Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yum. I love baking. And eating.

So you may all be wondering- DANIELLE! How in the world to you make that and not eat it all?!?!?!'s the thing. I don't. As in...I've already eaten 4 pieces with butter slathered on each piece and it's been hour and a half since out of the oven.

Poor Dante. He is restfully laying on his bed thingy by the computer, until I get up to go to the kitchen...he gets up...follows me there, begins to get comfy on the kitchen rug by the heater (one of his fav spots), when little does he know...I'm not planning on staying right as he's laying his head down, I turn to walk back to the computer. He seriously gives me this look that has, "What? You're seriously going back? *sighhhhhhhhhhh* Fine." written all over his face. Then he comes back and gets comfy on his bed again. Poor guy.

Lizzie's French Bread....YUM!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, today was a hoot. Clay stayed home from work, worked on a website (he does websites on the side...why have I never said this? If you need a website built, Clay's the man- and no...I don't mean free labor...he charges moola to help us buy things like my saweet dishwasher and oven and an occasional Call of Duty (aka video game)) anyway- he worked on a website, and...........................PUT UP SHELVES IN MY SEWING ROOM! Yes! I was soooooo elated. I was actually worried at first. Cuz he sent me a picture message on the phone of his work, and it looked crooked. But, you know...I guess he mustve just taken a crooked picture because in person, they looked GREAT! Now I can finally organize and be happy. So I started...but realized that I am SO SLOW at organizing. If only I had Amy with me. She like...was queen of helping me clean my room growing up. What do I do when I go through things? I see an old picture and go, "awww...look at that! Oh that was so wonderful...blah balbhalh" and then I just sit and ponder on old times...or something. Or I see a piece of fabric and am like- OH MY that would make a great then I start planning the project. I get sidetracked like...SO easy. So I basically got my beads on the shelf...and my scrapbooking stuff sorted through. Which was pretty much 2 boxes out of a ton. Tomorrow will be better. It HAS to be. I have so much to do!

Rebecca came over to work on a present for Aliese's birthday. I went to get the fabric with her and we decided to get double the amount of fabric needed...actually a little more than double...just to be safe. Well, surprise surprise, GOOD thing we did:) Gracie came with her and watched High School Muscal 2 on my tv. Oh, how I love that movie. Anyway- it was fun. We talked about businesses we want to start...or books we want to write...we realized that both of us are quite the dreamers/entrepreneurs. I have a paticular idea that I'm not going to share quite yet. Stay tuned.

I made this salad for dinner with berries, pecans, and chicken. Clay came upstairs and looked at it and said, "Maybe don't try such risky meals for me" then he kind of stared at it and at me the rest of the meal while I gobbled mine up. It was good times.

My kitchen is clean. Have I told you the wonders of my dishwasher? I'm not joking. It is the bomb-dot-com. It's not the most expensive kind, but I bet you it works better than the most expensive kind. If you ever get a dishwasher, ask me first what kind I got, because I kid you dish comes out clean...EVERY time. It's the best. I know I'm a dork, and am blogging about a dishwasher, but this SERIOUSLY brings me GREAT joy in life.

I've been craving brownies lots lately. I'm just going to admit sucks. Big time. I sometimes wonder why I'm doing it. Then I remember that my life was dependent on chocolate after every meal. No lie. I thought of it all the time, and ate way too much of it. It's a good thing. I'm just sad. The other night Kurt and Lori were over, and the boys were eating cookies (nice, huh) and both Lori and I looked at each other at the very same moment with the saddest frowns on our faces...but then of course we bust up laughing because of how dorky we looked. Oh well.

I'm tiiiiiiiired. So...goodnight.

Oh. PS- That spoiler blog for the bachelor...said that Ella wouldn't get a rose on her one on one with her son at sea world because Jake thought she should be with her son, not I'm pretty sure we can't completely believe everything that blog says...cause he obviously wasn't right about even the early episodes! Ella got a rose, and a kiss! This gives me hope:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Praise be, she's gone.

Okay, I know she was in my top 3 from the first episode, but after last week's no kiss thing, I was SO BUGGED by her! I don't care at all (much like Jake) that she didn't want to kiss until the end...but I DID care a LOT (much like Jake) that she was doing that just to play games, tease, and dangle it in front of him just to try and make him want her, and give her power. UGH She was soooooooooooooooooo annoying to me. So So annoying. I am SO PLEASED she is gone!

