Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After a month of no posting....

Well, I have been ultra, ultra busy. I promised myself I'd take pictures of all the gifts I made...but only ended up taking ONE! Dangit. I'll upload it lata. Maybe I can get everyone I gave gifts to take a picture. To give you an idea, I made Patty a Santa Apron- it is SO CUTE! It is an apron that is basically like a santa suit, but an apron. Classic. I think everyone needs one...including myself! So I also made Megan and Greg aprons- with a red/black theme to them. I also made my motha an apron. Her's was darling. Screams the whole GRANDMA idea. It is heart themed. Sounds cheesy, but it's pretty awesome. I also made Makayla a friggin saWEET bag. It has a magnetic snap, ribbons, buttons, applicae, OH dear it's great. I was planning on making Harmoni a bag as well, but ran out of time...so ended up giving her a kinda crappy gift. "13 going on 30". Lame, right? Well...yeah. That's what I did...and on Christmas morning I felt so stupid that I made Makayla this awesome gift, and not Harmoni, that I decided I'm gonna make the bag anyway and just give it to her when it's done. So yeah.

My mom and dad, megan and greg, and amy and mike all came for Christmas. So, with that happening, I had all sorts of things to take care of around the house before they got here. Then of course, they were here! It was soooo wonderful to see them all.

All in all, this month has been CARAZY! Pile ontop of that-working, STILL getting settled in our house, chiropractor, dog, husband...it just has been busy. I know it could and will get busier. That's just how life goes!

Well, guess what happened while the whole fam was here? The dishwasher up and decided to start leaking like MAD! Actually, it already had been leaking, Paul looked at it, tried fixing it, and the problem got worse. Worse, at the WORST time. When tons of people are at the house! So we decided we couldn't run it anymore because it leaked way too much. So, we ordered a new dishwasher...it's pretty exciting. Pretty sure this is the one...

But want to know what's REALLY exciting? We have been talking about getting a new oven since we moved in becuase my oven takes at LEAST 30 minutes to preheat to 350, the degrees are always off- inconsistently, and it's just ANCIENT! So we finally decided, HECK- why not just get both while we're at it?! So we ordered a new oven too! I tried lookin, but I'm not POSITIVE...but I think this is the one we got...
It's a beaut' ainit?

They shouldn't come for probably another week, but I am SO PUMPED! I know I will make just lovely meals in/on it and clean the dishes just perfectly! Yay!

Clay and I have phones that have internet on them. It pretty much rocks. I'm sitting at the Chiropractor's office, waiting to get in...and while I'm bored out of my mind because I've already looked at the dozens of magazines they have...dozens of times...I check my e-mail. HECK, I even WRITE an e-mail! It's pretty cool.

Clay is going to teach me how to make websites. Did you know that he rocks at it? Yeah...he's only made a few, but he is currently signed on, or set up, or whatever...to build like 4 more websites for people, and so it's pretty cool. I thought I'd be good at it. Clay thought so too. So, he's gonna teach me...and who knows- maybe we'll make this killer team who rocks the world with our web-building abilities. And become billionares.

Dante is good. He's huge. And expensive. We feed him 7 cups of food a day...and he is only like...5.5 months old. Can you believe it? Not only that, but he "grows out of" his toys. So....we spent a wopping $40 on toys for him last night. What? I don't even spend that much on myself for toys. How annoying. Clay said, "Don't you love him?" Uh...yeah! But I don't think he needs 4 brand new toys. 2 of which he's already torn parts apart. The joys of pet ownership. He is pretty dang cute though. Except when he scratches me in the face. Which he did. And I have two scratch marks under my chin. Now THAT'S cute.

Tax season is coming up. I'm excited. The days will go faster. I don't like being bored at work. Tax season will probably not leave much time for boredness.

So I got some bright purple leggings for myself last night. With Christmas money. I decided I will wear them on New Years Eve. I'm excited. I will take a picture.

Idaho is cold. I know I always talk about it...but I'm not sure I will ever get over it. Seriously COLD. I get depressed almost every time I step outside. The snow is SO. NOT. WORTH. IT. I just wish there were more sun...more warmth...maybe some sand...palm trees...you know. I told Clay that someday, we will take surf lessons. He said he has no desire to surf, he's seen too many people get shark attacks. I said, "PAH!" as in- "like I would ever get attacked by a shark". So, I guess this dream is for me only. I really really want to do that. Doubt I'd be any good. But when I envision myself surfing, I am pretty much professional. With a really tan and toned body. And long wavy blonde hair:)

Well...I think that's pretty much life. For now anyway. CyA!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Presidency's Message...and otha stuff.

Oh..............just got over. Did any of you watch that? It was SO wonderful. First, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the tabernacle choirs singing of Handel's Messiah. Soooooooooooooooo much talent. Soooo beautiful. I loved it soooo much. Then the talks...I loved President Monson's story he told. I am a sucker for good Christmas stories like that. Then Silent Night just made me happy. I went back to last year when we were there at the devotional in person, and it was SO powerful...the moment that everyone joined in singing the 3rd verse of the song. I am pretty sure I want to go again next year now.

