Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I just saw Eclipse

Me waiting infront of the theater until they seat us. Yep- I'm wearing an Eclipse t-shirt! Patty surprised me with it today! I love it!


This movie was the bomb. I'm not joking. I loved it. I want to see it again. Right. Now.

Acting was better, music was better, action was better, romance was better, kissing was better, EVERYTHING was better. I told Clay today, that it was like....Robert Pattinson finally BECAME Edward. I actually believed he was Edward. Whereas, before- he was just an actor doing a kinda sucky job at playing the most gentlemanly of gentlemen ever. But now? He's Edward. And Bella is Bella. We decided acting awards go to Bella, Edward, and then Jacob. In New Moon I thought Jacob outshined all when it came to acting...but no way. This movie- Bella and Edward SHINED! I love this movie.

The action was way cool. And I really loved how EVERY vampire looked so much prettier. I mean, they're supposed to be the prettiest things ever right? I never thought that until this movie. And the newborns? Riley? K...Clay knew it, I knew it...everyone knew it. By the time I left that theater, I was wishing Riley's face was on my shirt...if only he was a good vampire!

I haven't read the book in ages, so maybe that factored...but I just really loved it all and didn't feel awkward ONCE! The other movies left me feeling awkward in multiple scenes...not this one.

The only thing I think they could've improved on were the vampires eyebrows. Couldn't they dye them? Or something? They were always mismatched. Not very cool.

There was one Edward's bedroom....where I just........melted. This was the moment I thought, "He. Is. Edward." and I was like- inlove. Keep in mind I kept nudging my husband throughout and giving him a huge cheesy grin:) Hearing Edward say things like, "I would court you....steal a kiss or two..." oh man. This is the old fashioned Edward we know and love. I'm SO glad that came out in this movie.

Overall...i want to see it again tomorrow. But I can't. I'm gonna try and convince Clay to go see it with me again in theaters. We'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow morning I'm eating a brownie. Yippee!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I Create It

Just so you know I added a link on the side here ---------->

it shows when my new craft blog is updated, so if you don't have it on your list or whatever, you can see it's updated there! :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anthro Apron

So do any of you love I'm pretty much inlove with it. I drool over their aprons, kitchen gadgets, bowls, shower curtains, clothes, home decor, pretty much ALL of it. They are OUTRAGEOUSLY priced though. I have been eying this apron for quite some time....
....and finally gained the confidence to just create it myself!
I was surprised at how AWESOME it turned out! Yeah, it's much more simple and totally different style as far as fabric goes...but I think this is MUCH MORE me, and I really just love it.

See? Look how happy I am in it!

I might have to make some more. Here's the awesome part about it- the lime green top part I used from a button-up shirt Clay didn't like, and all the cotton fabric was leftover fabric from old projects! Holy smokes- I LOVE WHEN I DO THAT!

And if you're wondering if I completely made up the pattern, I did! So I'm kinda thinking the next time I make one I'll probably just make pattern pieces or something so that it's easier, and maybe I can share with you!

PS. Do you guys love my blog layout/buttons/everything? Totally the doing of my sweet genius of a husband! I had very specific things I wanted and was pretty much VERY demanding...he took my lame drawing and put it all together! I love it.

Hot Dog Roastin'

Last night we drove on up to Rexburg to have a hot dog roast with our friends! It was way fun. We basically just go about 5 minutes from town and all of a sudden there's forest and campground and fire pits and rivers and streams. Once you're in it you'd never think that just five minutes away is BYU-Idaho.

Here's the gang.
From left to right: Heather, Kyle, Tyler, Brit, and Clay. Oops- forgot Kacen- he's the wee babe in between Heather and Kyle:)

We introduced them to a little trick we learned from some other friends a long time ago. You take crescent rolls from the tube, and wrap them around the dog, then cook it over the fire! I pretty much like it lots.

