Monday, May 30, 2011

Bachelorette Week 2

Oh dear. Lets start with William.
Was I crazy? They kept saying how amazing that wedding date was, but I kept thinking it looked so awkward! I dunno...but the dinner seemed really great and romantic and I really do like William. HowEVER...I thought it was tacky how he just randomly started bragging about the fountain moment...and then the whole standup comedy thing...bleh. I feel really bad for him cause I think he thinks he's funnier than he is...

Bentley- Ashley is such a freaking idiot.
Please, please, please, please, please, please....stay.

I think the quote of the night was, "I would rather swim in pee than plan a wedding with her" GAH! Why is this woman BEGGING him to stay? And then this whole bit about his daughter? Obviously he doesn't care about daughter...if he doesn't' have feelings, why stay? And where is Ashley seeing sincerity from him? Eck. This guy is a moron if he thinks he'd ever have a chance with sweet Emily!

Mask man- he wouldn't seem so weird if he wasn't lurking everywhere by himself. I was so annoyed that he didn't take off his mask! UGH! Did anyone else laugh out loud when he was outside with a beanie and the mask? I loved the guys expressions when she called his name for the rose:) AND I loved his housekeeping duties around the house. PAHAHA. I hope he stays for a while juts cause he's funny.

JP- He was really cute when he had the one on one time with her and flipped for a kiss. I just liked it. I hope he gets a date next week.

Mickey- First thing first, he definitely looks better with glasses in my opinion. Second, he's way too serious and I didn't get much of a personality from him...

Nick-Guy with died blonde hair personal fitness guy- stupid. Anyone else think so? Eh.

Can't wait for next week. Looks like Bentley comes clean! But I'm really nervous about William making a horrible joke?!?!?! I guess we'll see! Till next time...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life Thoughts...

Today at church I was sitting on the same row of perhaps the most darling family in our ward. There are 6 kids...ranging from 0 years old to 12 years old. Dad is Bishop, the kids are all sooo reverent and sweet. The little boy that was closest to me, he's about 6...he kept glancing over at me and smiling:) The mom's brothers and dad were visiting today and she kept looking back at them and smiling, and she was so happy. I could tell. And I seriously almost started bawling! I missed my family so much. We have 6 kids in our family...with a 12 year range. And we love eachother so much. And all I could do as I was sitting by myself a few feet away from this family was tell myself, "Thank goodness I am seeing them in 5 days." If I weren't, I probably would've started bawling! I dunno...maybe it's because I know I'm seeing them so soon I'm taking my guard down as far as missing them goes...who knows. I just am so freaking excited for Thursday, when I get to fly to Sandiego, have my pretty pregnant sister Amy pick me up from the airport, and see my brother and all my sisters the next day. And my parents! YAY!!!!!

Back to the family I was sitting next to. All I could think throughout sacrament was, "You are so lucky". I would just watch the mother and I know she struggles. I mean...she has 2 kids under the age of 2...and 4 other kids...and her husband is bishop...and really I am sure she has a hard time sometimes...but I couldn't stop thinking how lucky she was.

I have Lyme Disease. And I am constantly having to convince myself to accept it. I don't know why the acceptance doesn't stick. I get waves...where I'm great and have a mindset like, "Oh I'm going to become a CPA and life will be great and I will just focus on that and I can sew and blog and decorate and do whatever I want." And that can stick for a bit. But then I realize what I actually want...and then the wave changes...into a wave of self-pity. I feel so sorry for myself. I get that womanly ache for motherhood. And then I get into this warrior stage...where I'm like- I AM GOING TO KICK THE CRAP OUT OF THIS LYME DISEASE! I will do everything right! I will never eat sugar/gluten EVER AGAIN! I will be PERFECT at this treatment, and I will get better so quick! And you'd think that'd be easy...but then all of a sudden I go into self-pity mode again where I'm like..."I'm depressed, I deserve a cookie." Even though that completely contradicts everything. And then I go back into acceptance. And it all starts over again. But, the fight continues on and I WILL continue fighting. I AM a Lyme Warrior. That never changes. It's just my level of vigor I suppose.

