Monday, April 29, 2013

Gym rambling

I joined a gym. For any of you who are familiar with Idaho Falls, I joined Apple Athletic Club! I went to my first class tonight called PowerCut and LET ME TELL YOU- wowee I almost died. But in a good way. I was happy to be feeling that way. In the middle of the workout it donned on me that I was doing it, an hour long intense weights and cardio combo workout and I was DOING IT! Yeah, I had 2 pound weights (vs the billions of pounds everyone else had) and my step thing had only one riser thing on it and I did quit earlier than she told us to some of the time, but you know what? I was so proud of myself for what I did! And my muscles are all shakin...but in the good way where I know they were worked good. At one point I was seriously laughing out loud (no one could hear me...I don't think...cause the music was so loud) cause I thought that my muscles were possibly killing me. Let me just give you a mental image. There is a step, you lay on the ground and put your legs on the step. Then you put the bar with weights on the ends of it on your hips, then you thrust your hips in the air over and over and over. This may not sound like much, but THIS was what had me laughing out loud. Cause when she said things like "Yeah! Doesn't that feel great!" I just laughed cause it felt like my lower body was on fire.

Tomorrow is Kangoo! I will tell you how that one goes. But it involves wearing shoes like this:
So that'll be interesting. My friend Angie said that it was more cardio than Zumba, so it should be great!

Clay also joined a gym, not the same one! ha ha. He decided to join one that his friend from work goes to so that they could go together and help motivate each other. I like that idea cause I don't think Clay would be going to Kangoo and yoga and zumba and such with me. He probably would do PowerCut- there were quite a few men in there! But the others not so much. So this works out great.

I chose a great week to join the gym because on Saturday I was doing yard work and realized that I did probably two hours of squats from putting leaves in bags. I am so sore! That's okay though. I'm just that much more proud of myself for going to the gym today when my legs are already so sore.

Overall I am a very happy girl right now. I feel like Clay and I are in a good place and I just feel so grateful for everything I have. Especially the gospel. Lately I have just been reminded how blessed I am to have it and how much joy and peace it brings me! I am a blessed woman. I also have such amazing family. I was born into the best family ever and married into the next best! I'm not just saying that either. I couldn't ask for better family all around. Life is good and I expect it to just get better.

Well I will be blogging within the next few days about my progress in April for my goals by numbers and let me tell you- I did great this month!

Ta ta!

Monday, April 8, 2013

New Prints

So Makayla, my sister-in-law, just started her own hair practice in a salon and needed some decorations. She asked me if I would make her some prints using some quotes she liked. I came up with the above! I have never done one like the last one- and she showed me one that looked like that, but she didn't like all the quotes in it. So I just copy-catted the style and did her quotes and some others, and I LOVE it! In fact, Clay and I like it much better than the one I was inspired by! So I'm pretty proud of that one. Anywho, I am adding these to the free prints tab if you want to download them for yourself!

PS- I am still freaking OBSESSING with the Les Mis soundtrack. Seriously, any chance I get- I listen to it. It's just my favorite. So full of emotion. I pretty much listen to the whole thing at least once a day.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Goals by numbers: March

Play 1000 songs on the piano
35 songs played

Read 12 new books

1 book read. "Eat that Frog!" It was pretty good! I already am doing a lot of the things it suggests, but it's always good to refresh and get some new perspective. I am motivated more than ever and it emphasizes making lists a LOT. I love lists! Incase you haven't figured that out yet!

Make 52 new recipes

1 new recipe- Pesto Chicken- YUMMY!!!!

Have 12 memorable dates with Clay

None I feel that are up to this category's expectations....soon soon.

Read Genesis through 2 Kings of the Old testament

Another embarrassing month. I am on Genesis 20...meaning I read TWO CHAPTERS this month! Oh boy. 

140 songs on piano
2 new books
13 new recipes
1 memorable date with Clay
Genesis 1-19 read

Not the best month, but not the worst.

In other news- Clay surprised me with the Les Mis soundtrack for my bday (just one of my great gifts!), and I. AM. OBSESSED.

And I'm pretty sure it's impossible to listen to this soundtrack without BLASTING it. Gives me chills everytime.