Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meet Dante

So it all started this morning when we drove to Ogden, UT (2 1/2 hours away) to meet the breeders to pick up Dante! We were SO EXCITED, so the drive felt EXTRA long. When we saw him, he was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. We both fell inlove immediately. I picked him up right away and everything! He is sooo cute, mellow, friendly...everything we wanted. We think he is WAY cuter in person. It was kind of hard to capture him on camera because everytime I got on his level so you could see his face, he came running up to me. Anyway...puppies are EXAUHSTING! Holy smokes! We have to watch his every move! He is still teething so he chews chews chews! Just like a lil baby! But he is really smart and when we say "No!" He stops and walks away. He has already peed in the house twice, but Clay cleaned up both those times...a great habit that is forming:) But we have a system that when he does it, we say "NO!" in a firm voice, and as soon as he stops peeing, pick him up and set him on the lawn. That way he realizes that the LAWN is where he is supposed to do that stuff. We also do lots of other things to help him be fully potty trained. But he already knows he doesn't want to go to the bathroom in his crate, where he sleeps. So that's good. Anyway- we are way happy and excited. Now we'll be the dorks with tons of pictures of our dog all over our least until there are kids to take pictures of!

Clay started his job last week. He actually LOVES it! So far. He has just been training so far. He think he'll be done training this week and be able to get down to real business:) I think he is anxious to start working, instead of training, because that's when he can make commissions. But he gets along GREAT with all his co-workers. He says they are all really funny, and he is laughing all day long. So that's good. I was so worried he'd go and be like...OK- this is WAY too boring. But he loves it! He said it'll be way exciting.

Patty, Paul and Makayla went to Boise to visit Paul's sister for a week....they came home with TONS of chocolate treats from nice chocolate shops. Holy smokes. I don't know if I can take it. Do they realize that I down those things so easily? It is so hard to resist just eating all of it all day long. Hopefully I will...otherwise that'd be pretty embarrassing:) I don't know how they can just let it sit there and not eat it. It's so hard for me. I have to actively try not to. Anyway. I am pathetic...I know.

So who is pumped for New Moon? I know I DEFINITELY am. Let's just look at the Volturi.

Umm...hello Dakoda Fanning....or should I say Jane?
You do make a rather gorgeous evil vampire. Clay thinks you may suck. I think you may rock. Either way, diggin the new style.

The three amigos!
Or....Aro, Caius, and Alec. You three look horribly scary. I am so glad.

Basically, New moon is gonna ROCK! I'm definitely goin for the OPENING DAY! I say day, in the literal sense. I'm not very down with the midnight showings. Why should I pay 9 bucks to sleep in an uncomfortable chair? Cause that's what I'd be doin! I really can't make it past 10:30 these days.

Aight. That's about all. Love you all!

Monday, August 17, 2009

5 1/2 weeks...........

Nope, not 5 1/2 weeks pregnant....I just realized after I wrote that some people might get all jumpy and excited. No no. Our puppy in this PICTURE is 5 and 1/2 weeks. Isn't he cute? He will be named Donte. I know I said Leo. But He is Dante. Donte. Whatev. YOu know. I'm pretty sure he's a dang cute puppy though. We are getting him within a week! I'm pretty nervous to tell you the absolute truth. I am just worried I'll not like him or something. But I'm sure I'll love him.

Alright. That's it. Peace out.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

CRAZY crazy crazy

First off, this is the very puppy we are getting sometime around August 23rd.

Isn't he cute?!?!?! We are so excited! We are going to name him "Leonidus". Can you guess who decided on that name? Yep, none other than the husband. We will call him "Leo" though. Clay wanted to name him Leonidus after the spartan king or something like that. Anyway- he's small right now, but don't you worry- he will grow fast! Clay's parents are cool with us bringing the puppy in their house until we move out! Clay was grinning...and absolutely ECSTATIC after we found out we were getting him. It's really cool- the breeders have this blog where they show the growth of the puppy from the time they are born so that the owners have picture from their whole life!

Well....we've been house shopping like CRAZY! So many houses. So many. So many that are nice, so many that smell like cat pee. So many that are built awesome, so many that are like...uh...what? You are pricing this at WHAT?! Yeah. Right. As of right now, I am pretty sure I am drop dead inlove with a house that was built in 1928, and is right down the street from Clay's parents =) it's so funny. We've been looking EVERYWHERE- but we keep finding houses by Clay's parents that we like. Anyway- it is just CHALK FULL of character, storage, loveliness. Everything. I just love it. Clay loved it and wanted to put an offer until we talked to a building development...where we would build BRAND NEW for titch more than the older house (Same size except bigger *unfinished* yard, and unfinished basement). Now he is all for new houses...but tomorrow he is going and looking at some "short sales" and maybe forclosures or something. Clay is in such a hurry, as always. At one point he even said, "Hun, I want us to have made a decision by the end of the week"...he just always does things so quickly. So do I...I guess. I mean, we both graduated in 3.5 years...we just like to get things going I guess. Anyway- we are still looking....still thinking...I don't know how much I like house looking. It is just a big stress to me. Plus I'm working full time, then doing houses all's tiring. Clay hasn't started his job yet, so he isn't really as affected I don't think. I can't wait till he starts working. Neither can he. August 17th.

