Monday, September 14, 2009

Basically...I think I might die of anxiety

For this:

Please...let November 20th come quickly.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A lot of catching up to do!

So I realized as I was sifting through the many pictures of Dante....that I suppose I am a bit obsessed. I kept thinking- oh but this is so cute! How do I pick? Oh- he is so sweet. Oh look at him there. So- I'm putting a lot of pics, but honestly- be grateful...this is a LOT LESS than I could've put. I don't know how I'm going to do it when I have a baby.

Here he is the day we got him. I like this pic of me and Clay and the dog.

Here we are each getting to know him...

Clay had both dogs fighting for his attention...(Stetson is the retriever...Patty and Paul's dog)

Here is Clay rolling up the rugs because they are really just asking for accidents to plop right on them:)

Here is Dante a week after we got him...already bigger!

Here is Dante today...2 weeks after we got him...even bigger!

Here are some random ones...I came downstairs to our bedroom to go to bed and Clay was laying on the ground, and Dante was laying on his chest. It really was quite sweet.

Here he is in his little bed. We have him sleep in his crate...but this is a comfy spot for him while he's just layin around. So cute. All in all he is getting better at commands...however sometimes he just kinda goes wild! Like running SO FAST everywhere and SO HYPER! He reminds me of a toddler. Can't keep your eyes off them for a second. Anyway...he is a good puppy and so cute.

I realized that I hadn't blogged about Graduation at all much...and hadn't posted any pics either. Here are a few pics from the big day...


I LOVED my graduation day. I owe it to my parents and Clay's parents and Clay- for that. All of them were constantly saying, "It's your day, what do you want?" I LOVED IT! Clay was so sweet- he kept saying, "I don't know why, I just fee like it's your day...not mine- I want you to get all the attention". He made sure that I walked first onstage cause he wanted to watch me:) We got shaved ice from snoasis after graduation, went to fact, the chinese restaurant was closed but Dad, of course, walked up to the door...causing them to open up and say, "How many?...Come on in!" It was wondrous...and delicious. I really really loved walking into the huge auditorium to the graduation song...I LOVED it. I seriously probably looked so goofy because I was trying to force my mouth not to smile so STINKIN HUGE! I was smiling so big because I was so happy. I almost burst to tears. I just felt so accomplished and so cool for wearing the gown and cap. You know- I've never done that before because I graduated early and got married:) So it was a super cool experience. I loved having my parents, Clay's parents, my oldest sister, and Clay's cousin all there to enjoy the experience. I'm sure it was super boring for them- but I loved having them all there. The only downside to the day was that I insisted on wearing my cute red heels and my feet were DEAD by the time the night was over. Seriously- death became them. I was regretting that about 10 minutes after we got on campus. Oh well...I looked cute and that is obviously all that matters in life.

On to more important things. I am pretty much obsessed with a new teen icon: Hannah Montana.

Who knew she was so stinkin awesome? I had no idea! Until I watched "Hannah Montana: The Movie"- I LOVED IT! I loved it even more when Patty got he soundtrack and I put it on my Zune. It wasn't even as cheesy as High School Musical. I totally love it. Where have I been all this time when people were raving about Hannah Montana? I guess I was all up in High School Musical's grill or somethin. Whatev...I have moved on to not bigger or better things, but Hannah Montana. It's a movie I'll definitely have to have for Christmas. I do have to say though that Miley Cyrus is a COMPLETELY different story. She's kinda so so....a little bit on the "teenager trying to be 26 and naked on magazines" kind of girl. So you know- I'm not a fan of Miley, but I'm a fan of Hannah.

Also, I am about to start reading Hunger games- finally jumping on THAT bandwagon. Thank goodness. Where have I been for that too?

I've been reading a series by Anita Stansfield...the Jayson Wolfe series...I forget the names all of a sudden but I'll tell ya later. They are way good as well. There are 5 of them.

Alright- that's it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Life with a dog...

So...the truth is, I'm really lucky. Clay and I made a deal that if we got a dog, he would have to clean up all the accidents, deal with the crappy parts like waking up in the middle of the night to take him to the bathroom....all that stuff. He is basically in charge of everything that is hard. And he is really living up to that deal. The dog has had accidents, and I haven't cleaned up one of them! I'll tell you about one morning a couple days ago though....

So far, Dante had only peed in the house. Aint no thang. So Clay and I have it worked out so I shower first, then he does second because he doesn't have to leave until an hour after I leave for work. This house only has one bathroom...we have to kinda have schedules. So anyway, Clay had to take Dante to the Vet to get him checked to make sure he was perfectly healthy (which he is). He had to get there by 8:00, so he had to shower before me....well...he tells me he will get up and be out by 7:20 so I can get in right after him. WELL, I end up not being able to get into the bathroom until 7:40. GREAT! So Clay is getting the dog ready to go to the vet when I walk towards the bathroom and squoosh. My bare foot steps in something squishy...I look down and what do you know? I am stepping in FRESH dog poo. So what do I do? Of course, get mad at Clay. And what does he do? Well duh. What would any good husband do? HE LAUGHED HIS HEAD OFF. Oh my. That morning I was TICKED! Yeah. That was really fun.

Dante pretty much has taken over our lives. We have to watch his every move because there is so much stuff around the house and another dog in the house as well, so we have to constantly look at him so that if he chews on something he's not supposed to, you kidna pinch/poke/hit him and say "NO!" We also have to watch out for him so that something like the other day doesn't happen and we don't realize it. If we don't clean up his accidents good, then it will get harder. He will smell his poo or pee, and decide that's where he goes. Once it wasn't cleaned up good enough or something and he went in the same exact spot twice.

Clay has been getting up with him in the middle of the go potty. It started at like 4-5 times a I think it's down to one or two. So that's good. He has already grown. I have some pictures but didn't bring my camera up to load them. Anyway. Sorry. It's not like you guys find this exciting.

Overall, he is still SO cute. He is really sweet most of the time...and when you get him calmed down, he just cuddles up to you like a lil baby. We love it. He gets better every day.

We are still on the house hunt. There was one we wanted really really bad, and thought we would get it- but someone offered more with cash- so they won. We have another one that we think we will find out tuesday or soon after...which we are pretty excited about as well. And we know that we are the only ones that put an offer on that one so hopefully we get it! WELL...that's pretty much it. We work, watch the dog, look at houses...that's it. Pretty exciting!

That's all.