Thursday, August 23, 2012

Clay's FHE trick

So I asked Clay to prepare a Family Home Evening lesson. He said he would and when it came time he had this little website up that has a bunch of FHE lessons. It outlines a lesson, activity, song, and treat even! So he went through the lesson, said we'd skip the treat, and then he said okay now...I know this sounds crazy but this lesson actually says we need to go on the motorcycle to get something to eat.

I say, "Ha...ha...very funny."

So he makes me come and look at this website that supposedly directs families to take a motorcycle ride to get dinner. 

What do you know?! It actually said it! Well I knew something fishy was going know...since it says the materials we would need for a motorcycle ride are paper, pencil, hat, sports equipment? So it turns out he somehow re-coded this website (NOT his website by the way) to say that was what the activity was! Of course he changed it back. But he thought he was pretty clever. Silly boy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Date night

This is me waiting on Clay to go out to eat. Wanna hear a kinda funny story about this? Alright. I'll tell you. So Clay and I like to do this thing where we aren't "that hungry" so we wait to think about dinner. Then all of a sudden him or I are STARVING TO DEATH! Well it was one of those nights. And so I was like, "HECK- it's Friday, let's just go out on a date" and Clay is always down with that. He loves going out to eat. So we want to take the motorcycle cause it's fun. But we wanted to go to Walmart and the Library. Well...Clay has this storage thing that can go on the back of the motorcycle but he couldn't figure it out. So he called his dad and when he got off the phone he said, "My dad is coming over to help me figure this out". And I immediately was like "NO! YOUR KIDDING?! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!!!! I'M STARVING THAT WILL TAKE FOREVER" and the truth is...I wasn't that dramatic. Yet...

He told me it would take a couple minutes. Now let me tell you something. Clay does this thing where something costs $2.99 and he tells me it costs 2 bucks. Like...he always rounds in the direction that would be most beneficial sounding for him. But the thing is- Clay's parents live about 10-15 minutes away and him and his dad talk a lot and they are both stubborn about figuring things out and not stopping till they are figured out and I just was thinking- ummm NOT WORTH IT. I'm starving here so lets just do that later and I'll wear a backpack or we take the car. Well, Clay SWEARS it'll take 2 minutes.

One and a half Grey's Anatomy episodes later I was pretty much fuming. I mean...I think most people think I'm not that dramatic but I can get pretty dramatic when I warn someone something will happen and they say it wont and then it does. So anyway- he came in and I said, you realize its been over an hour? And he had no idea. And to top it off they couldn't even figure it out so we took the car. I was so mad. But Clay apologized...and I didn't want to have a miserable evening. So I decided right before we walked into the restaurant, I would forget about it. And that's what I did! And it was a lovely evening.

I guess we aren't very good at taking pictures of ourselves without looking like we are looking away. 

The waiter was really wierding us out cause he looked STRAIGHT into your eyes. Not just once. But every single time he spoke to you. "Want some water?" was said as he was looking STRAIGHT INTO YOUR SOUL. Both of us noticed it. It wasn't just me. But the food was AMAZING. And the waiter was actually quite helpful for Clay. He was going to get one thing for one price...and the waiter pointed him towards another thing for the same price with way more food. We like that kind of service.

Incase you're wondering...we went to Garcias and I had the Tampico Stuffed Chicken which is basically the most delicious thing ever. And incase you're wondering it turned out to be way more expensive than we thought and we wont be going back until we are rich :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New members of the family!

 So this is our 55 gallon fish tank (and a really ugly couch- trust me I didn't pick it's a hand-me-down-free-so we can fill up our basement-couch) in our basement! Clay got a SCREAMING deal on this and he's just been so stinking excited. Did you know that Clay LOVES fish? We had them pretty much all through college.

This is Jack & Jill. They are dead now. And to my knowledge...Clay still hasn't flushed them. I told him it's creepy to have two dead fish hanging out in our house...and he said to not worry about it, they are in a bucket. I haven't asked about it since.

This is Brutus. He really is living up to his name. He has just been like- STRONG and steady since the second he got in the tank. He better hold up!

Clay wanted a picture of me with the tank. It's pretty wonderful since you can't see any fish in the background....oh well. NO WAY- I've seen this picture a billion times now and JUST noticed...Jill is at the top!