Today I cut my finger with scissors. Seriously...I don't know how it happened...but I was cutting a package of pecans open and all of a sudden I was cutting my finger. It hurt. And it still hurts! I seriously think I'm getting clumsier or whatever by the day. In the past 3 months I think I've gotten 3 permanent scars. Most of them from burning. And they are all different kinds. Iron, hot almond roca, I have a scar on my LEG from getting a pan out of the oven. I still try and remember how it happened...but I can't really remember. I just know it happened. And of course I am always running into things. THAT specifically is part of my Arnold nature :)

I have to tell you that sunbeams...are basically little devils. I'm sorry. It's just true. We finally decided it's time to talk to each of the parents seriously. The sad thing is, I know it wont make a difference. I've seen all of them with their parents. ALL of them get away with murder with their parents. So how are we expected to be able to get them to behave? I'm not joking- most of the sunbeams in our class, I have seen them with their parents...and their parents let them do whatever they want. And they don't discipline. I hope so badly I have fresh in my mind this class when I'm raising my children. I do NOT want them to give their primary teachers hell. It's basically torture. I have a teaching partner, and she has been teaching sunbeams for years. She said that she has had 4 teachers ask to be released, and that 2 of them were mothers of one of the children in the class! She is a saint.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. I'm pretty happy because that means no work. But, it also means lots of studying. Boo.

I'm very grateful I live in this country. Even though the leaders anger me sometimes, and even though there's a lot of wrong...I still feel it's the most right. I love the USA. I'm so happy I'm American. There are still a LOT of good people in this country.

Well, I guess that's all for today. In case you were wondering, Idaho is stickin pretty much in the 38-58 degree range these days. SoCal HERE I COME! Yessssssssssssss!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bachelorette: Episode 1

Well, it's that time again. And my goodness, I'm so happy!

First off: I am loving Ashley. I know she gets on people's nerves...but I just adore her! Plus I respect a woman who admits to her faults and mistakes. She is sooo cute and pretty and I think she's great. Of course except that she's another idiotic woman who falls inlove with the #1 scumbag...hello? We'll get to that later. Actually, no. Lets start with the big fatty elephant in the room:

Lets get the obvious out of the way. He's from Salt Lake City...divorced...meaning, the friend that called Ashley to warn her about him would be none other than: MICHELLE! Surprisingly...I would trust her! But it just frustrates me...I mean, what a FUREAKING jerk that isn't attracted to her, wishes it was Emily, but sticks around??!?! I hate him! How does she fall inlove with him? Seriously- why does this keep happening to all the bachelorettes? Gillian- Wes. Ali- Frank. Ashley- BENTLY. It's like an abusive family or just keeps going down through the generations. Will it ever stop?!?!?!

How bout ol Masky?
I get want her to know YOU. The real you...not your looks. But I's a little odd. I did however get some good laugh OUT LOUD moments when they showed him in places like the balcony...with intense music...or you know, ON THE TOILET. What the heck?! When have they EVER in bachelor-history shown someone takin a poo on the toilet?! No thanks. No....thanks.

How about this guy?
"and maybe when we are inside you could take a picture of me with Chris Harrison????"

What?! hah- this was SO AWKWARD for me. It was for Ashley too- I could tell. I seriously couldn't stop thinking how that is how I would act if I were on the set of Gilmore Girls or something. Like...I'm just so super stoked cause I'm a ginormous fan I want pictures of everything...but not really looking for love? Who knows.

Here are my front-runners:

I was actually really surprised this guy became one of my front-runners cause at first I was thinking...oh dear, he doesn't have a chance. He's a cell-phone salesman? We've got lawyers, finance guys, big honcho solar construction guy...blah balh. Well anyway- I just love his personality! He just seems so happy and full of life, perfect for Ashley.

He was just real sincere and sweet. I like him a lot. But I's like, he just almost seems TOO sweet. I think Ashley needs a little spunk in her man.

I also liked both the dark shaggy haired guys. But there isn't much to say about them yet.