I'm not really even going to talk about Michelle...simply because I am ABSOLUTELY confident that every person on earth watching the television has the exact same feelings about this girl. I hope this experience helps her realize she's kinda a bit....well...I'm not even gonna say it...well, no...I am...a bit of a nut job.

Let's talk a bit about Vienna.

Vienna kind of has a ginormous bit of drama surrounding her. What is up with that? I've never seen her be mean or anything to anyone. The only annoyance was her opening interview where she let her dog lick her face. In fact, the more of her I saw, the more I liked. I didn't like that she dished on all the details of her date, but she really seems like a sincere nice girl. Possibly oblivious, but good intentioned. However, SOMEthing seems to be goin on here...considering every girl hates her and says she talks crap. Dunno.

I will say this- I read that spoiler or something like that. He basically says who Jake picks, who the top two are, tons of spoilers. Did I read? Of COURSE. My biggest weakness is a good spoiler...buuuuuuuuut I just have a hard time believing it. It could be anyone couldn't it? Just writing this big ol thing to make people talk? I don't know. Either way, I'm still watching because if it IS who this guy says it is....holy SMOKES that will be an upset. And I love me a good upset. I won't say on the blog though...just cause I don't want to spoil it for people who don't want to be spoiled.

I'm liking Jake more and more. He's being pretty real now, and I like it. Major props for sending Elizabeth packing. And calling her out. Everything really.

Till next time...............

PS- I just have to say that my primary class is so freaking funny. I have no idea if they are learning fact, I'm quite convinced that everything I say...doesn't even reach their brains...because they are constantly thinking of a story they want to tell me. Either way, we're trying...but I kind of love it, because they are SO sweet and SO funny. I love them. (4 year olds, in case you didn't catch it in older posts) The great thing about 4 year olds, at least our four year olds, are they aren't snotty or have attitude AT ALL. The only problem is that their attention span is less than 5 seconds. No exaggeration. But that is the only problem. With older kids you have problems of authority, and attitude, and meanness. But these kids are soooo sweet and just have the funniest things to say. Okay. One story- in the lesson we were supposed to ask them each what their full name was...about 5 of the 8 could remember their full names...but one girl in paticular couldn't remember her last name I guess, because when we called on her, perked up with a big smile on her face and proudly stated, "Macie Phillipp!" hahahahaha. Clay and I looked at eachother and I was about to bust with laughter...but instead I reminded her what her name really was...which was nothing close to Phillipp. So funny. Just one of the many stories.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i stink at new years goals.

At least...I'm really stinkin up the one about blogging everyday. I am going to try to be better. Promise.

So I've decided that people generally like to see people fail. And I'm thinking it's to make themselves feel better about not being a certain way. I'm not pointing fingers because there's basically been like 3 people in my life that I can distinctly remember ACTUALLY rooting me on with the no sweets thing. Every other person has been like, "yeah RIGHT, like that'll happen" or, "You're crazy", know...whatever. Not only that, but have actually tried to get me to fail. One woman at work, who just started coming for tax season...knows I love Cadbury mini eggs. She BOUGHT me some and gave them to me today at work. I told her she was rude, and I told her I wasn't going to eat them. So my other coworker took them instead. Seriously? I mean...she even told me- "After you told me about your no sweets thing, and I saw these at the store, I remembered how much you loved them so I HAD to buy them for you" with a sneaky smirk. I don't get it. Why do people want to see people fail? I told them all they should do it with me, instead of being mean and trying to make me fail. Oh well...

Speaking of the no sweets. It's the 15th day with no sweets. No close calls, no nothing. The first few days I could think of NOTHING ELSE but chocolate. But, now I don't think of it as much. I do think it sounds really delicious, and I really would love a cookie right now, but it's not as important anymore. Also, BECAUSE people want me to fail so badly, or don't think I can, it just makes me want to succeed even more. I think that's kind of become my main motivation.

