Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just some randoms

I haven't been updating and I think I should. I looked back on some old blog posts the other day and I was giggling a lot cause they were so funny! One of them in particular made me happy. We were living in our ghetto ghetto apartment on main street in rexburg and I had an entire blog post dedicated to our new fridge we got! I even took pictures of the insides. I mean, I'm telling you- I thought I had won the lottery! THAT is how happy I was. It was fun to look back on. I don't write as much about everyday life anymore and I want to start doing that again. Helps me reflect and center myself.

Speaking of centering myself. I LOVE YOGA! I crave it. It's my new thing. Don't get me wrong, I am AWFUL at it. I am constantly losing my balance (actually...not ever GAINING balance would be more accurate), and can never fully do most of the poses. But I am trying and I know I will get there someday! Already my downward dog is better...which I say is fantastic! I do have to say that planking SUCKS! But boy do I feel great by the end! I know it's so cliche but I feel so at peace and at one with myself afterwards. And...AND! It is a great workout! I literally sweat my brains out!

I also love kick boxing! Another great one! YES!

Life lately has had lots of stresses. I am constantly having to relearn that life with Lyme is just going to make lots of things harder than normal. As great a place as I'm in right now, the fact that I will deal with certain things the rest of my life is kinda a bummer. Especially the fact that local doctors just don't know crap about it. More on that later..

But it's okay. I remind myself that I have been through worse. Things I'm dealing with right now ARE hard, but they aren't the hardest I've dealt with. I think of the days that I would be so tired, but Clay was more tired, and Clay was herxing or in so much pain and so I would have to run to the store to get him something, or try to make something that was gluten free and sugar free and dairy free and then have to travel to seattle to keep going. I look back and think of those times and want to cry. But the truth is, I don't think we realized how hard it was while we were going through it. I mean...I dunno. All I know is how good life feels NOW in comparison to those days...that if I went back, it would probably be harder. In those times we had forgotten what good felt like....which is probably why it was hard at times to hope for anything better.

Clay has worked out about every week day since he joined the gym. I am so proud of him! He goes right after work and then comes home and drinks a protein drink and eats with me if I've made dinner. He is so dedicated!

I have been trying to work out as much as I can. It's hard when different things come up. Mutual, relief society activity, twisted ankle, hurt back...hah. But usually all those things only last a day or so, so I try to get back to it the next day! I always feel so good after I work out. I love feeling fit, but I equally love the emotional high it gives me!

Dante is a sweet little boy. I feel he has aged within the past month or so. He lays around so much...and he seems to get tired faster. Clay says it could be because he was sick...he threw up a few times (conveniently while I was home and Clay was not...fun fun experiences), anyway...I don't like it. I want him to perk up for summer to go on lots of walks.

My mom is coming to visit tomorrow! I'm SO EXCITED! We are going to set up my garden! HOORAH! OH YEAH- I planted flowers in my front garden bed! They are marvelous! I need to stop being lazy and post some pictures...I will eventually.

Last item of business...my dang wisdom teeth. I should've gotten them removed years ago but was too poor and too cheap and anywho...I've had a headache a lot of the day because of them and my jaw has been hurting a lot lately. ALSO, my dang cheeks keep swelling because I keep biting them! It has been decided this needs to be resolved. So I have an appointment tomorrow to get xrays and such to figure out a plan. I am hoping to get them out ASAP because I am sick of this nonsense. I might get them out while my mom is here...which is a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand it stinks because I don't want to be bogged down doing nothing while she's here...on the other hand it would be great to have the best caretaker ever around! If I can I will probably do it Friday afternoon so we have two days to do whatever we want and then two days to take care of me :) haha. After researching online, I am DEATHLY afraid of dry-socket!

The weather has been so amazingly fantastic here. It makes me so happy. But its supposed to be all lightningy the next few days which I DON'T like. Boo.

Overall life is very very good. With all the lows are also some very wonderful highs. I'm so grateful for so many things in my life right now. Clay is working, I am working, we are both working out, I have been making more meals, we are slowly slowly making our yard look nice, so many wonderful things.

That is all for now. Ta ta!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goals by Numbers : April

Play 1000 songs on the piano
I played 96!

Read 12 new books
Alright, I'm gonna count Anne of Green Gables because I finished it on like May 2nd or something. 
So 1 new book- which by the way, this might be my favorite book ever. It has brought so much joy! I LOVE this book. I have never laughed so much...I would constantly laugh out loud and Clay would be like, "What's so funny?" and I'd quote it and he would just roll his eyes and say, "Hun, that's not funny"...but trust me, it was hilarious.

Make 52 new recipes
Okay I totally did awesome on this one. I made 6 new recipes! I made these:
Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls
Buffalo Chicken wraps
Guiltless Alfredo Sauce
Parmesan Garlic Quinoa
Orange Sesame Stir-fry
Blackened Chicken & Cilantro

  Balsamic Steak Rolls

I have to say that I really liked all of them. EXCEPT the Parmesan Garlic Quinoa. Can I tell you something? Pinterest can really be such a joke. I pinned this and someone had written with the pin, "You will never eat mac n cheese again!" I thought, wow...that'd be awesome...we love us some mac n cheese! Let me shed some light on this recipe- it in NO WAY resembles mac n cheese. Like...literally- there is NOT EVEN A COMPARISON. It was pretty much not good and Clay couldn't even handle one bite. Lame. But the rest were fantastic!

Have 12 memorable dates with Clay
We had one very memorable date where we went to Jurassic Park 3D! It was pretty exciting. 

I have to laugh because Clay and I barely ever shell out the big bucks for the big theater, we usually just wait for the bluray to come out and we watch it at home...but both of us just really wanted to see Jurassic Park in 3d so we decided, what the heck lets do it. It was super fun!

Read Genesis through 2 Kings of the Old testament
I finished Genesis! Meaning I read 30 chapters! Good for me. Can I tell you? The bible is CRAZY. There are so many stories of women being barren and then having their handmaids get pregnant instead and then them getting pregnant later and then each other getting jealous or whatever. Lots of craziness happening. But I have to say, Joseph in Egypt, that story is so awesome. I just love it. I LOVE how strong Joseph is and I think he is awesome. On to Exodus! 

236 songs played on the piano
3 new books read
19 new recipes made
2 memorable dates with Clay
Genesis read

I have to say, I am so proud of my progress in April! Hoping to make great strides in May as well. Till next time!