Oh yeah- and I loved the end. Could we really have when an episode without a ridiculous moment of crying when there is absolutely no good reason for that person to cry? This GUY starts CRYING he gets kicked off after like 2 HOURS of meeting Ashley. At first I thought it was ridiculous- I still do- but at the same is ALMOST more of a rejection to get kicked off the first night than any other night. Cause it's like...out of 25 guys, I was the worst? YEESH! I must suck a lot. That definitely would hurt. But I'm sorry- that's a little humiliating to cry about it on national tv.

All I know is this is gonna be great! When is it not? Seriously. I always say it, and I will continue to say it I'm sure- this is good television. Bachelor writers/producers/whatever...brilliant. I mean...I'm already heartbroken for Ashley over Bently, and I haven't even seen it unfold! Sigh.........till next week!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Exam

So I took the BEC (Business Environment and Concepts) portion of the CPA exam yesterday. Just so you know, I think I forgot to say this part, I wont find out my score till the end of June. Pretty stinky. But anyway, so I don't know how I did! I can tell you that I felt okay about it. Not great, not bad...I dunno. I'm just so scared to say anything in case I didn't pass.

I am now on to studying for my next section. I am going to schedule it for July 8th I think. This topic is "Regulation" or REG. It covers tax, and law....generally speaking. Which HOPEFULLY will be to my advantage since this is my Who knows. I'm still studying it like I would any other section. I am starting studying today. Thought about breaking for a couple days...but I just want to get this sucker over with. AND- I am going to California in a couple weeks (YAY!) and if I stick to the schedule I mapped out, I can totally go to California without studying. Meaning basically a week break! Hoorah! Huzzah! So I am fine with hittin the books now and not stressing and studying while in sunny California.

Today I don't have work, so I have a ton of stuff to do. Dishes (been neglected for quite some time...), sort pills into pill boxes, health food store, study 2 hours, I SHOULD vacuum but really...i dunno if that will happen. I really really want I'll probably make those :) I guess I should get started!

I'm so tired. SO excited for California. A week of laying by the pool. With my sisters and mom. And adorable nieces and nephew. And not worrying about the CPA exam. Okay- I will probably worry about it...but not have to study. That will be fabulous.

Alright- have a good weekend! I hope you have better weather than cloudy gloom (again, so excited for California).

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life Update

This is Dante's usual routine these days. We let him out in our backyard and ye darts STRAIGHT for the fence...that spot specifically, and sometimes for hours, be peeping through the cracks at his doggie friends across the fence. I think there's some sort of relationship going on, cause if those dogs are out in their backyard, you can be sure to have Dante at that exact spot looking through the cracks! He's not creepy...I think he just likes to have friends :)

So last night I tried this new recipe, that I had to adjust cause I didn't have all the ingredients, and oh my goodness me, they seriously are DELICIOUS! They are mint chocolate chip cookies. And they are...GLUTEN FREE, SUGAR FREE (besides choc chips..there are recipes for home made ones but i just haven't gone there yet), DAIRY FREE, EGG FREE...seriously- they are sounding disgusting right? But somehow, with magic- they are delicious! It's still hard for me to believe. I will share the recipe soon I'm sure.

This Thursday is my next exam. If I pass this, I'll be half way there! I'm pretty fuuureakin nervous. I don't feel ready, to be COMPLETELY honest with you- but I'm pretty good at cramming like crazy and then brain dumping. It's pretty much how I got through college! I dunno...we'll see. Please if you remember, keep my stressed brain in your prayers this week that I will pass and remember everything!

Today I'm hoping that when Clay wakes up, he'll still want to do what he said he would a few days ago. I want to go to "Mesa Falls"...they are an hour or so from here, and is supposed to be a REALLY easy walk. The pictures show pavement and everything. So anyway- I really think it'd just be fantastic. I'm not gonna lie, I woke up this morning and my ankles felt stiff and not the best...but I'm so dang sick of staying IN THIS HOUSE. We need to get out more. Especially since it's like 70's today!