So I was trying to clean up my sewing room...I've kinda stuffed random stuff of mine in there that I didn't know what to do with...such as old journals. I ran into the journal I had my sophomore through senior year in high school. Wow. I was surprised. For sure, there was definitely talk of boys and how obsessed I was...but, there was also...in like...every entry- talk about how much I loved Heavenly Father, how blessed I was, and WITHOUT fail, every single entry I mentioned how much I loved my family, and how I thought I had the best family in the entire universe. I swear...I don't remember this, but in my journal I always talked about how I was struggling with something, and so I prayed about it...and then that struggle went away. I had SO much faith. Then I went and read old blog posts- and same thing...but guess what? This past like year...it hasn't really been going on. I haven't been as faithful in scripture study, or really much of anything. I can tell the difference. I know that my life was blessed, and felt the need to write about it, because it works. Scripture study, and real- actual thoughtful prayers make life so much easier and so much happier. I dont' mean that trials don't come...they definitely came when I was doing those things...but I just know that when you're in that constant habit, you're so much closer to the spirit and to Christ, that your perspective on things are so different, in a good way. I always wonder how I get out of the habit and out of the zone...but it somehow happens. I think this has been my longest rut yet, and I can feel it! Not in a good way! I always ask my mom- I'm thinking- am I stupid? How could I witness something so amazing, and do such an easy thing each day, and have such amazing results, and then just stop doing it? She tells me that this is why we are on earth...and we are human...and everyone struggles. Anyway. I've definitely decided that I HAVE to get back in that zone. I HAVE to get back to reading my scriptures, and honest to goodness praying with good effort...because I know my life will be so much better if I do. I also decided that since I live 10 minutes from a temple...I am going to go once a week for this whole month. I know some of you probably think...uh, shouldn't you go once a week always? How hard is it when you're that close? Well...you find excuses. We do, at least. I don't know if Clay will go with me each week, but I'm going to go! This is my commitment. That's another thing. It's like...we've been PROMISED that if we go often, we will have soooooo many blessings. Why would I avoid getting those blessings? I don't know.

Anyway- Christmas. I feel cheated. I don't have like...any christmas movies. Well- I have 2. But I haven't watched any Christmas yet! I've listened to plenty of Christmas music though. I love it.

Have any of you seen Angel's and Demons? Holy. Freakin. Smokes. That movie was well made, intriguing story-line, greaty acting...BUT- I can never see that movie again. I got physically ILL watching it. And I even cried. Lame, right? But I'm not joking. I cried, and got a major stomach ache. Something about branding makes me ill...that's for sure- I felt that way in Planet of the Apes...but also the slow horrific deaths. dfjkl;asdfkljal;s. Yuck. Anyway- I can definitely say it was a good movie, but definitely not my thing. I'll just watch New Moon again.

Well...I have major sewing ahead of me. I have 1...2...3...4...5..6! projects to sew. For presents, of course. Hopefully they all turn out well. Clay was like, "Make presents, it'll be less money" I say, "If you want me to make nice presents, it will cost just as much as buying a present" Clay says, "Not if you choose for it not to be" I say, "Yeah...I could make them an ugly rag, that wouldnt' cost much...but I'm making them good presents" Anyway...........I have purchased most of the materials and supplies, and what do you know...it's costing JUST as much...if not more! than what I would've just purchased. Oh well. These presents are more from the heart now!

Today I called my dad on the phone to see if he'd give me the recipe to his hot chocolate. He makes the best hot chocolate I've ever personally tasted in my life. It's basically the bomb-dot-com. SO- here's kinda how the conversation went down...

Me: So dad, I was hoping you could tell me how you make your hot chocolate.

Dad: Oh really...

Me: Yeah- do you have like specific measurements?

Dad: *laughs* Uh...no just a little here...a little there...

Me: So how do you do it?

Dad: Well, first I warm up the milk...you can't put the cocoa in before it's warmed...then you put the cocoa in...

Me: About how much?

Dad: Until it is the color of what hot chocolate looks like.

Me: So you go by color?

Dad: Yes, I go by color. You know, I think I'm going to write that out on paper and patent it.

Me: That's a good idea. So you go by color...and then...

Dad: And then I put a LOT of sugar in. I mean...a LOT of sugar. You really can't have too much sugar.

Me: Okay...a lot...of...sugar...

Dad: Then I take the biggest salt shaker, and put quite a few big shakes in.

Me: So like...an actual salt shaker? Or mom's salt thing...

Dad: No- an actual salt shaker. I would say that if you were making hot chocolate for two people...so about 4 cups...then I would put 5-6 big shakes in there.

Me: Okay...anything else?

Dad: Then I taste it...and if it's too bitter...more sugar...too chocolaty...more milk...you know, I adjust it after I taste it. OH- and don't forget the whipped cream on top. That's a verrry important part.

Me: *laughs* alright. Lots of whipped cream. Okay, well thanks dad!

Dad: Good luck.

Yeah. You know what I did? I actually wrote down his instructions. Typical me. Can't trust myself to remember simple things like...add some cocoa sugar and salt to warmed milk and your good. Anyway...good news is, I made it and it tasted DELISH! Thanks dad!

Well...that'll be all for now. 19 days till Christmas! YIKES. I've gotta get sewing.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Things I'm just lovin.........

Christmas. It truly is the most wonderful time of year. I am a firm believer in that. Here is some proof that Christmas time just makes people happy.

Are you not happy yet? Okay, try this.

Josh Groban Christmas. HELLO happiness. I love love LOVE this cd. I tear up in half of the songs...no lie.