EVERYONE in the family was pretty interested. Dante would jerk his head back and forth trying to follow them and then all of a sudden he'd get distracted and go grab his toy or something. He's so funny.

Well, hopefully Brutus stays alive and we will keep adding fish slowly. Exciting!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Clayton's 27th Birthday

WOAH- Old man up in heeya.

Just jokin.

So Clay turned 27! TWENTY SEVEN. It was a pretty good day for him I think. We went out to dinner with his family- Jakers. Let me tell you...the Chicken Alfredo was a MAJOR disappiontment. And for me, it makes it an even BIGGER disappointment since I never have gluten and I was cheating for this nonsense! Oh and learn. Don't get the Alfredo at Jakers!

Don't worry though, what was horribly sad at Jaker's was totally made up for at Clay's parent's house.


I'm telling you- this cheesecake is heaven. I ate two pieces that night and two the next day. My joints ached for days and my stomach hurt that night...but for that cake, it was worth it. But I did realize something...I have gone over a month with no gluten/sugar and not any natural sugars except for fruit. I've been feeling pretty good! So when my joints ached and my stomach hurt...and it was almost INSTANT. I mean- I had bread and pasta at the restaurant...and I'm telling you I had a stomach ache and my knees hurt by the time we were leaving. Then of course add on that cheesecake and the next few days were great. But seriously- it was fine. I'm doing better today so I think it's almost out of my system or something? Anyway my POINT. I definitely don't think that's worth most treats. cream...not really. No thanks. It was good to finally see that distinction in my life. Cheesecake however, it's a delicacy and I shall partake. I mean, it takes so dang long and so much effort to's not like I can go making one each weekend. Anyway- it's all good. My point was delicious. Thanks Patty. (I didn't make it this year. It's kind of hard when I work full time and the cake takes literally all day...last year I was up till like 3 am or something crazy)

Clay got a motorcycle and fish. PET fish. More on that later. Quite the happy birthday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Doggie Silhouette Art

I made a fun little piece of art! I am planning on basically doing a whole new decor scheme in my dining area and this was part of the plan. It's the easiest little thing. So I put together this step by step deal. 

So easy. Here are the simple steps:

1. Take a picture of the subject's profile.
2. Print
3. Draw with dark marker around the edge of subjects profile & tape paper to black paper on edges
4. Cut along the line
5. Tape fabric to back of cardboard for frame
6. Spray glue the back of silhouette.
7. Press silhouette on fabric.

DONE! Easy peasy!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A word on everyone's FAVORITE time of month

Did you know that I love it when I'm on my period? 

Just joking. I don't. In's what I like to think of as a mini-HELL once a month. I'm not positive if women exist that have easy periods...but I am pretty sure most of us have a pretty hard time. Now...I know this isn't the most popular or "proper" topic to talk about...but seriously, I feel like this needs to be said. And as much as men might feel uncomfortable...if any men are reading this, I encourage you to keep reading cause I think it could help you understand your wife more...maybe.

Since I've had Lyme periods have kind of become the worst thing in the universe. I've always experienced cramps...even at a young age in high school...sometimes my mom would let me stay home from school if they were super bad, which sometimes they were! Well, when I was married I got on the pill and everything was a lot easier. And then the past few years things have been...well...NOT easy. 

I told my doctor that my Lyme symptoms were worst when I was on my period. She was like- ummm HELLO- Lyme and Periods are like...the WORST. She basically said that all women experience their symptoms WAY WORSE when on their periods. Let me tell you- its the truth. I have a definite FULL DAY of wanting to die and basically hating everyone. My hips, knees, ankles, HURT. I hurt to the point of nausea and it's just no fun. And then the rest of the time is just such an uncomfortable bad time. Now...I'm not saying all this to make you feel bad for me. Cause seriously, a lot of girls have severe periods and they don't have's just how they are. And I'm about to get to my point...

When I am sick, like say I have a cold. My symptoms flare up 10 FOLD. Hips, knees, ankles, nausea, they all come up super bad if I'm sick. The reason for this body is going through a traumatic, vulnerable experience. So everything that is weak, is weaker and harder to handle. And the more stress your body is under, the more you hurt and have hard times. So this got me to thinking, and my doctor confirmed it, that seriously? Our bodies are under a LOT of stress when we are on our periods. I think our society has kinda come to the point of acting like periods are just annoyance. When the truth is, we have a few days a month that seriously tax our bodies. 

