just going to get CALM NON-AGGRESSIVE fish this time for our big tank. They really do have categories of aggressiveness, and yes, we have been following all the rules. By the way, the tank we got at DI we saw at Walmart for 30 bucks! YAH! We got a deal. Man, we really didn't realize going into this whole fish business would cause such a drama in our life! Clay is still happy though...kind of. I mean, he is still determined to have this hobby. Sad though, when his fish die.

It has been snowing like CARAZY! Today I walked home from school and my face felt like it was going to fall off. I almost wished it would have fallen off. It probably would've felt better. My ears too. I forgot to wear a hat. I heard on the radio today that we are supposed to have snow for 7 straight days. Interesting. It's pretty I guess. I just hate driving in it.

Tomorrow we are going to Idaho Falls to run a lot of errands and of course, spend time with Clay's family. It will be nice. We have planned to get there by 11:00...I HOPE that happens.

I have so many goals to get done this break. I bet most of them wont get done. That's not a very good attitude huh? Well, I really want to get them done. One is to redo our entire budgeting system. I need to make it as easy as possible for me to keep track of things. Any advice or ideas? I'm thinking of trying the "envelope system".

Today I cleaned for like 3 and a half hours! Can you believe I could work that long in my small apartment and I could've done even MORE! Geez. I guess we have just let it build up a lot these past couple weeks. Oh well. Now that we have a clean apt, it feels and looks so good. We all know what that feels like.

Well, I am going to go do...something. Something else anyway. I don't know WHAT yet. Love to you all! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bella and Edward

These are the people who will play Bella and Edward! Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Do you totally recognize him? He is CEDRIC DIGGORY! How funny! So, I think that they look great! Obviously not PERFECTION- I mean, I didn't picture him in my head when reading about Edward, BUT I think they both look the part. I just hope the acting doesn't stink. Love you all! CYA

Sunday, December 9, 2007

NEW HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving pics I never posted.

Isn't mom pretty in this picture? I thought so.
I know this pic is blurry, but I wanted to put it up because Gracie's outfit is so cute in it!!!

So I put some picks of thanksgiving up that I didn't think I did before. If I already did...woops! Anyway, I got my hair done by Stephanie yesterday. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE IT! Seriously, she has only been at school for like less than 4 months and she is way good! I totally love it and Clay LOVES it. It was way fun too to get together with Stephanie. She is so beautiful and fun. Anyway, that's pretty much it! Oh no, that's a lie. So Clay's parents were up here a while ago and saw our HUGE tank with 3 small fish in it, and were like: next time you're in Idaho Falls we are buying you more fish. SO- last night they bought us some fish! We now have 5 Tiger Barbs (that is the same kind that Assassin is. We have an angel fish! And lastly we now have another algae eater. So our tank is WAY lively. I'll take a quick video later today. Clay was up till 2am I think researching everything having to do with fish....again. ha. I thought he'd already researched all he could! I guess there's always more.

Lastly I would like to thank ALL of you for your kind words of comfort for me and my internship. They have really helped! I am trying to keep remembering that this is an INTERNSHIP, I am supposed to LEARN and that THEY realize that. hehe. I am overparranoid. Alright, Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays! I have the song from "White Christmas" the movie in my head where they sing "Even a man with two left feet, will do alright if the girl is sweet..........when we're dancing..seems to be romancing..." I obviously can't remember ALL the words, but I LOVE THAT MOVIE!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Nothing New...

Well, I really haven't posted in a while and it's because there hasn't really been anything exciting. Pretty much just homework and studying. Today has been hard because I have SEVERE fridayitus. You know like senioritus, but fridayitus. I know I have the weekend, so I don't want to do ANYTHING. I already wasted some time reading a book Patty gave me probably a couple months ago. It is written by an LDS author called "Almost Sisters". It is way good. I am not done yet, so don't know my recommendation status on it, but so far I am really enjoying it. It is just one of those feel good books. So far anyway. I DID work on my tax return due tuesday though. I felt pretty stupid because while I was working on it, I e-mailed my teacher 2 times with questions. And then e-mailed him a 3rd time before any response saying, sorry...I figured it out. Only one week left of school and I am DYING for it to be over. I know I should just be grateful I am getting an is just so hard to have that attitude. Hah, I really just want it to be over! Thank GOODNESS I will do my internship next semester with NO CLASSES! Ah, bliss! Don't get me wrong, it will still be hard and tiring...40 hours a week and an hours worth of commute everyday. But, I am excited. I am trying to not be so nervous, but I still am. At least I am sleeping well again. The first few days after I got the offer I was seriously not sleeping well. I kept tossing and turning because I was so nervous. I always feel so inadequate. For almost everything. I feel this is a big weakness of mine. I am constantly thinking I'm not good enough, smart enough, experienced enough, whatever.

Well, here it is. The most exciting news of the week: We get random stuff in the mail all the time. Well finally something of VALUE came. JCPenny gave us a flyer with a coupon on it that says "$10 off a single in-store purchase of $10 or more some restrictions apply. See savings certificate below for details.
So anyway...I got SO EXCITED. I admit, I didn't see that small print at first, but I looked and of course, almost everything is restricted. BUT- not EVERYthing. I tell you- I am going to find SOMEthing that is $10 in that store and get it for free! I am way excited.

The fish seem to be good. It's pretty chill since the tiger barb died. We have officially named the other one (the one that tired our other fish to DEATH) "Assassin". Like it? It's unfortunate we had to name him that, but it most definitely fit.

Oh, I take back my earlier statement. THIS is the most exciting news: I get to see Lizzie and her family during Christmas break! Now- do you realize how long it's been since we've seen each other? I'll tell you. 1 and 1/2 years! Basically since we got married. I have NEVER seen Kate in real life. I am sooooooooooo excited. They are going to be in Utah for Christmas and Clay and I are going to go spend a night down there so we can spend some time with them. It will also be good for Clay because he wants to do what Shad does for a living so this will be his chance to ask any questions he needs to. Also, Lizzie and Shad really don't know Clay at all. They really have only met. So this will be a good opportunity for them to get to know each other. HOW EXCITING!

Right now I am going through the dilemma: to read my accounting chapters....or not to read my accounting chapters...that is the question. To read my business law chapters....or not to read my business law chapters. I really am leaning towards the not. blah. School is making me crazy. It is supposed to make you smart, but it really makes you crazy by the end.

Alright, I love you all! Supposedly a huge storm is coming our way. I hope it's not so bad that I can't go to my hair appointment tomorrow. I am getting my hair done by none other than Stephanie Mitchell! I hear she's good:) It's pretty awesome because I just so happen to want my hair done on the very day that they are letting people bring in coats and cans of soup for free hair cuts. Score.