Next item of business: the headband. HA- okay- first off, there have got to be some of you not commenting because there were like...37 votes and the most comments I've EVER received is 16. If you read my blog, comment! I wont think your a stalker at all. Anyway- first of all, both Clay and I voted for the "Clay's right, you look like a fool!" I voted for it so that people wouldn't be afraid to vote for it (but apparently I really didn't need to be worried about that!!!) so I think it's only fair to take our votes off. Much to Clay's dismay. I know Mike (sister's husband) voted and she doesn't want that counted, but I'm going to count it...cause you know- he has an opinion, that's fine! The results as of Jan 15, 12:30 are as follows (taking out mine and clay's vote):
  • Clay's right, you look like a fool! 12 votes
  • I don't think you look like a fool, but agree that it would look better with a thicker band. 5 votes
  • Clay's the fool, you look HOTT! 5 votes
  • I like it. 8 votes
  • It's cute, but not for everyday ware. 5 votes
So the wonderful thing about this is....I kinda realized I don't care! It was pretty fun to see what everyone thought though. I realized that I freaking LOVE the headband. EXACTLY how it is! With the HUGE flower, the TINY TINY band, everything. I also realized, I have no idea why I put the option "It's cute, but not for everyday ware" cause why would I ever where ANYthing two days in a row? Dunno. Anyway- I've worn it once already, a little differently though. I had pigtail buns and so it wasn't across my forehead, and guess what? Clay actually liked it better like that. But I'm still gonna wear it across my forehead when my hair is down. Cuz I'm just like that.

I was gonna write other stuff...buuuuuuuuuuuuut I just don't feel like it or have time. I'll just say this about the bachelor: I SO CALLED THAT! Before entertainment tonight, before any spoilers, I just called it. I'm THAT good. She's such a bozo. You know she's denying it, right? Silly girl.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The headband

So this is the headband. I put it on. I went to Clay with a big smile on my face and said, "Okay...tell me the truth- do I look like a fool?" And he so politely and shyly said, " kinda do"...I said in a little mouse-ish voice, "Well you just probably haven't seen things like this before"...I can't even look him in the eyes...he says, "Well it probably just needs a thicker band, there's barely anything there...if it were thicker, like a real headband, I'm sure it'd look good."

So. I need to know. I made this poll, so you could annonymously tell me the TRUTH and not feel ashamed or bad about telling the truth. This way, I can look good...and not embarrass myself...or give myself a high five for knowing this is the Alright...VOTE!

What's your opinion on the headband?

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold...has struck again

Hello all. Do you like my new header? I've seen all these saWEET headers and tried to make one on my own. It turned out BIG! I think I need to work on it a bit. Besides, I may decide to go a COMPLETELY different direction. Who knows. It's pretty fun though.

First things first. Cold. Deathly cold. I've kinda been worried twice in the past 24 hours that my hands were dying. I'm not joking. I don't know about everyone else...but I quite seriously get scared. It gets so cold, that I think I lose my logic and sense, and I HONESTLY believe my hands might lose their functionality. It doesn't help that it takes about 45 minutes for them to warm up again. Moral of the story: Danielle, wash your gloves so that you can wear them again. Sheesh. It was 5 degrees. And I filled up gas. No...actually, take that back. I didn't fill up. I just filled it like...a quarter full.

Next, a big one. I forgot. About the big one. About the no sweets thing. Thank HEAVENS there was an angel to save me. Her name is Patty. So the story goes like this:

We were all out at Olive Garden having a fancy ol time when the waitress comes and gives us Andes mints. My natural instinct brought my hand to the mint, sat and counted the mints, counted the people, and again...instinctively said, "There are definitely enough mints for some of us to have two:)" No lie. This all happened. I look at Patty and she has a strange look. As I START TO UNWRAP, she says, "Are you sure you want to eat that?" I instantly went, "OH MY GOSH! I FORGOT!" No wonder I was worried! Patty, bless her soul, was like "I mean, I don't care if you eat it, that's fine...I just didn't know if you really wanted to...I wasn't sure if you remembered" I was SOOOO grateful she said something! Can you imagine me breaking suit over a freaking andes mint? Totally NOT WORTH IT! If I'm going to fall it will at least be something that is pure chocolate. know. Anyway. Thank goodness, I'm still on track! This is my seventh day. Shall I rest from my work? Eat a chocolate chip? I wish.

Speaking of Sam's Club. Which I wasn't. I was just thinking of it I guess. Anyway- I really wish my boss hadn't offered me a club card. Guess how much money I spent there in ONE trip? $173.26! Or something like that. What the heck did I get? Well....tons of frozen food...for lunches and stuff. At least I can say that I DID get some food storage stuff. Soooooo...anyway. Yikes.

Aight. That's all for now...guess what Clay is bringing home tonight with his papa? MY OVEN AND DISHWASHER! YES! I'm kinda depressed though....