My Lamp I got at the DI for 15 bones. Woot!

I love when I come home from work (that alone is enough to be joyous about...being done with work), make dinner, set the table with the linens that I made myself, have the kitchen clean before Clay gets home from work, and then clean up dinner after we are done eating. Seriously? I think this is where I belong. The home. SUCH satisfaction in making dinner and cleaning up afterward. Oh!
Pumpkin Bread. I didn't take a picture. Why? It's night time...only daylight pics of food look good...in my oh so humble opinion. I'll take a pic tomarra and put it on the chef blog.

This lil guy. Actually, this BIG guy. He is so freaking huge. He is SO funny. He is big enough now, that he walks up to the couch and just rests his bum on it...like a person. Today, he was under the table when we were eating dinner, and all of a sudden...Dante is sitting on my knee. He is still on all fours, but he is resting his bum on my knee. We seriously crack up at this dog SO MUCH! He is so full of love, and we love him so much!

Lori's artichoke dip. Oh...heaven. Our bless-ed friend Lori brought over artichoke dip, french bread, and a recipe...and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We are probably gonna make it again soon...so I'll take a pic and put it on the chef blog when I do.

Which brings me to...good friends. We have such good friends. We play games, we watch shows, we eat food, we stare at their babies...it's great.

My ipod nano. Did I ever tell you I have the coolest boss eva? Yeah- he just surprised us all with Ipod nanos one day. It freaking ROCKS! It take video, has a built in speaker, you can pause live radio, it is pretty much the best mp3 player I know.

Pie. I made this apple pie for thanksgiving. I think it's the most beautiful pie I've personally made...however, it didn't taste nearly as good as it usually does. I have no idea what happened. Maybe because there are holes in the top the juices didn't stay inside as much or the flavor seeped out? I have not a clue. But it looks nice. Either way...I love pie.
apple pie
Halloween. I never posted pics. I know it's way late...but I want to document it anyway. We had a ton of fun at our friends house- we played all sorts of murder games and we all had pretty sweet costumes. I made a pumpkin roll for the event. It was aight. Dallin, and the Doman's came too...but they didn't dress up...so it wasn't quite as fun to take pics of them! Sorry!!!!!

If you are wondering if I am aware...I am. I know that if you cropped my head out of that pic I would look like a 12 year old girl with no boobs. Oh dear.

Jed pretty much rocked the costume idea. He definitely wins for making me laugh the most when simply looking at someone.

Brooklyn (baby Killian) was a bear (which her Grandma made the costume-by the way!) and the bottom right pic...I love! It looks like Lori is feeding a baby bear! But Brooklyn is in there! Promise!

And this is just a collage I did in my hallway. I particularly love it.

And for those of you who want to see the kitchen. BAM!

There tis. It used to be oak cabinets...They still are...just painted now. I LOVE IT!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We're alive!

Yeah, so...I personally haven't posted for an entire MONTH! First, I was at my parents house in Oregon for a week, then I was moving INSTANTLY after that...yep, we bought a house! Which actually consisted of a WEEK of prep work before we could move in such as: cleaning, painting, replacing floors, and random things like lights, blinds, toilets, etc.Then we moved in and it has taken us all week to get stuff KINDA in order. I basically only have books and decor to put away/up. The books...well, we needed a bookshelf becuase all the places we've lived have had built in bookshelves. Trully. We did. So now I have all these books with no home. Thank goodness, Patty just so happened to be not needing one of hers! Hoorah! The books will be put away tonight! During all of this we still work full time, take care of Dante, take Dante to puppy school (which he is ROCKING at, by the way), go to Chiropractor (I am trying to heal my back), obsess and get excited for New Moon (okay, that was just me), GO to New Moon (details on that next)....anyway, we've been BUSY! I promise I'll have a few pics later. I can basically only handle words for now. I have looked at blogs at work occasionally but haven't really commented on ANYONES. So, don't feel like I've shunned you.

Going to Oregon was GREAT! It was soooo great to see my Mom, Amy and Megan. It was nice to see Greg, Mike and my Dad....but let's face it. It was GREAT to see the ladies. Amy and I kinda just bummed around watching tv and stuff. It was perfect. Poor thing. It was hard to see what a hard time she's going through with the Chemo, but I was so happy to be there and help in any way I could. Which was basically just sitting there with her! She is amazing. Even with everything she is going through she always has a smile and happiness about her. Megan and my Mom were moving stuff most of the time I was there. My parents moved, so they were working on that. But I did get to spend some time with them, not as much as I would normally like, but it was great seeing them.

We love our house. Both Clay and I can't really comprehend that we are actually homeowners. It's still surreal. We always just look around and smile.

Well, today was pretty much a rockin' day. Why? We saw NEW MOON! Holy Freakin Smokes, it was amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! Even as much as I tried to keep them low, I went in with high expectations, and they were met above and beyond. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was wondrous. Acting, filming, effects, EVERYTHING was sooooo much better. Jacob is smokin, his and Bella's chemistry is PERFECTION, the wolves rocked, the vampires rocked- the volturi? AMAZING! I want to go see that movie again. Right now. Clay, I'm pretty sure he won't get upset with me for saying this- loved it. He has read the books though. I have read and heard a lot that those who have read the books LOVE the movie, but those who haven't think it's slow. I think it's because they honest to goodness stay way true to the book. There was only ONE part....ONE, that lasted about 10 seconds...where I thought- 'oh please, just stop. That is way too embarrasing to watch'. For those who have seen it, the part where Bella and Edward are wearing clothes from the 50's and are running through the woods? Yeah. No thanks. They could've done that way better. But seriously? That was the only part that I cringed at. The rest was prime. Now I'm just way excited for Eclipse! Which comes out in less than a year!