Last but not least, have you seen "Under Our Skin"?
This movie is about Lyme Disease. It's VERY informative and gives a way better picture than we are capable of giving you about what patients and doctors go through that are involved with Lyme Disease. Clay, me, and Clay's parents went to this presentation by a Lyme specialist that tours the states, and we watched this movie first then he answered questions and stuff. This movie is on Netflix Instant Play- so SERIOUSLY, if you have should watch it! I just want everyone to watch it so that they are aware of this HORRIBLE disease and what it can do to people. Please watch it. It would mean a lot to me and Clay. Oh, and when you watch it- they talk about Dr Jones, who is still being prosecuted today...anyway- our doctor worked with him for 7 years. You can actually see her in the background of one of the scenes at one of his trials, but it's way too hard for me to describe. I will warn you- this is a pretty depressing movie! I cried a LOT at one point. But the point's just so important. And I feel like I need to say this since it's becoming hiking/camping season:

1. If you get a bulls-eye rash, this means you GUARANTEE have contracted Lyme Disease. Go to a doctor IMMEDIATELY and you MUST get treated with 4-6 weeks of antibiotics. If you do this, it will go away and you will be fine! DO NOT WAIT!

2. If you find a tick on you, and you don't have a bulls-eye rash...this does NOT MEAN you're safe. If within a month of finding that tick you have any of these symtoms, you probably contracted Lyme:
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Joint Pain
  • Fogginess of brain
  • Basically, you will just feel "different"
3. DON'T BE STUPID. Please check yourself, and all your kids for ticks! And if you think your state is "safe"- it's not. If you find ANY TICKS, seriously you need to just be so aware of what's going on with you or your kids bodies until you know for sure that you are fine. you all want to go camping now?! haha...sorry if I'm scaring anyone- but seriously, this stuff should be known. I just wish there was a way I could reach more people about this.

Well, it's time for me to study...BOOOO. It'll all be worth it. I will soon be a CPA! A Certified Public Accountant! That's pretty cool. Aight...cya!

OH yeah- one more thing. I'm kinda thinking of combining all three blogs. I'm so annoyed of updating each one...or whatever. I dunno. It's just annoying- and I bet it's annoying for any of you who follow each of them. Why not just have them all on one?! Sounds good to me.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gluten Free Crepes

These crepes are so good and so easy! One of the few gluten free recipes that I don't really feel like I'm eating gluten free! Yay!

1 1/4 cups milk (you can use dairy-free milk)
2 large eggs
2 tablespoons coconut oil (or butter)
1 cup gluten-free flour
1/2 tsp xanthan gum
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/8 tsp baking powder

Mix all ingredients in blender until combined. Heat a non-stick skillet to medium heat. Put 1/4 cup batter in heated pan and spread around pan to about an 8" diameter circle (it wont ever be perfect!). Let sit for a minute until you are able to flip it. Flip crepe and let sit a minute. Slide off onto plate and put paper towels/napkins in between each crepe.

We like to put berries, or jam in ours!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am Number Four

Have any of you read this yet? I say yet cause I'm pretty sure you'll end up reading it if you haven't.

I heard that it was good, but seriously- I loved it! I read it in two days! Here's the scoop if you're interested:

There are 9 kids that are shipped to earth because their planet is under attack. They are shipped to earth to preserve their "race" or whatever (and they are all scattered...none of them know where the others are). Anyway, bad guys are still after them on earth and can only kill them in order of their number. 1-3 are dead. The narrator of the book is number four. It's all about him and developing his special powers and of course, falling inlove with a human girl! It's set in high-school. It pretty much rocks. If you like Twilight, the Host, Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments series...this is RIGHT up your alley. It is the perfect combo of action, science-fictiony mystery, and romance.

I really hope no one has seen the movie though, if they haven't read the book...cause just from the trailer I can tell it's not as good (as always). But I still really want to see it!
You will absolutely fall inlove with John and Sarah's romance. And you will feel so happy with John and Sam's friendship. And then of course, there's the father-son relationship between John and Henri. Well- and I should probably mention the most tender relationship with the dog:) Really- just read it. You wont regret it! And I guess it's supposed to be the first of a six book series! Next one comes out in August. Woohoo!