'cause I can't make cookies in it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love...ReCAP!


Remember that part? Yeah...I wasn't a fan either. There's nothing more awkward than those opening scenes where the girls are SCREAMING inside the limo, and Jake is awkwardly laughing- I swear he thinks it's stupid. Anyway, then the girls get out...stop before walking so they can do their "model pose", and cat walk towards him. Hmmmmmmmmm....well, let's get to it. I'm only gonna comment on some of the girls that actually got a rose... the ones that made a major impression on ME:) First up, TENLEY!
This girl is SO MY FAVORITE! She is super sweet, super cute, and super sincere. I'm pretty sure she's the one. I would've normally HATED any girl that went for a kiss the first night, but something about the way she did it and how innocent she was...I just loved it. She is DEFINITELY gonna be in the top 3. I also like that she's not most of them:)

Next up, Ali!

I like her. I don't know if it was her sickly voice, but she seemed SO real. Not fake and psycho like most. She seemed really natural and easy going. I like that. And she is definitely in it for the long hawl because she shows up in a TON of clips in that last preview for the season.

Next up, Elizabeth from Nebraska!

I like her. She is pretty, and chill. Most girls, when they find out about a girl kissing Jake, will freak out. When she found out, she reacted just like I would expect myself to react. "Come on, really?" That's it. No freak squealing...and she's spiritual and confident.

Now for the impressions that weren't so hot. Lets start with Vienna.

Ugh. First off, she's the one that's obsessed with her dog and a spoiled daddy's girl...right? Yeah. No thanks. Also, she like put Jake's hand on her chest...and pretty much seems very shallow. She's gone next week. Easy. Oh...and Vienna, if you're reading- will you please not let your tiny tiny dog lick you on the lips? On national television? Not. Appropriate.

Another gone next week, Rozlyn.
Did you not catch that she is the one having the affair? It is SO obvious! Both Clay and I agree. She's the one...thank goodness. I can't handle all that breastage hanging out all the time. Besides, she didn't seem to have a very developed personality...not too surprising. Like she said, she's used to using her body to get what she wants.

Overall, I'm intrigued. Jake isn't the most exciting guy...but I'm guessing it will get better. One thing I gotta give Jake props for is when asked what his top 3 priorities are, he said, "God, Family and that order" I SO respect that.

Well...that's it for now. I would've had this up earlier, but I just finished it a minute ago! From now on, I'm definitely watching it the night it's on! Till next week....

Oh. PS- the references to pilots and flying is getting OLD! I really hope the girls all realize that ALL of them are saying the same things like, "I want to be your co-pilot". Gag. Me. I'm so done with that.

PPS- There's nothing that's more annoying on the bachelor than props/outfits. I can't stand the things people give him at the beginning or things they, "My friend has a message for you- so you better come find me so I can show you". Yeah. I'm sure Jake instantly thought, "WOW- I CAN'T forget to find that woman...what could her friend have to say?!?! Do you think I should go get her now? It could be important..." Seriously. Or, say...give him a double headed coin and tell him to flip it for the rose...and then leave him the coin? Or better yet, "Do you have registration for those guns?" I felt REALLY awkward because Jake didn't even laugh and he just kinda...pushed her away. Actually, I felt happy because it made me laugh, and realize one of the many reasons I love this show.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, I've already failed...on 2 counts

Don't you jump to conclusions! I didn't cave on the sweets! This is officially my THIRD day sweets-FREE! More on that later.

The obvious one is- I didn't write a blog post yesterday! Woops. I kept saying I was going to- and I had it all planned out...but just never did it. Oh well, the great I can always do it from here on out. The second one is- I haven't done 15 minutes of activity! All three days! Nothin! I might drop that one. I don't know. We'll see.

So first off, let me tell you about yesterday! It was great. I ground wheat in my new wheat grinder, made whole wheat pancakes on my new griddle that I bought with Christmas money, and ate them with canned peaches (Clay with syrup) right on top of my homemade place-mats, along with my homemade napkins. I pretty much felt SUPER cool. I've decided I'm in-love with my wheat grinder, along with my griddle. I can't wait to make bacon on it.

Later that day we watched Star Trek.
And with that viewing, I decided that if Clay and I were living in the "Trekkie" time....oh BOY would we be Trekkie's. We LOVED it! And got it too. I for one, am a particular fan of Spock. If you haven't seen it, it's pretty much awesome.