I only work 3 days next week. This is a heavenly thought.

It feels like there are SO many things I wanted to blog about...but I'm tired. And I can't remember anything! I know I am excited about LOST, Jake on the BACHELOR, and AMERICAN IDOL to start in a few months. I'm super excited for Christmas. And I'm super excited for life to go back to normal...as in non-move mode.

Dante drives me more crazy every day...but I also love him more every day. I can't IMAGINE how much love I'll feel when I have kids. This always happens. I always thought that with my nieces and nephews, how could I love anyone more? I feel that same way with Dante. Sometimes I get these surges of love for him, that are crazy wild, where I just think- oh my gosh, kids are going to be awesome. Because I just love him so much! Like I said, he drives me INSANE sometimes, but a lot of times, he is soooooo stinkin cute and sweet that I just want to hug him and cuddle him on the floor. Yes, hug and cuddle a dog. He can just be the sweetest thing. I have changed so much since we got him. I used to HATE dog stuff...like shedding, slobbering, etc. Now I just don't care. I have just accepted that no matter what, my pants are going to be dirty by the end of the night with dog slobber. I don't even care. It's crazy. He slobbers on my newly painted cupbards in the kitchen and gets some sick-nasty mix of slobber/grass/dirt on them...and I laugh. I LAUGH! I don't even care. I just wipe it off. Anyway. He's awesome.

Alrighty. Love you all. Miss you all. I will be back to blogging regularly soon.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is Clay just uploading some pics for yall to view!

Our first Halloween with Dante, the Great Dane at 4 months.

Father and Son.

Patty and Dante.Waiting for his treat.

Makayla and Dante.

Such a stud...

Here we have...

Gracie: The late Cinderella!

Anna: The Amazing Ice Queen!

Aliese: The Ever Curious Goldy Lox!

Hope you enjoyed them, we have other pics of our costumes that Danielle will post soon I'm sure.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yeah...so I'm thinkin I need a suit

as in a professional, big-wig, accountant-like suit. Why? Because NO ONE TAKES ME SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! They see a freakin 21 year old face. If you're wondering if that is actually the face that belongs to me, the answer is yes. However, I am a college-freakin-graduate, with a 4-year degree in accounting, and I'm about to close on a house. As in, a house with walls, roof, floors, plumbing, property taxes, you know- the works. Whether or not I look it, I am a RESPONSIBLE ADULT! Let's start from the beginning.

We are buying a house. YES! Exciting. I know. I'm just not going to go into too much detail because I'm still a little on the anxiety stage because I just fear something will go wrong and it wont happen. I doubt that anything will happen, but still- better keep quiet until the keys are in my hand...SO- with buying a house, you have to talk to lenders, insurance agents, etc...to get everything figured out. Lets start with the lender.

She's a woman. Everyone raves about how great she is. We've been reccomended to her from multiple people. WELL- Clay and I walk in and talk to her, and she talks to Clay. As in, chair turned, body turned, eyes turned, ONLY to Clay. She only talks to me if I ask a question or make a comment. Then half the time she answers to Clay- when I ask a question. Cute. I love it when I'm ignored. ESPECIALLY when I am the one that does the number crunching in our family, I'm the one that makes financial decisions, I'm the one she should be talking to! Now, of course I wouldn't want her to ONLY talk to me, like she was doing with Clay. Clay and I are equal partners...it's just that she was acting like I was a complete MORON anytime she did look at me, that I was a little put off. So then there's the insurance agent.

We'll call him John. Why? Cause lets face it, that's his name.

John invites me in his office. He too, looks at me like I'm a child. Clay isn't with me, by the way. I tell him about the house, answer his questions...I tell him, "Yeah, we figured we'd try you guys first becuase we have Auto through you, and so we were assuming we'd get some sort of deal- but you know, we just want the best rate"- he says, "So...I'm guessing your lender has some sort of range she wants you to stay in"- I say, "Yeah, she kinda told us the average price for homeowners insurance so that we wouldn't get ripped off or anything, but she just told us to look around"- He says, "So I'm just curious, how much are you expecting to pay?"

Now I will tell you what I thought, not said- but thought: Do you think I'm a freakin idiot? Like I would ever tell you an actual number- what, so that you can run the numbers, and hike it to whatever price I tell you? I think NOT!