Then Clay introduced us to a fire roasted BREADSTICK! basically take the crescent roll out of the tube, wrap it around the stick, roast it, then roll it in butter and sprinkle garlic salt on it. Pretty tasty if you ask me!
Some lucky ones ate you can see the mallows. Only 3 more days and I am eating a brownie!

Brittany had a pretty ingenious idea to rest her fire stick in between her toes:) I adopted that method myself.
It took an arm and a leg for me to get this picture. Clay "hates" these pictures. Where you hold the camera out yourself. Whatev.
This is Calvin and Tyler. Good ol' daddy-son time.

Kacen was just chillaxin in the camp chair...
Or being held by mommy, or myself later:)

We decided to go "exploring" but soon realized there were really just pathways inbetween camp sites. teehehe. But the bridge was pretty neato:)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lightning...among other things

Oh man. The BIGGEST lightning storm I've EVER seen is outside right now. I may be exaggerating though...I'm really not sure. All I know is the sky is lighting up every 15 seconds or so- and it is the brightness of looking straight at a camera flash- but brighter really, and seems to be coming STRAIGHT for my house. Did I ever tell anyone that I'm pretty scared of lightning and thunder storms? I always get really scared. I have NO IDEA why. Have I ever known or even heard of someone dying of a thunder/lightning storm? Nope! But they scare the heck out of me! I heard once that you're not supposed to have electronics plugged in during lightning storms...but I chose to ignore that cause I need SOMEthing to distract me.

So, our friend Lance and his brother (Lance we knew from Rexburg, and he has since moved to Utah to go to BYU) had to come to Rexburg for some appointment or other, and asked if they could stay with us for the night. We were thrilled! Clay especially- cause Lance was always a pretty solid gaming buddy. So Clay, all week...has said things like "Now hun, you are fine with us gaming for a long time right?" I say, "Of course. That's what I expected." I decided that while he is gaming, I'd make a date with my sewing room! Oh man. I'm so excited for tomorrow cause I'll take a picture of my favorite apron I've EVER made before. I made it from all extra fabrics I had laying around, along with a shirt Clay didn't wear anymore. Truly wonderful. I just love it so much.

So I'm getting more and more excited for Eclipse. June wednesday...I am SO EXCITED! I've started looking up all these clips and interviews of the cast...I just can't help it. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be great.

I love summer. I'm surrounded by crazy people who say, "I would rather be too cold than too hot". I always say, "I'd definitely rather be too hot" They always look at me like I'm crazy, and say something stupid like, "You can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so many clothes off..............." or, "Then you'd be all sweaty" My response? "I prefer sweat over pain" Cause that's what you feel when it's too cold- PAIN! Sweat...who freaking cares. I love the sun. And the heat. You know how people hate it when they get in a car and it is SO HOT that you feel like you stepped in an oven? I love it. It's one of my favorite things. Sometimes, I just sit there cause I love it so much. I love the feeling of my skin being baked. That sounds weird, but it's true. However I HATE the feeling of FEAR that my ear will CHIP OFF because it's frozen. I'm not joking. I've feared it goes is- you're so cold that you get delusional and lose all common sense...and you start fearing the worst. Happens every winter. But, this is all just to say- Summer has come, and I'm happy. It's so much easier to get up in the morning.

I stepped on a pin today. As in...the pin STUCK IN my foot. It hurt pretty bad. But since no one was around to listen to me whine, I just shook it off and went back to my sewing.

It's really funny to listen to Clay play games with friends. I hear shouts all the time like, "DUDE- THAT WAS AWESOME!" or "Oh Man....that was beautiful" or "SON of a" (really that's all they they don't cuss at the end of that or anything...they just say "son of a") or really anything like that. They are pretty involved. I went down there to tell them about the lightning storm and I'm pretty sure they didn't hear me.

I hate going to the fabric store. But I love it too. I love it because everything is so pretty and I get all these marvelous ideas. I hate it because everything is beautiful and I can never buy it all. Ugh. Now I'm just daydreaming about all these fabrics that I could make totes with. I think I need to have a talk with Clay about it.