I also made home-made-ish popcorn for everyone. It was classic. You pop kernals in a bag in the microwave. Put canola oil on it. Put popcorn seasoning on it. Mix with hands. Taste. Add accordingly. Final product: tasty. Are you wondering if this falls in the "sweets" category? Well, it doesn't. Popcorn is a snack in my eyes...especially when it's not coated with butter or caramel.

Today was our first day teaching the CTR 4 class. 4 year olds. Oh how I love them. Some of the things I particularly enjoyed were:
  • Closing prayer, where a girl said, "Please bless us that we wont trip today"
  • Middle of the lesson when a boy raises his hand and asks me if I've seen teenage mutant ninja turtles.
  • How a certain number of boys seriously had to go to the bathroom about 3 times in two hours, and we didn't feel like we could tell them no because we didn't want to experience the reality that they are at the age where peeing pants is kinda normal.
  • One boy who was so so so sweet. So quiet, so smiley and turned to me about every minute holding up his picture he was coloring to get my approval.
However, there are definitely a few problem children who need LOTS of attention. One boy wanted to tell stories THE WHOLE time...about basically everything and anything. One boy simply doesn't want to look at or acknowledge me at all. Either way, we are pretty pumped because they are just pretty funny. They asked me about 10 times if I brought a snack. I guess I didn't realize...but now I do. These kids need snacks!

So...this is my third day without sweets... third day without chocolate. How do I feel? Empty. I'm not joking you. I feel like something is missing. I am CONSTANTLY thinking about it...but I haven't come close to caving. I just don't really know...Lori, my friend who is doing it with me (who did it before for 6 months), said the first two months are the hardest. I believe her. But, I'm carrying on. It's really funny...every once in a while I get all worried that I'll forget that I'm doing this, and accidentally eat a treat. But I don't really know why I would forget. I dunno.

Alright...I'm off. There's a roast in the crockpot, Clay is sleeping (I already took my nap while we watched Transformers 2- talk about boring), Dante is wandering the house doing who knows what! And I want to watch some teli. Till next time!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Farewell 2009, Welcome 2010!

So first of all, I'd like to say farewell to 2009. This post would probably be better posted yesterday or something, but you know...there wasn't much time. 2009 was very kind to Clay and I. VERY kind. It wasn't so kind to others. It wasn't so kind to A LOT of others. But, like I said...2009 pretty much spoiled Clay and I. Let's recap.

  • Clay and I graduated! College has been the center of our lives for 3.5 full years. Yep, it was a happy say the least! We both graduated on the same day. They said my name, and then Clay's. It was great fun.
  • Before we graduated, Clay learned web-design. Why is this on the list?'s a pretty big deal. He has been making all sorts of websites and plans on continuing...and really, MY ideal goal, would be for him to eventually do it full time! This is one of the websites he built for the law firm his mom work's at. Puuuuuurty cool!
  • We both got jobs. For both of us to get jobs in 2009, is NUTS! Clay is a credit manager at Wells Fargo Financial, and I am an accountant. Yes, we sound boring...but I promise, we are actually pretty cool people:)
  • We bought a house! Pretty exciting. But you've heard plenty about that.
  • Got a dog- he is cute, smart, funny, crazy, annoying, huge, still growing, and loving.
  • Got addicted to Bachelor/Bachelorette. Yeah...I'm not gonna lie, I've probably mentioned the new season of the bachelor to Clay like...every day for the past week, since I saw a preview for it. Is it shallow? Yeah...Is it unrealistic? it OH so entertaining? Yeah. So, we watch it, and we love it!
  • We joined the massive cult following of the show Glee. Pretty fun. I'm going to confess something. Clay and I always watched it online with our friends days after...and sometimes it took a while for us to find time to get together to watch it. I was so friggin anxious to find out what happened, I would go online and read recaps, and totally know what was going to happen. Just one of those flaws I have...I am sooooo not opposed to spoilers.
  • Took sewing classes that boosted my sewing confidence 10 fold. I have made pants, dress, shirt, skirt, duvet cover, curtains, place mats, aprons, bags, and much much more. I've said it a billion times, and I'll probably say it a billion times more: the best decision I EVER made in college, was to take those stinkin sewing classes.Place Mats Collage
Like I said, 2009 was generous to us, and we are so grateful!