I say, "I don't know, we'll see"- He says, "You don't have any idea?" And gives me the classic, "You're so young and naive-do you know anything?" look. I again say, "Yeah, I don't know, we'll see- so you'll let me know the amount?" Then he says- as if I am no professional, "Yeah it will take a few hours to process...so hopefully I'll be able to call you and let you know within a couple hours". I think, "hm. A few hours? I know for a FACT that you will enter the numbers in your software on your computer, and know within seconds. Don't play me like a fool." But of course, what did I say? "Well, I'm kinda on a time table here, so the sooner the better." He says again, "Well, maybe an hour, but we'll see how it goes". YEAH FREAKIN RIGHT! I work at a place with software on my computer. I know how these things work. It doesn't take two hours to enter in his computer that we are buying X house at X price with X bed and X bath. So, here was the clincher- I stand up and say goodbye, the SECOND, and I mean MILI-SECOND I stand up, his eyes are instantly on my mid section. I hurry and look away, because that's usually what decent people do in a situation like that. You know...then I look back, and he is STILL STARING AT MY REAR-END. No lie. I can promise you that he was staring for 7 straight seconds. I decided I did not want to exaggerate this, so I counted in my head, "one-bananna, two-bannana, three-bananna, four-bannanna, five-bananna, six-bananna, seven-bananna" and by that time, I was out the door of the office so he had no opportunity to keep staring. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Who does that? Obviously this married idiotic man who treats me like a child, but stares at me like I'm 40. Psh. Yeah- I am soooooooooooo done with that. However, he quoted at a GREAT rate, so we'll stick with his business.

So then I go to our lender to give her all our paper-work crap. I'm not with Clayton. I ask her a few questions Clay and I had, and she looks at me like I'm an imbosol. Seriously. I'm not imagining this. It happened. I was so furious by then.

I go back to work, complain to my boss and co-workers, like I always do. They laugh, of course- probably like you are while you're reading this. And my boss says, "You just look young. Because you are." Then he laughs. Then he says he thinks we should make some business cards with my name on it with CPA behind it. I said, "YEAH right". I don't do that. He said that'd make them respect me. I'm pretty sure he was joking. But anyway, he doesn't think a suit will help. I'm pretty sure it will. So......I just might be taking a trip to the DI tomorrow. That's right, the Deseret Industry. If that doesn't work out, Ross. You know why else this all matters? Clients treat me different too. I've been asked if I'm my boss's DAUGHTER. Daughter. As in, his teen-high school daughters. I say, actually no- I'm an accountant here. I just graduated BYU-Idaho in July. They always look shocked. They always think I'm a secretary, and barely EVER trust me. Always asking for others. It is getting better...but not to where I want it to be. At first it didn't bug me...but after today, I think it is going to bug me. I'm pretty sure I deserve respect around here. I just re-read that sentence. I am such a brat. Yes, as in the- 21 year old in her own world BRAT. blah.

Well, on to other things. Dante is freaking HUGE. As in- ginormous. I'm a little nervous for when he's like...up to my chest because he is already getting STRONG. Thank goodness he respects us...for the most part! We went to Salt lake to get this HUMONGO dog crate. It is soooo big. I could sleep in there easy, and barely have leg cramps. If I were homeless, this would be a GREAT home. I'm not even joking. I'll have to post some pics sometime. It was a good deal, and so we had to go and get it...

My back is dying. It hurts from 3:00 on ever stinking day. Sometimes it hurts so bad I just go lay in bed. I need to make an appointment with the Chiropractor. Our even covers it...I'm just too lazy to look up the phone number I think. Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard? I think I'll make an appointment tomorrow.

Clay went to Iowa today. It sucks. He was gone last week too...........then I leave on Saturday for Oregon. I am SO excited to go to Oregon, it just stinks being away from Clayton for so long. It's funny- I never feel like it will be bad...but I find that when I drop him off at the airport, before he even steps out of the car I miss him. That is really cheesy, but the SERIOUS truth. It makes me happy that I miss him though. You know? It would probably be bad if I didn't.

We started watching Heroes. Talk about gory. Sawed off sculls with missing brains. However, it is really intriguing...so, we keep watching. What I don't understand, is how Clay can't stand to watch Grey's Anatomy- because of blood...but he has absolutely NO problem with sawed off sculls with missing brains. I'm trying not to think he is demented:)

Well, I wrote this post yesterday and forgot to post it, because I got distracted and did something else. Anyway. That's all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Holidays...

This always seems to happen to me. July hits, and I really honestly do think about Christmas...and how it's about time for Christmas to come by...but I soon get over it and go swimming or something. Then October hits- and I don't even have to see the Christmas decorations in the stores (which I haven't yet), but some internal switch goes on that says, "Let's just skip Halloween and Thanksgiving...and go to Christmas". Today it started. Today it happened. I played my favorite Christmas book on the piano. It always starts with the piano. Then of course, I can't stop there. I have to listen to my Christmas playlist on my zune...pop in my NSYNC christmas CD...watch "White Christmas" a couple times...and before you know it I'll have the tree up the first week of November. Will I always be like this? I don't know. All I know is the Christmas season is WAY too short. As I was thinking this while playing "Over the river and through the woods" on the ancient piano in my in-laws living room, I thought- but wait a minute....if it were longer than a month--none of this would be that exciting. I wouldn't get SO excited everytime. It's the limitation that makes it so wonderful.

Yet, I'm still going to play my Christmas songs. Don't worry- I will wait until Thanksgiving week to put up Christams decor. Hopefully we'll have a house to even put stuff up in.............argh.