Well...I'm tired, hungry, and thirsty. But I'm thinkin I'm just gonna go to bed. I'm TUCKERED OUT! But I'm so happy tomorrow is only Saturday. YAY! Peace OUT.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tote Bags

Check out I Create It to see some o' THIS!

Tote Bags

Do you guys love tote bags? Cause I pretty much do. They have SO many uses. And for those of us that like to carry around our life in a bag, much like Marry Poppins, these things come in handy! know. I just took some leftover fabric from some furniture redo's, along with some old clothes (my dress that was too short, clay's shirt that was too small-both in great condish) and WALA! Tote bags!

I incorporated a "Cell Phone Pocket". It pretty much fits my htc DROID perfectly. Or it could fit a pack of gum perfectly...or Altoids...or a tape measure. Yeah...I tend to carry around tape measures in my purse!

They are also the PERFECT size for books. So...take this little tote on to school, church, work- it fits notebooks, documents, most anything you'd need!

Can you tell I'm addicted to polka-dots? I blame my mother:) (She too, is addicted to polka-dots)

They have ZERO exposed seams, are sewn sturdy so the handles hang on tight, and the straps are totally comfy and heavy duty. They're pretty much legit.

I love them! I'm pretty sure I am addicted to making TOTES now. Probably within a week here I'm planning on setting up SHOP! Yep, I'm gonna start sellin stuff:) So...keep an eye out for these handy totes available for sale!

Fettuccini Alfredo

Monday, June 21, 2010

This is fun.

My table is just feeling really good about itself right now.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What the heck?

I'm 22 going on 80. I can't bend over because otherwise my back will SCREAM at me and tell me I'll DIE if I bend any further. What happened??!?! I tried popping it myself like I always do and nothings cracking. UGH! Maybe I just need my morning smoothie. Eh?

Today we're going to the Zoo. I'm pretty pumped about that. It's for Clay's cousins daughters birthday. hahaha. I promise it really isn't all weird- just think about it. Clay's super close to his cousin- and her daughter is turning 3! So of course we are going to the party. Anyway. I really wish Clay had told me earlier about this party cause I didn't do anything as a gift. Obviously I would've wanted to make her a dress or something ya know? But no time. Last time I tried to make a baby dress in a couple hours I didn't succeed.

We're also going to Allstate today. FUN!

OH- I almost forgot. This goes right along with the "What the heck?" title. We played scrabble with our friends last night AND I DIDN'T WIN! Oh dear. I'm not joking- this is the first time I've ever played scrabble outside my family and NOT WON! I was pretty devastated. In fact, I was SO close to coming in 3rd place. What?!? If you know me well, you know I am COMPETITIVE when it comes to board games. Basketball? Volleyball? No. I really could care less. But put me in front of Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk- I am going to give NO breaks- not even to my husband. ESPECIALLY not to my husband:) My competitiveness rubs off on him. I can happily say though, that he came in below me in score. So that at least was happy. I'm not crazy- kay?

Alright. This was a blah post...but I just felt like writing it.

Ah! The post cured me! I can bend over all of a sudden. The magical powers of blogging.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So I'm a big news junkie....

...and I feel it's really important to keep up on current events. So naturally, I want to just share some of the things I found particularly important this past week.

Apparently, Jake is staring in 8 Mile: The Sequel.

I always kinda thought that he was the gangster type, but he was always too insecure to succumb to his true self. Looks like Vienna has helped him out a bit:) ***Yeah. For those who didn't catch my sarcasm...He's not really staring in 8 Mile the sequel, if there is such a thing. This is just the picture they showed of him when announcing he's gonna be on another tv show.