Now, I want to welcome 2010 by making some New Years Resolutions. I know a lot of people don't really believe in New Years Resolutions, but I for one- DO. First off, we were basically assigned that topic to talk about in church last Sunday. Being that Heavenly Father has told us in scriptures and through prophets that we can CONSTANTLY be improving...I think it's a pretty good idea to make some goals. I HONESTLY believe I can achieve all these goals. Here we go!

The following are daily feats I need to keep at:

  • Read the Book of Mormon RIGHT when I wake up. Directly after my morning prayer, I read 3 pages of the Book of Mormon. I don't care if I'm running late, or starving. This is just how it has to be for me.
  • Eat breakfast every day. This has been a struggle lately.
  • Write a blog post every day. Not a huge fatty one like this one, but just one. Every day.
  • 15 minutes of activity. Whether that's walking the dog, yoga, cardio, weights, etc. 15 minutes. I've read and been told that if you want to keep your heart healthy, 15 minutes is essential.
  • Here's the big one. My family will freak. Probably wont have faith in me. Probably doesn't think it's possible. BUT, I am so doing it. I have a friend doing it with me, who actually was the one who told me to do it. NO SWEETS! NONE! I thought about doing once a week, or something like that. But decided...the first time I eat them, I will just fall back into it. So, I am committing to a year with no sweets. I haven't quite decided what that means for birthdays and such...but I really believe I can do it. And I want to. I need to be healthier. I even have a bag of milk chocolate chips upstairs that I bought with some Christmas money, and some leftover DELICIOUS cookies I made for the new years eve party...and guess what? Not eatin-a-one of them. Anyone want to join the force of me and Lori (my friend who is also doing this...right Lori? You're still on?) and ban sweets? I want to go at least a year...and then after I know I can go a year, I figure I may just have enough discipline to control myself to a treat every once in a while. Anyway. I'm excited. And pathetic. It's only 11:51am and I've already thought about those chocolate chips like....three...four...a bazillion times.

Alright. Now for the resolutions that I simply have to do in 2010. It doesn't have to be a daily just has to be done! Here we go:

  • Start a business. It will probably be small. I know I'm a weirdo...but I just really want to do it.
  • Paint our bathroom cupboards and walls.
  • Paint our hall closet.
  • Pay off student loan.
  • Pay off Car.
  • Complete a years supply of food storage.

WOW! Okay- that all sounds like a lot. But you have to life doesn't involve kids, cancer, illness, or really much stress at all. Yeah, I get stressed...A LOT- but for no real reason at all. The past few months, I have felt like my life had NO PURPOSE. I'm not exaggerating. I bawled my eyes out to Clay telling him there's no point to my life. I feel like a Lamanite. Or Nephite. Depending on the time. You saw, 2009 was amazing for Clay and I. But I feel like emotionally and spiritually, I was worse than I've ever really been. How does that happen? I have no idea. I want to do these that I feel I have more purpose. Anyway...wish me luck! I already ate, read my scriptures, wrote a blog, haven't eaten sweets, and I'm planning on walking Dante later in the far, so good! I do understand that it is only January 1st though:)

I also feel like I should share this experience. When I prepared my talk, I found quotes that were like, always be prayerful when making goals...Heavenly Father may see a different path for you. Well...I had some other goals I thought would be pretty freakin saweet and awesome...but I got a distinct feeling that I shouldn't commit to that right now. Also, when I decided on the food storage, I got SO STINKIN scared. For some reason that is SUCH an intimidating thing for me. So, I said a little prayer asking if I should really make that a goal and INSTANTLY heard in my mind a capital YES. I was like...uhh...I don't know. And I kept hearing and thinking, Yes Yes Yes. You can do this, you have to do this. So, I'm doin it.

Things I'm not committing to:
  • Quit biting my nails
  • Quit watching trashy shows like the bachelor....grey's anatomy...private know, all of them.
  • Keep kitchen spotless
  • Keep floors mopped
  • Keep sewing room clean
  • Serve someone x times a week
  • Reach perfection
Yeah...there are a TON that I could do and I decided...nope! Not gonna commit to that. These are the important ones. For me. Right now.

My whole point is- if you get super inspired by my goals and decide to make some for yourself, my one piece of advice is: pray about it! Why would he lead you to make goals he doesn't think you could keep? Or doesn't think you need? Or should do? Ya know?

Aight, I better ACTUALLY get started on my day. I have some errands to run. Peace OUT. And Happy New Year!