So Clay went on his first "business trip" if you want to call it that...this last week. His office went to Boise for a training meeting or something like that. Well anyway, he had to be at the office to leave by 6:50 am- YIKES! And didn't get home until 10pm. Well, I've decided I like it when Clay goes on business trips. Why? Because he brings me home cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. Oh, how I felt like a couple on those movies...you know- when the hubby goes on a business trip, and brings the wife home something--and she jumps with joy and hugs him. Usually it's like a diamond necklace or something like that- well let me tell you...I had just as much, if not MORE joy than those women with diomand jewels when Clay popped out that slice of cheesecake for me. Yep, I think I could get used to these business trips. He is going to Arizona for 3 days in a week or two...for training...and then he is giong to IOWA for 4 days I think...for training...only like 30 people in the country get to go and it's supposedly a privelage of some sort...anyway- Clay got picked to go- he has no idea why, but either way he's excited. But both of these business trips happen before November...and then the first week of November I am going to Oregon...so we are basically going to never be around each other for a few weeks! Poopy. Oh well...we'll survive. I'm sure of it.

Can I ask you something? Did any of you read Catching Fire? The sequel to Hunger Games? Did you like Catching Fire as much as Hunger Games? I didn't. I liked the first a lot better. I'm really hoping the third isn't on the same track...you know- worse than the second. Cause if that's the case...it won't be that great of a book. Catching Fire was good, I really liked it- but it just dragged in a lot of places. Just sayin...

Did you hear that JK Rowling is writing something? She said something like, "I am busy putting pen to paper...and it's not Harry Potter related"- soooooooooooo I'm pretty excited. Anyone who can be brilliant enough to write 7 brilliant books- Harry Potter- is probably bound to write some more brilliant stuff. You have to say "brilliant" when talking about Harry Potter and JK Rowling...cause it just sounds so brittish.

Soooooooooo...let me tell you- David Letterman drives me insane. I HATE the fact that he tried to act noble and crap by publicly admitting to affairs...but turned the affairs into jokes. And I hate even MORE that his ratings have gone up since he admitted his affairs. I have never liked him- because his jokes seem to be more sexually and crudely centered...in comparison with the others (they all do crude jokes and stuff...but letterman seems more than most, to me) and then this happened and I just couldn't believe it! The man drives me mad. If you don't know what I'm talking about- I have to ask...have you been living under a rock? Go to google news...yahoo news...and you're bound to see it.

I have to say- I am really lucky my metabolism is really high still. There are treats in this house 24-7. I am not kidding you- if my metabolism wasn't so high--I would be EXTREMELY overweight. 1) I don't exercise...at all...2) I have no self-discipline, restraint, you know...I never HOLD BACK...3) The treats are ALWAYS good- whether it's homemade baked goods, store-bought treats, nutella, whatever... it's a rarity that a treat is bad tasting around here. I keep telling myself I should exercise...but really? It's kinda not very fun sounding. I do dance all around the house...quite a bit. I always have songs in my head and I can't help but dance to them...so maybe that works off a bit:) There you go- I'm fine. I'll just keep dancin.

Well- I guess that'll be it. I need to blog more. It makes me happy. I need to write a book. I know it'd be stupid and boring- and you guys are like..."uh...hun, I barely made it this far in your BLOG- how could anyone read a book of yours?" but, think about it. Nicholas Sparks, his first book "The Notebook" gave him a $1 million contract. Can you believe that? His FIRST BOOK he ever published. I'm pretty sure I could handle something like that. It's worth a shot:)

Speaking of treats...as I am typing- Patty JUST came in and handed me a treat she just made. Oh dear.

Dante is good. He's kinda in his terrible 2's right now I think. He listens super good sometimes, but then super bad other times. He gets really cranky and acts up A LOT when he is tired and needs a nap. Seriously, he is acting INSANE and not listening to a word we say...we put him in his crate...and he is snoring within a minute. NO exaggeration. None. After we discipline him...like give him a time-out type thing, I get scared he's gonna hate me, but right when I let him go he comes up and cuddles me real quick- I think it's the equivelant of a hug really- he can be the sweetest dog in the world, yet the most hyper crazy dog...overall- he's great. We love him so much. He is so cute. And so big. I keep wondering if I'll think he's so cute when he's full grown. I'm sure I will, but in a different sort of way.

I'm so excited to go to the Coast. I haven't been home in almost a year. The last time I was there was for Christmas. It'll be wonderful to see everyone. It's an added bonus that I won't have to work for a week! That'll be GREAT.

Well- I suppose that's all. Another great thing about the holidays- I found the perfect gifts for my Mom and Patty- lets face it...those are pretty much the most important gifts right? For the mothers? That's how I feel anyway- so I'm pretty dang excited. I'm pretty sure I'll be that type of mom that gets her Christmas shopping done by thanksgiving just cause I get so dang excited so early! I'm sure it'll be different once I have kids and am way busier. I know, I know...I just don't understand yet...

Aight. Peace ouuuuuuuuut.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dogs...dogs...dogs...and some other stuff too:)

Dante Collage

Well this is the best I can do. I know it's hard to tell in the pics, but he's grown a ton! He gains a pound a day. Within a month he'll be double the size. Just look at the pictures of the first day we got him a couple posts ago, and the ones I post today...and he is so big! He is completely potty trained now, and a pretty good dog. He sits, stays, and lays down when we tell him to. He comes pretty well but it's definitely not his forte. He's pretty cute. Thank goodness.