Uhhhhhhhh Miley Cyrus thinks she's Britney Spears.
Have you heard her new song "Can't be Tamed"? I honestly thought it was a Britney Spears song at first. Oh Miley. Can you NOT see your future? I'll give you a hint- it rhymes with litney beers and imsey fohan. Annnnnnnd....she said that she doesnt "get" glee. As in, she doesn't like it. And she doesn't like musicals. Which basically makes her a wierdie pants and a snob cause she acts like she's above it! YOU'RE NOT!

I don't like the current Rihanna.
She sings about rude boys and really nasty things. Do you guys remember Riahnna from like 3 years ago?
She sang about SOS's and Umbrellas and really it was quite nice. What happened?!??!! I blame Chris Brown.

Apparently the Harry Potter cast went to the magical world in FL (Jealous) and I can't help but think when I see this picture- this type of thing probably makes people stray from the series.
Doesn't it look like their doing some creepy chant with their wands? Yeah. I dunno. But I still wish I was there.

One thing I haven't stayed current on is........who the heck are the Kardashian sisters? Every morning on Z103's Celebrity Dirt segment...there is SOMETHING about at least one of them. And about some husband that cheated on his celebrity wife about 5 zillion times...but that's besides the point. I don't get it. Who are they? What are they famous for? And who's Kendra Wilkinson and like...five hundred other big busted hollywood women? It's like all of a sudden theyve shown up out of no where and everyone talks about them. Are they MTV reality stars or something? Who knows.

I sometimes worry that I care too much about celebrities lives....and I think- maybe I'll just stop reading all these articles and looking at all these silly pictures. Buuuut...I usually decide against it. Cause I's pretty important stuff.


Monday, June 14, 2010


Go here to see my polka-dot chair. I'm starting a crafty blog but am still working out kinks!

Wingback Chair

Remember this chair? Got it for 8 buckaroos at the DI. Lost the cushion on the way home, and my friends found it on the side of the road! THEN- I cut a piece wrong, had to go to the store- couldn't find the bolt cause they were OUT of it- but then found it in the flat folds for like 75% off. I really am blessed!

Welp- turned it into this! I LOVE IT!

My living room is so close to being complete. I really just wish I could get some curtains made...but that'll have to wait. Gotta let our bank account rest from all these projects:)

Oh. My. Gosh.

I think I just died about 500 times in a row from that Bachelorette episode. I'm pretty sure it was the best episode in bachelorette history. Lets recap the whole episode cause lets face it- every part was amazing.

Kasey's date.

I google imaged Kasey & Ali Bachelorette and that photo came up! Couldn't resist:) Oh Kasey. Oh my. Seriously? Seriously. I just...I don't even know what to say. I guess....first off, it's really a shame that he wasn't on the Lion King date, cause it's pretty clear he thinks he lives in a musical. When he burst into song (both times), I really had to hold back from covering my eyes. I was SO embarrassed. But at the same time, so grateful that I was able to witness the most awkward date known to man. What is he thinking? Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd....he was spot on when he said, "pretty intense stuff"....yep! But in whooooooooooole different way than you're thinkin bud.

Lion King.

Ummmmmmmmm was anyone else feeling really awkward the entire time the boys were in those biker shorts shaking their hips around? Yeah.........awkward. I really really HATE when the guys get so jealous. It's kinda just annoying. Gotta give props to Kirk when he made Ali go to bed. Good move man, GOOD MOVE!

Ummmmmmm lets see. Birthday boy- what's his name? Dunno. But he is totally winning me over. I just think they have great chemistry and I thought he'd be an IDIOT if he didn't bring her soup- but apparently he one upped me and brought magic soup, so he's good.

Here's where it gets good. The TATOO- oh. my. gosh. I love it. He says, "I was trying to just go big and show her how much I cared, but I realized I need to just calm down a bit and show her I'm really genuine. Instead of making these big proclamations, just chill" so many words he said that. So, what better way to take it down a notch by getting a TATTOO!??!?!! Oh Kasey. I really really love that he didn't show her even- NOT! I really can't comprehend how she kept him after all the things he did on the date...lets list them off:

  • Sang spontaneously as if in a musical- twice.
  • Barked like a gorilla.
  • Said, "I am here to guard and protect your heart" approximately 49583 times.
  • Told her that he knows she would make him happy and all this crap that couldn't be true cause he's never spent alone time with her until now.
How did this happen!!!?!? AH!