Add on to that the wonderful trait most women share of GUILT. When I am going through these times...I get all guilty that I am not getting things done or not making dinner or something. Here's the thing though- I've finally decided...that's ridiculous! If I lay in bed and watch tv for 5 straight hours and make Clay fend for himself for dinner...IT'S OKAY. When we feel these pains and stresses on our bodies, it's our bodies way of telling us to slow down and take it easy. When you realize that, you can treat your body right and give it the rest it needs. 

Now, I know that some people think that working out is good for them when they are on their period, and WOW there might even be studies on it? I have no idea. But I know for me and my body, it sure feels like I'm abusing myself...and that's just silly. So...I pretty much don't work out when I am on my period.

But seriously- I mean...if a period triggers the same reaction in me as getting sick does, that has to tell you something. Our bodies are under a LOT of stress in those times. And it's really important to minimize stress in our lives. Just like you are told to rest when you're sick, you need to rest when you're on your period.

So, my fellow women...I just want to encourage you to take care of yourself! It's okay if the house is a mess for a few days and it's okay if your husband takes care of a few extra things those days. Your body needs rest and comfort and that's OKAY. 

PS- My mom told me that her doctor told her that the reason some women have SUCH hard times with menopause is because they didn't take care of themselves during their periods and didn't get enough sleep. So you know...this has long-term benefits :)

PPS- I know that I'm not a doctor. This is all just from experience and consultation with doctors. So you know...consult your doctor if ya want. You wouldn't want to go and feel worse after resting. Could be dangerous. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Pretty New Toy for the Happy Happy Boy

So Clay has told me from the beginning of our marriage that he wanted a motorcycle, and from the beginning of our marriage I said NO WAY HOSAY (jose)! Well, it's kind of become clear that Clay and my relationship isn't exactly the kind where I say no and he says, "okay". Clay is about the most stubborn mule I've ever met (and he would say I am just as stubborn I'm sure- makes for some lovely discussions), and pretty much he informed me that it wasn't a matter of IF he would get a motorcycle...just WHEN. So anyway...birthday/christmas money...selling crap money...all seem to add up to a motorcycle for Clay!

Now I have to say...I find myself being a little crazy. All this time I've been terrified of them. I still am kinda. And it is nerve wracking knowing there are no seatbelts or air bags or doors or ANYTHING guarding you from a ginormous vehicle CRASHING you to your death. But....I have to admit it. Yesterday I LOVED riding on the back of it with Clay. It was so fun! I somehow managed to feel safe...and we made it out alive. For now. We both wear helmets, that is definitely the rule.

But now there's no way Clay can ever whine or tell me no if I decide to go surfing whenever the opportunity arises (the way most women feel about motorcycles, HE feels about surfing..supposedly shark deaths are more than motorcycle deaths. Just incase you were wondering, that is definitely NOT true. But somehow Clay has managed to make it fact in his brain).

So anyway, we will be enjoying the rest of the summer cruisin on the bike. I'm thinking/hoping this will get Clay out of the house more and doing fun stuff with me!

Incase anyone is wondering, its a 1981 Kawasaki 750 LTD.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Pillow for the Polka-Dot Chair

Here's the new pillow I made for my polka-dot chair! I'm pretty excited about it. It's a lime green velvety fabric. And just incase you're wondering, it isn't lopsided and the button IS centered. It's just that I'm way too lazy to take pictures with anything but my iphone anymore and I know that doesn't really qualify for an excuse as to why it looks a bit scaliwompus...anyway. It still does it pretty good justice I suppose. The point is- I LOVE IT! I needed a change and this definitely did the trick.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Not really fair

So I'm like pretty dang healthy.

I don't eat sugar or gluten. I eat veggies and berries and whole grains. I exercise. And I'm a nice person.

So why did I get sick?

UGH. It's like all of a sudden I just wake up and can't stop coughing. Then it just gets worse and sounds worse the next day. And now I'm so sick of watching TV but anytime I do anything but lay around I have huge coughing fits and get light headed. So you's just not really fair.

I just needed you all to know that. Cya.