We have another dog in the family too! Rebecca and the girls got a dog from the pound! Her name is Riley, and she is as sweet as can be! It was so fun watching them. They all are totally inlove with her. Gracie calls her "sweety". She says, "Sweety! Come here sweety! You want your bone sweety?" Or she calls her "little girl" or "doggie"...she also calls her Riley too. Riley follows Rebecca EVERYWHERE. Clay says that it's because Rebecca's a good pack leader and that she is taking control, so the dog just automatically wants to be around her. She's a really good dog. She sits and follows commands pretty well. She doesn't bark or jump either...she's just great. Her eyes really are golden. In Rebeccas words, "Don't they look like Edwards?" hahahh. If you don't know that refrence- SHAME ON YOU! Go read twilight.

I'm off....oh yeah. I read the Hunger Games, and Catching Fire. They were so good. I read Hunger Games in literally one day. I couldn't put it down. Catching fire was more like...4 days. We have a bunch of kids here right now and they make it pretty hard to read...they ask questions like...every 5 seconds if your in the same room with them. If you like to read, GO PICK EM UP! They were SUPER good. Did you guys here that "The Host" is going to be a movie? I can't wait! It'll be great. If you don't know, Stephenie Meyer (author of twilight) wrote another book that is different from twilight series, called the Host. I LOVE the host. So so much.

Oh yes- these are crappy pictures, but they are burp rags I've been making for baby showers. Two of my really good friends just had babies. One a girl, one a boy. I made these for them. I love them. They are cotton on front, flannel on back, bias tape bordering around it. They are way harder to make then you'd think.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Basically...I think I might die of anxiety

For this:

Please...let November 20th come quickly.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A lot of catching up to do!

So I realized as I was sifting through the many pictures of Dante....that I suppose I am a bit obsessed. I kept thinking- oh but this is so cute! How do I pick? Oh- he is so sweet. Oh look at him there. So- I'm putting a lot of pics, but honestly- be grateful...this is a LOT LESS than I could've put. I don't know how I'm going to do it when I have a baby.

Here he is the day we got him. I like this pic of me and Clay and the dog.

Here we are each getting to know him...

Clay had both dogs fighting for his attention...(Stetson is the retriever...Patty and Paul's dog)

Here is Clay rolling up the rugs because they are really just asking for accidents to plop right on them:)

Here is Dante a week after we got him...already bigger!

Here is Dante today...2 weeks after we got him...even bigger!

Here are some random ones...I came downstairs to our bedroom to go to bed and Clay was laying on the ground, and Dante was laying on his chest. It really was quite sweet.

Here he is in his little bed. We have him sleep in his crate...but this is a comfy spot for him while he's just layin around. So cute. All in all he is getting better at commands...however sometimes he just kinda goes wild! Like running SO FAST everywhere and SO HYPER! He reminds me of a toddler. Can't keep your eyes off them for a second. Anyway...he is a good puppy and so cute.

I realized that I hadn't blogged about Graduation at all much...and hadn't posted any pics either. Here are a few pics from the big day...


I LOVED my graduation day. I owe it to my parents and Clay's parents and Clay- for that. All of them were constantly saying, "It's your day, what do you want?" I LOVED IT! Clay was so sweet- he kept saying, "I don't know why, I just fee like it's your day...not mine- I want you to get all the attention". He made sure that I walked first onstage cause he wanted to watch me:) We got shaved ice from snoasis after graduation, went to chinese...in fact, the chinese restaurant was closed but Dad, of course, walked up to the door...causing them to open up and say, "How many?...Come on in!" It was wondrous...and delicious. I really really loved walking into the huge auditorium to the graduation song...I LOVED it. I seriously probably looked so goofy because I was trying to force my mouth not to smile so STINKIN HUGE! I was smiling so big because I was so happy. I almost burst to tears. I just felt so accomplished and so cool for wearing the gown and cap. You know- I've never done that before because I graduated early and got married:) So it was a super cool experience. I loved having my parents, Clay's parents, my oldest sister, and Clay's cousin all there to enjoy the experience. I'm sure it was super boring for them- but I loved having them all there. The only downside to the day was that I insisted on wearing my cute red heels and my feet were DEAD by the time the night was over. Seriously- death became them. I was regretting that about 10 minutes after we got on campus. Oh well...I looked cute and that is obviously all that matters in life.

On to more important things. I am pretty much obsessed with a new teen icon: Hannah Montana.

Who knew she was so stinkin awesome? I had no idea! Until I watched "Hannah Montana: The Movie"- I LOVED IT! I loved it even more when Patty got he soundtrack and I put it on my Zune. It wasn't even as cheesy as High School Musical. I totally love it. Where have I been all this time when people were raving about Hannah Montana? I guess I was all up in High School Musical's grill or somethin. Whatev...I have moved on to not bigger or better things, but Hannah Montana. It's a movie I'll definitely have to have for Christmas. I do have to say though that Miley Cyrus is a COMPLETELY different story. She's kinda so so....a little bit on the "teenager trying to be 26 and naked on magazines" kind of girl. So you know- I'm not a fan of Miley, but I'm a fan of Hannah.

Also, I am about to start reading Hunger games- finally jumping on THAT bandwagon. Thank goodness. Where have I been for that too?

I've been reading a series by Anita Stansfield...the Jayson Wolfe series...I forget the names all of a sudden but I'll tell ya later. They are way good as well. There are 5 of them.

Alright- that's it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Life with a dog...