I think one of my favorite moments of the night was when Justin (Rated R) and Kasey were sitting by each other, duke it out in words, and then Kasey stares down Justin with DEATH EYES! And Justin says, "Is there a reason you're still staring at me?" HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! I said to Clay, "This is good tv". And I meant it.

Deary me. This was amazing. Random hi-lights:
  • Justin. I just love that guy. So relieved he's staying. He totally rises above all the jabs that MORON Craig throws his way. Classy.
  • Weatherman trying to serenade Ali on the guitar. HAHAHA! Oh awkward. Especially when he says, "After that, I really will be surprised if I don't get a rose". Poor guy.
  • Seeing the guys reactions to Kasey's tattoo.
  • Hearing Kasey saying in all seriousness that he's never said anything bad about Justin (WHAT?!). He's psycho...just a tad.
  • Chris N. Just found out his name. Heard him talk for the FIRST TIME since the first night. What?! Who is he? What's his story? Has he ever met Ali?
Till next week.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Entertainment Center, flowers in backyard, aaaaaaaaand more!

So a long time ago, my deary ol husband convinced me to get a big 32" tv to use as a computer screen. Well, when we did that we realized we needed a new entertainment center/computer desk. I had a complete vision in my head of what I wanted, and so I told Clay to build it. Now, Clay isn't the handiest of men. Not to say he's not handy just not really of those guys that LOVES to go out and build something. Ya know? Not too much experience. WELL- I completely designed this desk and gave him the "blue prints" and he, with his dad, interpreted my sloppy design skills and built me an amazing piece of furniture!

He first built this.
Then we painted it and brought it into our house and it looked like THIS for a loooong time.
And now finally it looks like THIS! What I'd been imagining all along:)

We've had it for a couple months, but he just put the molding up top this weekend. I told him from the beginning- you have to put the molding on before I take pictures! So finally he did it and it totally completed it. We had a deal that if he could get the tv I could get baskets. HA! Quite the bad deal huh? Baskets aren't nearly the same price tag...hahaha. But I have to admit- this tv for computer deal is AWESOME! I really love it.
I still have some things to do with it though. The bottom shelves need some serious TLC...I think I'm gonna make fabric baskets or something cause that stuff is just TACKY!

The other day I made myself this apron.

I love it! If you look closely, it says- "I promise to keep the trees healthy and beautiful". It reminds me of my know...where I come from:) (Hippyville, Oregon) The thing is I have made lots of aprons as gifts...but never for myself. I made one once a LONG time ago for myself that was NOT quality made cause I didn't have much sewing experience. So it's basically in shambles. This one is just me anyway!

Yesterday I made more bread than I ever have. I made a batch big enough for 4 WHOLE LOVES! Yikes! My bosch was like...overflowing! I only have 3 bread pans so I decided to make one of the loaves into scones! Got the inspiration from my dear sister Lizzie. I rolled them in cinnamon sugar and if you're wondering if that's considered a treat, it's not:) Whole wheat cinnamon scones? Yeah right! But honestly, my tummy could only handle like two of them! So I really didn't eat much. But we shared with Clay's family today and they were a big hit! I didn't think they would be just know- most people aren't the biggest fan of whole wheat treats. But I gotta say, they were tasty!

I've been wanting to wait until the weather's nice to take a pic of our pretty bushes in our backyard...but I've given up hope on any nice weather in the future. Aren't they nice though?
Dante has started to just lay down's pretty cute.

I made chicken fajitas the other night. They were pretty tasty as well.
Well, I've got lotsa projects coming I'll be busy busy! I'll probably have pics of the chair up I'm pretty excited about that! Till next time:)