So.....that's basically been our life. We are all moved out, all moved in to Clay's parents. Sleeping in the basement. Speaking of moved...I still need to change some addresses............ughhh. Sometimes it would just be SO nice to have a magic owl. You would never have to fill out change of address forms because the owl would just know where to go! If only we were all witches and wizards. Life could be so much easier. But, I'm sure there's a reason we aren't. = )

Uhmmmmmmmmmmm that's all I can think of for now. Sorry...pretty boring.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I guess it's that time has been CRAZY! But good.

This is pretty much how the past week went down.

Monday...start work.
Tuesday...decide to move in with Clay's parents.
Weds...put our house we are renting up on craigslist...get a billion people who want it, people decide that same day. I pack for a few hours.
Thurs...pack for a few hours after work again.
Fri...take a half day...pack pack pack with Patty, Makayla, and Clayton.
Saturday...move out completely, clean...and be done.
Sunday...last day in our ward.

So we are COMPLETELY moved out, keys given back, all of that and moved into Clay's parents. All our stuff/crap is in Patty and Paul's GINORMOUS garage. It still needs to be organized a bit. But they have a basement where we will be staying in Clay's old bedroom! Also, this entire week I have looked at DEFINITELY well over 100 houses online which have TONS of pics, stats, etc. We have decided on around 20 or so we definitely want to go look at this week if we can. We also want to talk to a building it's been pretty exciting..but we are SO READY to start actually getting IN these houses and seeing what they are REALLY like in person. I am so excited. Clay has been on another researching kick. Can you guess what? Well....Great Danes of course! You know the deal we had right? Once we get a house, we can get a dog. WELL, he has not taken ANY time in getting ready. For those who don't know what great danes are (some of my sisters=) they are mostly known for their ginormous size. This is a pic of one...

We are going to buy a purebreed puppy though, so when we get ours, it will look like this.
You canNOT deny that this dog is cute.
But to give you an idea of how big they can are some CRAZY sized ones I found online...

In the this totally the same area as Anne of Green Gables? Hello? Look at it!

HA! Don't worry...our dog will be trained not to do that to you.

But Clay DID say that all these HUGE ones are probably show dogs that are specifically bred to be big. Ours probably wont be quite as big. But still big. hehe. I am surprisingly SO EXCITED! as I type Clay is talking to a breeder from Utah...we found some that we really want because we REALLY like the way the breeder sounds and stuff. Anyway- Clay has done a TON of research and we pretty much think the Great Dane is the perfect dog for us. Great danes don't bark (unless danger is present), they aren't agressive, they are GREAT family dogs, they don't shed, and they don't need to be exercised a lot. We are so excited.

We have been house/dog sitting for these people. We will be done on Wednesday. They said that we can eat anything we can find. So...they had...key word: HAD, Betty Crocker brownie mixes, 3 to be exact...and we have officially made all 3 of them. Hope they don't mind! BUT, just know we always made them when friends or family were over.

My sister Amy shaved her head. You should look at her blog. I was really nervous for her...but she looks AMAZING! Seriuosly- not a problem. She still looks gorgeous. I am so happy. It was time. Her hair was falling out like crazy...and she couldn't take a shower until it was shaved because it would all fall out if she did. She has been SO brave, and SO positive. I'm pretty sure she has 10 chemo treatments keep prayin for her! She loves packages in the mail = )

so.....the Bachelorette. HELLO! I had no idea people liked my reviews. I LOVED writing them. But sometimes only like...Amy commented it seemed like. So anyway- Ed. Oh Ed. You dear short shorts, tank top wearin man. How I misread your relationship. I totally thought Jillian and Kypton were going to end up. But honestly? I'm really glad they didn't. Why? He NEVER COMMITTED! I feel like he was feeling FORCED to even say "I love you". Yes, he's good looking. Yes, he has a freakin billion pack or whatever. But...he kinda was also...blah. Too cookie cut. Ed, kinda wierd at times, but totally serious, committed, and responsible. I loved watching them. They were SO CUTE! I loved how they were kissing so much and just so happy. So, all in all- I am HAPPYwith the ending. I've always liked Ed. Never obsessed with Reid really. If he becomes the next Bachelor I might barf. But I'll still watch it anyway. I think Michael would be a GREAT bachelor. Not Jake either. That would get really boring, really fast. Speaking of guys who got kicked off...............guys tell all. I wanted to punch the tv in the face. Those guys that were kicked off on like...week two or something? Why were they even there? Better yet...why did they feel like they had to talk THE WHOLE TIME?! They were SO ANNOYING! They acted like they knew what was going on the whole time, which they DIDN'T because they LEFT so flippin EARLY! I just kept wanting to say...HUSH UP! I didn't though.

Anyway------any advice on buying houses? Clay is solely concerned about Square footage. He basically thinks...........the more the better! Obviously it has to be a decent nice house. He really wants a yard with a sprinkler system and a fence. My concerns are..............everything. Kitchen is pretty much top priority. Then everything else. We still havent' decided whether we are more NEW people, or OLD know? This week we will look at houses that were built early 1900's to the 80's to the past few years, to building from start. We'll see!

Well. I'm's time for bed. Till next time.