So...the truth is, I'm really lucky. Clay and I made a deal that if we got a dog, he would have to clean up all the accidents, deal with the crappy parts like waking up in the middle of the night to take him to the bathroom....all that stuff. He is basically in charge of everything that is hard. And he is really living up to that deal. The dog has had accidents, and I haven't cleaned up one of them! I'll tell you about one morning a couple days ago though....

So far, Dante had only peed in the house. Aint no thang. So Clay and I have it worked out so I shower first, then he does second because he doesn't have to leave until an hour after I leave for work. This house only has one bathroom...we have to kinda have schedules. So anyway, Clay had to take Dante to the Vet to get him checked to make sure he was perfectly healthy (which he is). He had to get there by 8:00, so he had to shower before me....well...he tells me he will get up and be out by 7:20 so I can get in right after him. WELL, I end up not being able to get into the bathroom until 7:40. GREAT! So Clay is getting the dog ready to go to the vet when I walk towards the bathroom and squoosh. My bare foot steps in something squishy...I look down and what do you know? I am stepping in FRESH dog poo. So what do I do? Of course, get mad at Clay. And what does he do? Well duh. What would any good husband do? HE LAUGHED HIS HEAD OFF. Oh my. That morning I was TICKED! Yeah. That was really fun.

Dante pretty much has taken over our lives. We have to watch his every move because there is so much stuff around the house and another dog in the house as well, so we have to constantly look at him so that if he chews on something he's not supposed to, you kidna pinch/poke/hit him and say "NO!" We also have to watch out for him so that something like the other day doesn't happen and we don't realize it. If we don't clean up his accidents good, then it will get harder. He will smell his poo or pee, and decide that's where he goes. Once it wasn't cleaned up good enough or something and he went in the same exact spot twice.

Clay has been getting up with him in the middle of the night...to go potty. It started at like 4-5 times a night...now I think it's down to one or two. So that's good. He has already grown. I have some pictures but didn't bring my camera up to load them. Anyway. Sorry. It's not like you guys find this exciting.

Overall, he is still SO cute. He is really sweet most of the time...and when you get him calmed down, he just cuddles up to you like a lil baby. We love it. He gets better every day.

We are still on the house hunt. There was one we wanted really really bad, and thought we would get it- but someone offered more with cash- so they won. We have another one that we think we will find out tuesday or soon after...which we are pretty excited about as well. And we know that we are the only ones that put an offer on that one so far...so hopefully we get it! WELL...that's pretty much it. We work, watch the dog, look at houses...that's it. Pretty exciting!

That's all.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meet Dante

So it all started this morning when we drove to Ogden, UT (2 1/2 hours away) to meet the breeders to pick up Dante! We were SO EXCITED, so the drive felt EXTRA long. When we saw him, he was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. We both fell inlove immediately. I picked him up right away and everything! He is sooo cute, mellow, friendly...everything we wanted. We think he is WAY cuter in person. It was kind of hard to capture him on camera because everytime I got on his level so you could see his face, he came running up to me. Anyway...puppies are EXAUHSTING! Holy smokes! We have to watch his every move! He is still teething so he chews chews chews! Just like a lil baby! But he is really smart and when we say "No!" He stops and walks away. He has already peed in the house twice, but Clay cleaned up both those times...a great habit that is forming:) But we have a system that when he does it, we say "NO!" in a firm voice, and as soon as he stops peeing, pick him up and set him on the lawn. That way he realizes that the LAWN is where he is supposed to do that stuff. We also do lots of other things to help him be fully potty trained. But he already knows he doesn't want to go to the bathroom in his crate, where he sleeps. So that's good. Anyway- we are way happy and excited. Now we'll be the dorks with tons of pictures of our dog all over our blog...at least until there are kids to take pictures of!

Clay started his job last week. He actually LOVES it! So far. He has just been training so far. He think he'll be done training this week and be able to get down to real business:) I think he is anxious to start working, instead of training, because that's when he can make commissions. But he gets along GREAT with all his co-workers. He says they are all really funny, and he is laughing all day long. So that's good. I was so worried he'd go and be like...OK- this is WAY too boring. But he loves it! He said it'll be way exciting.

Patty, Paul and Makayla went to Boise to visit Paul's sister for a week....they came home with TONS of chocolate treats from nice chocolate shops. Holy smokes. I don't know if I can take it. Do they realize that I down those things so easily? It is so hard to resist just eating all of it all day long. Hopefully I will...otherwise that'd be pretty embarrassing:) I don't know how they can just let it sit there and not eat it. It's so hard for me. I have to actively try not to. Anyway. I am pathetic...I know.

So who is pumped for New Moon? I know I DEFINITELY am. Let's just look at the Volturi.

Umm...hello Dakoda Fanning....or should I say Jane?
You do make a rather gorgeous evil vampire. Clay thinks you may suck. I think you may rock. Either way, diggin the new style.

The three amigos!
Or....Aro, Caius, and Alec. You three look horribly scary. I am so glad.

Basically, New moon is gonna ROCK! I'm definitely goin for the OPENING DAY! I say day, in the literal sense. I'm not very down with the midnight showings. Why should I pay 9 bucks to sleep in an uncomfortable chair? Cause that's what I'd be doin! I really can't make it past 10:30 these days.

Aight. That's about all. Love you all!